Vertex42 Review: Professional Spreadsheet Templates That Work

Have you ever been clueless and stuck whenever you attempt to use Excel? Maybe you have been planning on tracking your finances or managing your small start-up business. Or you’re probably a student, struggling to juggle social life and studies and looking for a way to manage it all.

You realize that the pen and paper combo just doesn’t seem to work anymore, and sticky notes are just annoying clutter in your workspace. What do you do?

What if someone told you that there is literally a virtual library online that can provide you with hundreds of functional and organized spreadsheet templates for free? Every spreadsheet you will ever need in this lifetime is only one click away!

In this review, we are going to have an in-depth look at Vertex42 – an extraordinary all-in-one website for every individual!

What is Vertex42?

charts, notebooks and laptop

Vertex42 is a website where you can find hundreds of newbie-friendly spreadsheet templates designed for a variety of uses. The primary purpose is to assist individuals in managing their time, money, education, and professions by offering easy tools such as papers, calculators, high-quality spreadsheets, calendars, and articles that inspire and boost productivity.

Furthermore, this software application is distinctive in a way that it is not simply a single page of predefined cells and figures but is designed to be a full-featured reporting, recording, and financial planning tool.

This Vertex42 was founded in 2003 by brothers Jon Wittwer, a mechanical engineer, and Jim Wittwer, a graphic designer.

Dr. Jon Wittwer was incredibly obsessed with Excel while he was still pursuing his Ph.D. in mechanical engineering. He was known on the campus as the excel guy (how cute!) One day, he decided to dive into online business and put up the website.

Meanwhile, his brother, Jim Wittwer, is a graphic designer by profession and helped mainly by designing the website for the excel guy. He is known to be fond of spreadsheets as well.

Together, they merged their love for organization and Excel and have come up with Vertex42.

The Wittwer brothers have been making life easier for excel newbies by providing free spreadsheet templates for managing time, personal finances, education, and careers.

Furthermore, as per the program’s creator, Vertex42 is a very easy money management spreadsheet designed for Microsoft Excel. You’ll be relieved to learn that this tool will assist you in creating and managing an excellent budget.

What are the features of Vertex 42?

Before you plan to buy a program, you should be fully educated on its features and how it works. This way, you’ll know what you like and hate about the program ahead of time. Here are some of the essential aspects of the Vertex 42 to ensure that you know what you’re dealing with; perhaps, you’ll appreciate the features that come with it and see the value in purchasing it.

  • This application has an outstanding visual design and layout, so you will have a good time using it.
  • This program includes features that will assist you in organizing and managing your income and expenses so that you have less to worry about.
  • It also offers tools that enable you to change, add, or remove classes as you see fit.
  • It includes a transactions spreadsheet to record deposits, transfers, withdrawals, and purchases.

Who can use Vertex42?

“The global economy is built on two things: the internal combustion engine and Microsoft Excel. Never forget this.”— Kevin Hector

Truthfully, almost anyone from all stages of life in all kinds of the industry will most likely find a spreadsheet template for their personal use, but we will list here a couple of people who will benefit the most from Vertex42.

Vertex42 Review


Students are busy-bees. Classes are overloaded, home works and projects are piling up, and stress is shooting through the roof. What could be the best way to manage all these than to just go ahead and download a Homework Planner? Perhaps Class Time Sheet? Easy peasy!


Let’s face it. Teachers can be really calm or mean in class, but behind the scenes, they are far more stressed than anyone; even more than the bees! Teachers can easily download templates for managing the class attendance, lesson plan, syllabus, etc. which can assist them in organizing an otherwise chaotic scene.

laptop showing pie chart and bar graphs

Small Business Owners

Managing a business can become really stressful, especially if it is a one-man team. But it doesn’t have to be that way! Templates from the site include an invoice, timesheets & payroll, financial statements, budgets, calculators, project management, inventory, data analysis, schedules, general planner, etc. All of which are helpful tools in running a successful business, right from start-up!


Stay at home mothers or fathers are generally responsible for managing the household’s finances and overall well-being.

With helpful spreadsheets which they can download from the site, parents can easily keep track of important things. From the simplest grocery list to the most complicated home mortgage, parents can find everything home and family-related spreadsheet!

They can also find an entire section for health charts and logs, which includes food logs and meal planners; perfect for health-conscious parents who want the best for their children.

Busy People

Among the list of people who will benefit from the website, career-oriented people are probably the ones who will benefit the most. They are usually in front of a computer – may it be a desktop or a laptop – and will always have easy access to Excel anytime during the day. It is only fitting that they utilize these free templates!

Also, given that the site provides tips and tutorials on Excel, career people will not only learn how to organize their work life, but they will also learn new skills that will make them stand out in the office. Talk about getting that raise!

What Vertex42 Has that Nothing Else Does

“The best tool available today for exploring real-life questions of quantity and change is the spreadsheet.”

— Bret Victor “Kill Math”

In this part of the review, we will list the things that Vertex42 has that make it stand out from the crowd.

1. User-Friendly Website

Of course, the website itself is as organized as its goals. You can find a couple of categories on the tabs such as Excel templates, Calendars, Calculators, Gantt Chart, Word Templates, Education, Apps, and Blog.

These tabs have drop-down menus that you can access by hovering over them. You will find more options under each one that will direct you to collections of downloadable spreadsheets for increased productivityProductivity Level Increased: 100%!

2. Updated Printable Calendars

Vertex42 Review

Under the Calendars tab, you will find calendars with different designs that are also theme-enabled, so you can freely adjust them to your preferences once you have downloaded them.

There are yearly and monthly calendars available as well, with portrait and landscape options. You can even find ink-friendly calendars! Let’s take a moment to thank the Wittwer brothers for being considerate; ink is expensive!

Aside from the ones mentioned above, there are also weekly and daily planners up for grabs. Both planner styles are available for the current year and a perpetual ones.

3. Gantt Chart Templates

Developed by Henry Gantt, the Gantt Chart is a tool designed for project management in the early 1900s. It includes organized categories of tasks and project deliverables that are accompanied by bar charts to show the start and end times for each specified task.

After many decades, Dr. Wittwer made it simpler and easier to create your own Gantt Chart even without a learning curve just by downloading the spreadsheet from the site and by using basic Excel skills to utilize it. With over 3 million downloads so far accompanied with very positive feedback, you can never go wrong.

As Dr. Jon Wittwer says, “No installation, no macros – just a simple spreadsheet.”

The free version of the chart is available, but you can buy the pro version and get all the features the chart has to offer! The pro version features include:

    • No Password-Protected Worksheets
    • Enter Work Days, Calendar Days, or End Date
    • Choose Different Colors for the Bars
    • Select a Daily, Weekly, or Monthly View
    • Create Task Dependencies Easily
    • Exclude Holidays from Work Days

Vertex42 Gantt Chart Pro

4. Template Support and FAQ

On this page, we can find a quick tutorial on how to use Excel and how to go about using it. There are also links to other pages provided, with an in-depth explanation of certain topics including the basics. It includes outward links to how to open and save files, how to enter and edit data, how to format cells and text, etc.

There is also a section on this page that answers questions about specific templates found on the site. Say goodbye to your Excel confusion, as you find this page full of information. And if you haven’t found the answer you’re looking for, they have a Contact Us page…

5. Contact Us Page & Consulting Requests

If you aren’t convinced yet that these guys take Excel seriously, you might want to check out their Contact Us page. There, you can find their social media handles, plus the founder’s e-mail address where you can reach out to him personally. He replies within one business day if not sooner as the page says, as long as it is a legitimate non-spam e-mail. Don’t be wasting the Excel guy’s time!

And if that’s not enough, you can actually contact a Vertex42 Approved Consultant if you are on a more complex project that needs excel assistance. This site really is something.

6. Excel Tutorials for Beginners

Aside from the quick tutorial found on the Support page, there is also a whole page educating students, particularly middle and high school students, on how to properly and effectively use Excel.

The page includes video instructions with fun narrations, downloadable transcripts for each video, and also the very basic terminologies in the world of Excel. This is a very helpful skill to have as a student, and it is openly and freely available to access anytime!

Is Vertex 42 a Scam?

As you search for ways of managing your finances on your own, you will undoubtedly come across several programs that claim to provide the same or better services. However, purchasing a program with high expectations is highly disappointing, only to discover that it is a scam.

The Vertex42, on the other hand, can guarantee you that it is not a scam and this application functions as advertised. You can purchase this program with confidence that it will perform as expected.

Moreover, many individuals have already utilized this program, and I am glad to tell you that they are satisfied customers. They are always ready and prepared to give favorable product evaluations.

Stop Stressing Out!

young entrepreneurs working on a laptop

Now that you have a gist of what Vertex42 is all about, go and head on to their website. Find the spreadsheet template that you so badly needed, download it, and get organized! Be the most productive you could ever be. Crush their goals!

The templates are free for download, so you don’t have to buy anything if you just need small and simple templates. Don’t waste your time Googling things about Excel. Stop looking for reviews someplace else. Go ahead and drop by Vertex42 and be the next Excel guy or gal in your area!

Vertex42 Review

Create your very own gorgeous spreadsheets, saving you time and making them look gorgeous – click this link to access Vertex42 today!

4.9/5 - (13 votes)


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  • .Vertex 42 money manager is a free spreadsheet configured template that has been designed to work as a personal financial managing tool. This program has been designed in a unique way in that it is not like other products similar to it.The unique factor about this software program is that it is not just a single page of preconfigured cells and figures. This program is created in a way that it is a full-featured recording, reporting and financial planning tool.

  • Suited for anybody who is in need of templates for managing projects, careers, schoolwork, time, personal finances, business finances, workflows, and more.

  • It’s completely portable, meaning it can go with you on a thumb drive, smartphone, or other portable device and run on any Windows Personal computer.

  • Every weekend i used to go to see this website, for the reason that i
    wish for enjoyment, for the reason that this this website conations actually nice funny material too.

  • You will be happy to know that this program will help you create and manage a great budget. This is an all in one kind of program to the extent that you can edit categories as you desire, record your purchases and withdrawals.

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