What Are The Tricks That Professional Photographers Use?


 Have you found yourself in extremely amazing moments. You feel that you really need a reminder of what is happening. I will say that everyone has had an experience with the art of photography. However, it might not be a big deal to you but photography is one of the oldest and most symbolic art.

What Is Photography?

 There are different definitions of photography which varies depending on people’s opinions. However, it is basically defined as the art, science and practice of creating images from light and various electromagnetic radiation. This can be done by means of image sensors or chemical means. However, there has been other different definitions of photography by different authors and professionals that give even more emphasis to the real meaning of photography. These include:

It is the process of catching true moments as they pass.

-It is a process that holds life still by capturing time happenings.

-It is a means of communicating about your experience or the past.

What Are The Tricks That Professional Photographers Use?

What Does Photography Do? 

Why do people engage in photography? Why do we take photos? If you ask yourself such questions then you know the purpose of photography in our lives. Photography is a serious art that is brings a lot of meaning to our lives. Here is what photography does:

  • Connects

Photography is a tool that relates one side of life to the other. It brings things from a distant together. Through photography things from far distances can be brought together.

What Are The Tricks That Professional Photographers Use?This is done by capturing different moments from different locations and bringing them together. Different cultures, people and locations can be connected through images.

  • Stores memories 

Many people can only remember their most memorable moment through photographs. By capturing these moments photography helps you engage and relate with you past. It is a tool that restores what is lost. Moments with your loved ones, family and friends.

What Are The Tricks That Professional Photographers Use?

  • Entertains

In the past photography was not viewed in this way. However, with time people are appreciating photography as form of entertainment. Not only for artist but looking at different photos is an entertaining and exciting experience. Why do people spend a lot of time looking at different images of nature, people and life? It brings happiness.

What Are The Tricks That Professional Photographers Use?

10 Techniques to Help You Produce Professional Photos

Did you know that photography is not all about carrying a camera and taking a picture of anything you see? Have you ever asked yourself why some people are able to capture very clear and attractive photos? How are the most successful photographers able to produce magnificent photos? Can photograph you produce be more than awesome? Allow me to look at some of the tips that can help you to take attention capturing photos. Photos that will change your photography life.

  1. Subject

This basically refers to what you are capturing. Have you seen people who have captured the most amazing or interesting subjects? Yes. That what you need when it comes to the subject. The first thing is that you must know how to capture interesting moments that will at least make your photos attractive.

What Are The Tricks That Professional Photographers Use?

However, you might be surprised about what will happen if you are in a function or a concert. As much as I am talking about interesting subject, you should not be carried away by this fact. Sometimes there might be nothing that much interesting to capture. Never worry, even in still moments where nothing is happening you can still find something interesting to capture. Have you seen someone taking a photo of a normal building and it looks more interesting than ever? To take the most professional photos you have to be keen enough to look for the most interesting subjects even where it seems scarce.

  1. A clear subject by zooming

As much as you are able to capture or spot an interesting subject, taking an actual photo of that moment is more important. Did you know you can take an interesting moments and yet come our ugly? Then you need to know how to make that interesting subject look more attractive. Many are times that photographers spot and amazing subject but are not close enough to take a good picture. Being far away is not an excuse of unprofessional photos. Others are not patient enough to take the right subject.

What Are The Tricks That Professional Photographers Use?

Zooming you help you capture even the most difficult subject and still produce awesome photos. Learn to zoom your images if you cannot get closer to the subject. It is a good way that helps you separate yourself from others irrespective of the conditions.

  1. Take great interest to the lighting

You will definitely not avoid lighting in photography. If you asked me I would say that photography is all about lighting. If there is no light then there is no images. Whatever we get in taking photographs depending mostly on the amount of lighting. If you want your photos to look special, clear and attractive then the amount of light is the secret. Professional photographers will always look for a well-lit subject. This will not only make your subject look clear, it helps show the full details of what you wanted to talk about.

What Are The Tricks That Professional Photographers Use?

Nevertheless, I know you may have questions about the light intensity. Are there images that should be taken in minimal amount of light? Yes. As much as we talk about lighting, not all subjects should be taken in extremely lit areas. Sometimes you can consider the background and the circumstances and decide to take your subject in less lit area. It also comes with its own qualities but you must be more experienced to take such photos.

  1. Your Perspective

How do you understand people perspective towards the photos you have taken? Apart from being a good photographer and understanding the best subject and background, different photographs are taken differently to change viewer’s perspective.

What Are The Tricks That Professional Photographers Use?

The way you take a photo of a footballer player is different from how you take that of a boxer or an athlete. How about a musician? How do you take a photo of a city? In most cases, a photo of city will be taken from the top to change people perception. For a prominent person, a photo will be taken from a down low angle to show his power or superiority. This is what am talking about. Make your photos cover that unique perspective.

  1. Creativity

Creativity is all about the composition of you photos. Apart from getting the best subject then you should know how to compose that moment. Photographers are able to change the areas of their photographing and compose something else much interesting and captivating.

What Are The Tricks That Professional Photographers Use?

Let take a case you are invited to take photographs of a magazine.as a photographer you should be ready enough to compose the most attracting environment for your photographs. Sometimes you may meet people who have no idea about photographs. If you are taking photographs of a group of people, how do they pose, what background is the best for that photo? This is where creative composition becomes paramount.

  1. Depth-of-field

What type of field are you using for you photos? This will mostly determine the sharpness of your photos. If the field depth is so shallow then the background might end up being blurry. The subject on the other hand will be sharp and clear.

What Are The Tricks That Professional Photographers Use?

The depth of field determines a lot in your photo especially if it is a photo of people. Let the depth of the field help you show the reality of what you are trying to bring out.

  1. Mood

The mood in a picture speaking a lot. It is the mood of a picture that will attract people. The mood conveyed in your pictures will pass a message to the viewers. People learn a lot from the feeling they get after looking at a picture.

Fashion photo of luxury blonde with a gift

Take your time and ask yourself what mood will be conveyed by the photos you take. Taking a plain photo of someone will make the photo look dull and boring.

  1. Crisp sharpness

The sharpness of a photo will be determined by quiet a number of factors. However, the factor I would like to talk about here is concerning photos of people that you take. What do you think a photo of a person will make it look sharp?

What Are The Tricks That Professional Photographers Use?

Make sure that you capture more attractive figure. For people, capturing the eyes will make your photo sharp and interesting at the same time.

  1. Exposure

No one wants to see a photo that is half of everything that should be seen. People will be attracted by photos that can give full details. Especially if you are taking photos of landscapes, nature or building, do not leave your viewers hanging. Make sure that the photo is well exposed.

What Are The Tricks That Professional Photographers Use?

  1. Size of your photo

I think is very disappointing presenting to people a very small picture. If you have to look at a photo then it must be the right size. If you take a photo and present it in a small size then you are missing the point. The size of a photo will help the photo have a much bigger impact.

How Do You Take Portrait Photos That Show Clear Facial Features

 If you are a photographer then you need take photos that attract people’s attention. Portrait photo do require a special touch to make sure that you make clear photos. It is definitely ugly to produce portrait photos with blurry facial features. Here is what you need to keep in mind.

  1. When taking photos of kids or babies, you must bend to their sizes. If you take these photos from you normal they lack the real meaning. Most of the photos taken in this way will miss the real mood.
  2. Some photographers believe that the only way to take a portrait photo is in a studio. Others think that they must use a specific background. Be creative, you can take a photo of a person from any place only if you are creative enough. Did you know? Taking portrait photos of subjects from their native environment is more beautiful?
  3. Make use of natural light especially from a window. This will work very well if you are taking the photos from indoors. Once light passes through a window, it is no longer as intense as it is in the outside. This will make a much clear and off course easy time for your subject. Do not force your subject to excess sunlight. This is a perfect means.What Are The Tricks That Professional Photographers Use?
  4. Take care of the direction. In most cases, poor direction when taking a portrait photo ruins everything. Always take time to position your subject in the right direction. This will help you take the best photo. Positioning your subject helps you get the right angle for a better picture.
  5. Avoid too much movement when taking a portrait photo. Portrait are mostly meant to convey a certain message. They are meant to have a serious impact. This means that a portrait photo should captured with full details.

What happens in case of any movement? Most of the details are not captured. Both the photographer and the subject should have minimal movements. This allows room for clear facial features.

  1. It is not a must but it is important. If possible depending on the situation, let your subject look at the camera. For better facial expression you can capture the eyes.
  2. Use a zoom to take a better photo. Photos taken from a distance may in some cases fail to provide full details.

 How to Take Photos of Women –Make Them Look Thinner and Taller 

If you are a serious photographer then you should know that taking photos of women is a big deal. You do have to be a professional. You should what women like in photographs. In this way you will provide professional photos.

  • Let them wear the right clothes. Photography is also much affected by the type of clothes one wears. Some people may seem huge in a photo yet they are not. This effects are mostly brought about by the dressing. For a woman to look thinner, then they have to wear thinning and flattering clothes. These not only make them thinner but taller as well.
  • Let them improve their posture. Posture for women is a big deal. The way you position will really affect the way you look. For a woman to look taller and thinner, then the shoulders should be upright and straight, stomach inside, and back straight.
  • Let the woman wear the right shoes. Even a tall woman, wearing short shoes will make them look short.
  • Take photos from a distance. Taking photos from a distance makes the person to look smaller and thinner.
  • Take the photos when they are relaxed. This reduces the seriousness and make them look taller.
  • Try taking the photos from a very down low point, Rather than taking a photo from a top angle which makes someone smaller, take photos from the lower side to make them look taller. Photos taken from close to the ground makes the subject look superior and taller at the same time.

Fashion photo of pretty young curly womanPose for Pictures

Posing for photos helps produce professional photos for both men and women. If you want to produce quality photos then you have to show your subject how to pose. Here are some of the tips.

Eye Focus

The eyes will contribute a lot when producing a nice photos. Posing will include how you position your eyes.

  • Relax your eyebrows.
  • Close your eyes for a while before the photo is taken to make sure you do not blink.
  • Always make sure that your eyes are wide open but not to extremes.

woman with evening make-up

Put a Natural Smile

Smiling is much difficult during photography. Especially putting a natural smile becomes a big problem to many people. A fake smile will definitely ruin your photo. Here are some of the tips that can help you put a natural smile.

  • Have someone make you smile
  • Make sure that your lips are wet before smiling.
  • Male sure that you use your teeth to smile. Teeth are known to make a good impression in a smile.

Portrait in bright color

Position your face

Positioning your face in the right angle helps you get the best photos. However, there are a number of things you can do to get this.

  • Do not make sever angles
  • Let your face be slightly away from the camera
  • Tilt the chin to a small angle.Bright lifestyle fashion portrait

Positioning your body at an angle

It is always advisable to tilt your body at an angle that is not so extreme. Here is what to do.

  • At least tilt your body to the back 2/3.
  • Let your thinnest part focus the camera. This is the best posture for those with a thin waist.
  • Let your shoulders move to the back.

woman with shopping bags


Your legs

The way you position your legs especially for women matters a lot. It is important to position your legs in the following ways.

  • Place one of your knee slightly behind the other to look thinner.
  • Let the photo be taken from below to make you look taller.
  • Do not make wide stance.

beautiful sexy brunette women

Make movements of your joints

 Moving your joints to certain directions is definitely a good pose. However, it is important that you look for the right move that will not ruin your photo. Also do not make extreme moves.


5 Key Photography Features of a Great Camera

 If you want to become a professional photographer and take quality photos you will definitely require a high quality camera. Not only a camera but a convenient one. After considering different factors, I came up with 5 most important features you should look in a camera.


  1. Lens or Zoom Level

 I will say this is the fast thing you will at in a camera. This refers to the power, magnification ability or lens size. How much powerful is the camera? Is it able to capture clear photos very in difficult situations? A good photographer will require a powerful camera. It will make your work easier.


  1. Cost

 How much is the camera. Can you afford it? It the camera worth the price? Is what you will be doing worth the cost? No one can start from the top. However, I say that expensive is cheap. Quality is always expensive. If you are looking forward for big projects in your photography life, then you can spend that much.


  1. Battery

 It might sound simple but is one of the most important factors that you can look for in a camera. You should not be complaining of battery low every time. You need a camera that can keep you going for a long time. A camera that you can depend on even in camping areas. There is nothing disappointing like spotting an interesting subject but you cannot take photos because your camera has no power.


  1. Technology

 Currently there are new inventions in terms of technology. These different emerging issues that are making everything much simpler. You need a digital camera with the latest technology to stand out among others. Should have enough memory capacity.


  1. Size and weight

 You need a convenient camera for any occasion. You do not need a camera that will be a burden to you. A simple and light camera that you can carry and use anywhere.


In Conclusion

 Photography is all about passion and interest and you will find yourself making professional photos. You must also have enough knowledge of your industry.




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