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I can single out an outstanding photo from a bunch of average to ridiculously boring ones. Finding a quality DSLR camera will set you apart from your peers in photography. Please stay with me as I talk you down the memory lane in my love affair with photography.

Drop-dead gorgeous photos

My journey started when I used my newly acquired camera. I can’t even remember the model. My first outdoor shots of the panoramic view of a lake were blurred. The photo was dull and lacking in imagination. I knew that I had to sample and make reviews of many digital cameras.

man with backpack taking a photo

It took me time to lay my hands on a DSLR camera but when I did, I knew I would take beautiful photos. This has been my new found love and as I trudge on my photography would like to bring you along so that you can take stunning images. Well, you do not have to take as long as I did.

I knew that I had to sample and make reviews of many digital cameras. It took me time to lay my hands on a DSLR camera but when I did, I knew I would take beautiful photos. This has been my new found love and as I trudge on my photography would like to bring you along so that you can take stunning images. Well, you do not have to take as long as I did.

Why DSLR cameras?

I set out to find out about this distinct digital single-lens reflex camera. I learned from camera facts that the camera has among other features:

  • Image sensors
  • Ability to change the lenses manually
  • Actual image as it appears on the lens
  • Quick response

DSLR camera

Why you should invest in a good quality camera

Excellent photography is not about passion. You should be able to make money out of it and proudly share with friends and family. You should be to submit your stunning photos in various places such as:

  • Online
  • Galleries
  • Shows

Why you are not succeeding  in photography

Unless you attend photography masterclass, you will remain average and am sure this is not what you want. As a beginner, you will face a lot of challenges. To begin with, you will realize that you are probably not getting the most out of the camera. There are many questions which will flood your mind, like:

  • How did so and so shoot such a stunning image?
  • Do others have a better camera than mine?
  • Can I take excellent images today?

Take heart, I started there myself…

If you have read widely as I do, you will realize that no one starts as a professional. It is a journey. I found people like C.Tyler who have shared their stories online on their personal exploits in photography. He set out on a passion in photography and ended up making a career out of it in the journey to become a professional photographer.

photographer with camera and tripod

Let me your address concerns now…

Making a review of the DSLR camera will help get to the bottom of your less than average photographs. If you have bought this camera but still find that you are yet to make a mark in photography, there are two possibilities. The first one is that you probably lack the much-needed skill. Secondly, you may not have the confidence to capture the attention-catching images. The reviews from those who use the camera show that you need both of these in order to capture the stunning images.

photographer adjusts the camera

If you are yet to buy this outstanding camera, you only need to acquire one and set in motion your memorable journey to photography.

Will upgrading your camera change your photos for the better?

This is the dilemma of any beginner in this profession. You will find that you might end up with the right equipment but still lack the confidence or skill…or both!

Middle aged man with camera

Maze of photography concepts

You will probably find that there are many terms and concepts which will confuse. Terms like aperture, filters, ISO/ASA sounded foreign to me but I was open to learning more and embraced learning basic concepts or basics of photography Don’t stop here; read manuals and tutorials to give you a better understanding of DSLR cameras or just photography.

Should you just buy a camera or simply stick to the skill?

It may appear that we will be comfortable sharpening our skill at the expense of buying a quality camera. This is a wrong approach but I do not blame you at all. Why? Because that is what I thought would make me a better photographer. No matter how much you practice on your skill, there is always something missing. Again, getting the camera might still not give you that perfect shot.

Jigsaw puzzle

Thinking that reading all the materials in blogs, practicing tutorials and watching seems to be like a jigsaw puzzle with not a single piece falling in its rightful place. Practicing it every day seems like an exercise in futility.

The solution lies here…

Not many people are willing to spend eternity trying to learn it. A photography master class is one way to get you is the peak of your career. Better still, you may opt for a shortcut by going around it. There are those of us who never needed classes to become professionals. So, what did do instead?

Start small

If you own an entry-level camera such as the Nikon 50 DSLR, you should start with it. Walk around town and take ordinary photos. Later in the day, compare what you have taken with the professional ones in online photography. I may still intrigue you why there are better photos than yours.

More than just the need for a camera.

Taking hundreds of photos every day, hoping that a handful of them will be killer shots is like shooting in the dark.  You need to answer the ‘what’, ‘when’ and ‘how’ of photography. They form the cornerstone of photography.

Are you ready to learn the secret of photography?

It will not be obvious to you. Reading a hundred reviews will not give you the answer; manuals and DSLR camera will merely bring you close…but you are not yet there.

Making sense from tons of data

Getting what you need on photography is akin to looking for a pin in a haystack: It is simply a jumbled mess. If you are can get organized, you will probably get somewhere. However, the more you search for answers, the more discoveries you will make. I learned myself when I thought I knew EVERYTHING about photography. Reading  10 things you didn’t know about your camera gave me an insight into what I was getting myself into. The answers I found will dumbfound you but guess what will let you know. Get all the features you are looking for without breaking the bank. Granted, we would all want to buy the best camera money can afford. The problem is that costs are prohibitive, yet we can always find one that meets the standards we want.

photographer with DSLR camera

Learn how to hold your DSLR camera. There is something you probably didn’t pay attention to in your master class: the secret lies in how you hold the camera. I personally watched the video and realized I had for a long time been barking the lone tree! Watch the video and see if this is where you have been making totally silly mistakes. Be creative…well, this sounds like a cliché but it is not. Most of us tend to take photos in a way that is too ordinary to make photos outstanding. If you want to know if your photo is great, there are three things you would want to do with them,i.e;

  1. You would be dying to show them off to friends and relatives
  2. They will be memorable, leaving behind a lasting impression
  3. You will be willing to sell them online, in galleries or shows

Anything short of the above is (for lack of a better word), boring and lazy!

Crystal clear photos

People like photos with discernible images such that one can tell that an image from the other. The images should be clear such that one can make out what is on the photo.

Aerial drone photo of iconic Navagio beachThere are mistakes that everyone makes but this does not mean that you are entitled to make them because we did (am including me here); instead, get familiar with them by reading common photography mistakes and how to avoid them so that you can end up with superb images. Choose the appropriate time-well, everything seems to be dependent on time. Stunning images are captured when the light and view is just right. For instance, know when the professionals prefer to capture memorable moments: is it early in the morning, in the course of the day or moments before sunset?

Going back to the terms and concepts, you need to go back to concepts of photography. If you missed them in your photography masterclass, it is never too late to make a review of them once again. Re-read terms like metering and exposure so that you do not end up with either too bright or too dark photos. There is always that awkward moment when you think your photos will come out in orange instead of white. In some of the embarrassing scenario, the colors just wash out and you are left with nothing visible. Trust me, I made such a mistake once but I learned later that you can always strike a balance by manipulating your camera in the settings for the light. Lens means a lot for any given camera. If you have a good lens in your camera, you will be able to come up with images which are free from distortion or any other imperfections.

Get panoramically shot photos

If you have watched thousands of images online, you will easily tell when you see one. They are so perfectly shot; you would think that you are seeing them in real life. You should stop wishing you could do it, simply walk the talk!

Autumn scenery

The focus issue

One problem I have observed with other upcoming photographers is that they seem to struggle to find the right focus for their images. What happens thereafter is that they have images which are focussed either too close or too far. The trick just to make sure you focus right.

The right equipment for the job

Invest in quality equipment for your photography. You might realize it is easy to fall into a scam when buying your camera and accessories. There are credible sites or electronic shops where you can buy one.

Realistic photo camera and flash lens

Light control

You may have forgotten what you were taught in your master class photography but am going to remind you anyway: a good camera will come with a mechanism to control light. Please make use of them well and thank me later.

Natural vs. Fake

A good photographer can tell a fake photo HDR from the genuine one. Avoid the scam tag from the photos you take. This is real when you overdo things.


blue Chevrolet Cabriolet

At what point do you need to use your tripod?

It is not in all circumstances when you are going to need one. The same could be said in the case of the flash.


We can go on and on but the bottom line is that master class photography will lay a strong foundation for a career in this profession. I personally recommend you to try out.


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  1. i faced a lot of problems while doing photography.The photo was dull and lacking in imagination. Unless you attend photography masterclass, you will remain average and am sure this is not what you want. and as a beginner i faced problems also.
    but after reading this article i don’t think any of the beginners will face the problems like me.its so helpful and given in nice and simple way.

  2. Finally, I kick-started my photography career and this guide has removed all my confusions. Now, I produce professional quality photos.

  3. Very helpful, original and knowledgeable. I know so much more about photography now with the help of this greatly written piece.

  4. I have a DSLR camera but still, I was unable to take pictures that I like due to lack of knowledge of various elements. With this article, a lot of grey areas are addressed. Appreciate!

  5. Jeanette Wilson

    Photography Masterclass is a very comprehensive course, that covers a wide range of topics surrounding photography.
    This course includes topics other courses don’t cover, like doing photography smartphone with a camera or building a personal photography kit. The learn-at-your-own-pace approach is excellent and yet you have the feedback you need with quizzes and assignments. Beginner photographers will gain the most from the Photography Masterclass; but there is something to be gained for anyone who chooses to take it. The assignments are varied and fun.
    Having lifetime access to the lessons is also something that you don’t find often. It’s helpful for those times when you have neglected one area of photography to concentrate on another and need a refresher. Overall, this is a class worth taking if you’re looking for an online course to help you improve your photography.

  6. Photography has been everything for me for all my life. And to be sincere, this system has made a huge difference that i cannot begin to explain. What i mean it has really helped me achieve a lot and grow in photography.

  7. Billy Gilcrease

    This is something that is missing in many classes and can be very frustrating because you may never get to explore what all your camera can do. You learn how to take your skills and work towards making money with your photography.

  8. The course is conducted so you can take it at your own pace and you have lifetime access to the lessons. This makes it possible for everyone to take the time they need to fully comprehend a lesson before moving on.

  9. Robert Williams

    Signing up for a course is an excellent first step in making that commitment to keeping your blogging-related goals.

  10. Aside from understanding the basics when it comes to good lighting and photoshop, I’m clueless when it comes to photography. The camera on my smartphone has always been good enough for me, but now it’s pretty obvious that I need to step up my game.

  11. Pedro Hodgkinson

    Although you do learn some valuable tips, the value is really an insight into the mind of a creative genius, rather than a ‘how-to-photograph’ tutorial.

  12. Elva Nelson

    I’m never tired of going to work. I’m going to take photographs. It’s an adventure. I found these lessons to be the most impactful and beneficial to helping me learn photography.

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