Rocket Hindi Review: How Hard Is It To Learn Hindi When Using Rocket

I have recently accepted a job to come to India for an international exchange experience and it never occurred to me that I had to learn one of the Indian languages until I was here.

It has been challenging to adapt to the culture but that was overcome easily, not being able to communicate was the most difficult part of this experience.

I am writing this review to share my experiences with the Rocket Hindi that was very integral in getting me to speak Hindi in a short time.

I am satisfied with the results I got and I would like to help other people have the opportunity to try something that will actually work and be worth the time, energy and money.


Being in India is such an amazing experience, the diversity of languages is nothing short of thrilling. What amazes me the most is that even though there are so many languages in every settlement, there is one that unites the whole country, Hindi.

Before I used this system, I was aware of basics like hello, how are you, I am fine, thank you and how much.

Whenever I heard people speak a totally different language from what learned, I became very nervous before speaking, only to find that Hindi is very common and spoken by millions of people in fact.

I got to realize quickly though that self-teaching is taking up a long time, I lacked the disciple to be more serious about grasping the language faster.

The lack of a formal platform to follow was not motivating enough.  So I checked online for ways to learn Hindi, but I had some considerations.

I wanted versatility, an easy to follow the system, and I wanted to learn the accent as well. Finding a product that fit all my considerations was difficult at first but finally, I found one that satisfied me to a certain extent.

I was, however, frustrated with its lack of versatility, I wanted to be able to learn even when I am on a 30-hour train traveling from Punjab to Rajasthan, or when I have free time between work commitments and finally not be confined to the system’s teaching pace but follow my own learning pace.

Finding Rocket Hindi

I only started using the Rocket Hindi after it came highly recommended by a friend and read some reviews online.

She is a fellow expat like myself and she tells me that she found out about it from the expat community in our city, Jalandhar.

I had actually seen this online Hindi teaching system before and made a wrong choice, I chose a different one that ended up making regret the whole thing because I was not satisfied with the results I got and the teaching technique.

My friend Christie had a lot of convincing to do in order to convince to start using this system. She caught me at a time when I had just given up, at this time, I was thinking that maybe I should wing it and I will be fine.

By the time she finished explaining, I was amazed at just how much authentic the whole product was, it did not take anything away from the excitement of learning a new language.

It is not stiff but flexible enough to allow you to learn both the Hindi culture and the language. And we all know just how colorful and beautiful the Hindi culture is.

Deciding to buy

What moved me to buy the Rocket Hindi was actually its Members’ Forum.

It has a friendly forum designed to allow members of the Hindi learning community and the Rocket Languages staff to chat!

I increased my circle of foreign friends on this Members Forum, people who were also still adapting to life in a different country.

Learning a new language online can be a very lonely experience, having one that gives you an opportunity to interact with other learners gives you;

  • that well-rounded experience
  • a chance to discuss,
  • compare notes,
  • Assist each other with advice and learning tips.

How it Works

The Rocket Hindi uses audio tracks to give you an interactive learning experience. You can listen to these anywhere as long as you have a compatible device and are able to pay attention.

I normally played the audio when I was in the car driving to work in the morning, when I was joking in the late afternoons after work and when I had free time on weekends. This is the type of versatility I was looking for when I was looking for a learning system.

I do not want to have to be forced to complete a module every time I start it because sometimes I do have the time to complete it in one go.

Rocket Hindi

Click this link to get Rocket Hindi today and you’ll learn to speak and write Hindi faster than you ever thought possible!

Into the system

There is a built-in pronunciation practice on this system. It allows you to keep checking how far you are to getting the pronunciation right.

You can even record yourself, with the help of the tutor and track much improvement you need to get the accent correct.

I liked this feature a lot because it is one thing to learn a language, but the accent and pronunciation makes a lot of difference and will add value to all your future Hindi conversations.

This system not only teaches the Hindi language but I provide Hindi culture lessons as well. This enhances the quality of your learning experience and helps you discover the finer points of Hindi grammar to give you an increased fluency.

I benefited a lot from this feature because:

  • I was able to connect language with culture
  • Understand and appreciate both
  • Engage in a rich international experience
  • Learn 2 things at 1 time

Rocket Hindi

Other tools

The Rocket Hindi has other features such as the 5 recall-enhancing testing tool.

This helps you to study all the material and practice to have a real-life conversation. It prepares you for day to day discussions, small talk, making your way around town or a marketplace, talking to colleagues and random greetings on the street.

And then there is flashcard which has thousands of words to choose from.

This amazing and innovative feature allows you to practice as often as you, whenever you can. It is not only fun and exciting to practice with friends, but it will train your brain and improve your skill.

My experience

I loved using The Rocket Hindi a lot and it is one of the first recommendations I make for everyone who comes to India for an international experience just like myself.

I think it is a valuable addition to your travel diaries and storytelling when you finally go back to your own country and you can say that you know Hindi!

The Indian population is the second highest in the world, knowing Hindi placed me in a very good position to be able to converse even when I am not in India.

The world is getting more and diverse and globalized, you never know when knowing an exotic language will come in handy and work in your favor, or even save the day.

Is this for you?

If you like modern types of learning, if you are open minded and are always willing to learn a new language and if you are planning to visit India for an extended period of time, I would say that use Rocket Hindi to get yourself conversation ready.

You have absolutely nothing to lose and a lot to gain, this is proven straight from your free trail. It gives you 1 24/7 lifetime access to over 4 hours of selected lessons from the Rocket Hindi course.

This system comes with a lot more things that I found very good.

  • It has a very high rating among other Language teaching sites
  • You can test it out for free
  • There is no obligation or credit card require for free testing
  • The support desk is always ready to receive your questions

Rocket Hindi

Extra benefits

The extra benefit of using this system is that it has a mobile app. The world is becoming more digital by the day and the Rocket Languages decided to keep up with the pace.

It has an app designed for both Android and iOS devices, this means that you can use it the same way you any other app on your phone or other smart devices.

You do not have to always be seated at your computer to learn, check progress or practice any of your lessons, everything can be done wherever you are.

You can easily see how far you have done, how far you still need to, which lessons need more revision and what you need extra on, just by using this app.

There is also some provision to allow you to sync your progress across all your devices.

Rocket Hindi

Final thoughts

My experience at Punjab was made very easy by learning Hindi using this system. So when I finally decided to backpack across India, the last thing I was worried about was the language barrier.

I had a lot of confidence in my speaking and understanding ability because of the lessons I had with Rocket Hindi.

My colleagues also respected the fact that I took the time to learn their language and culture.

Just when I thought that it will be a long time until I started speaking Hindi again, after leaving India, I traveled to South Africa and was very happy to interact with the Indian community there!

I am still very happy and satisfied with Rocket Hindi, you want to try it, I promise you.

Rocket Hindi

If you’re ready to learn Hindi, and you want to do it in an easy and quick way – there’s no better place to start than by clicking here and getting Rocket Hindi today!

4.9/5 - (13 votes)


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  • You will get conversational straight away by learning the most useful things first and then master your new language with the most comprehensive online courses there are.

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