When I was training to be a nurse, I had a really tough time working with the stars of the medical field, like doctors, surgeons, experienced nurses, and healthcare professionals. Moreover, as much as I wanted to impress them, I kept on making mistakes when it came to topics on human anatomy. It was such a struggle for me; I had a hard time remembering functions, organ systems, and other terms and concepts about anatomy. Luckily, Dr. James Ross’s Human Anatomy and Physiology Course was there to guide me.

When you’re a nurse, doctors rely on you. Hence, you would to be knowledgeable enough to avoid making mistakes that can cause harm, especially on someone’s life. So, if you’re a nurse who is struggling to learn about physiology and anatomy as well, here’s a Human Anatomy and Physiology Course review. In this, I will show you how the course became a lifesaver for me, and how it can help you, too.

What is Human Anatomy and Physiology by Dr. James Ross?

When I got my hands on Dr. Ross Human Anatomy and Physiology, you cannot imagine the sense of relief I got. It was like someone gave me a CPR after drowning from one to thousands of questions I couldn’t understand.

Also, it’s a very comprehensive course for anyone studying anatomy and physiology. And for someone like me, it helped a lot.
But to start this review, let me tell you first about the course itself. This home study course consists of 3000+ pages covering hundreds of medical topics, specifically on human anatomy and physiology.
Furthermore, the course consists of 3 components, with each one as important as the other. In this review, I will detail everything you need to know about this course.

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But before we delve deeper on the inclusions of this home study course, let us first find out who the man behind this course is. Let’s talk about Dr. James Ross.

Who Is The Man Behind This Course?

James Ross is a doctor who has been teaching human anatomy and physiology courses for more than 18 years. After completing his degree in Integrative Physiology in 1992, he began writing for popular journals and magazines.

Furthermore, he founded InnerHealth in 2004, which is a training school for medical practitioners, nurses, and paramedics in Pennsylvania. He was also a nominee for the poster prize at the British Neuroendocrine Society annual conference at the University of Bristol in 2008.

Aside from these achievements, what’s more commendable about Dr. Ross is how he changed the lives of thousands health practitioners. By using his knowledge and experiences in his profession, he helped people master complex topics in physiology and anatomy quickly and easily through his comprehensive course.

What’s in the Anatomy and Physiology Course?

The course includes detailed explanations on various medical concepts, along with illustration to make it easier to comprehend. Also, each lesson includes key facts, assessments, and solutions to reinforce your learnings.

Human Anatomy and Physiology Course DVDs

Furthermore, the course is divided into three components into three different DVDs. Here’s a more detailed overview on what each component contains.

System Component #1: Human Anatomy & Physiology Course

The first component discusses the human anatomy and physiology. It also includes materials, quizzes, and self assessment questions to ensure complete understanding of the lesson.

Furthermore, this component includes a lot more modules. These contain in-depth explanations on the various body systems, including:

  • nervous system
  • integumentary system
  • endocrine system
  • respiratory system
  • autonomic nervous system
  • and all the other systems in the human body

I loved this component because I was able to read through each of them step by step. Moreover, what sets this course apart from other anatomy and physiology course is how it will help you understand complex terminologies used in the medical field. There are also techniques in this module to help you memorize these terminologies.

System Component #2: Drug Dosage, Therapy, and Pharmacology Module

Aside from physiology and anatomy, the course also discusses pharmacology. In this, you will find an excellent knowledge of drugs and their dosage, and how they affect different systems, prevent or treat infections, and more.

In addition, just like the previous component, you will see a complete list of pharmacology terminologies. Furthermore, the lessons include different pharmacology guide.

It also includes topics on oral and maxillofactal pathology, along with some principles of epidemiology and microbiology. Through this, you will also learn more about how drugs and organs affect each other.

System Component #3: Detailed Illustrations & 3D Drawings Graphics Module

This is probably one of the best parts of this anatomy and physiology course. It has one of the largest collections online of illustrations and diagrams on human anatomy, along with physiology.

Furthermore, trying to understand human anatomy without clear illustrations of the human body might make you prone to crucial mistakes. However, this component includes clear illustrations of the different body systems while showing the accurate location of the different organs, system, human muscles, blood vessels, and etc. Hence, you don’t need to worry about making mistakes.

There are numerous illustrations like this in the course that makes the learning experience immersive and more comprehensible.

Other Inclusions

Currently, Dr. Ross is offering a bonus at a small cost of $97. It is much more affordable compared to other courses about the human body.

Furthermore, with the course, you can now purchase another component that includes some of the best research materials in the market. These resources can greatly benefit students, teachers, doctors, and other health practitioners.

Let’s review “The Human Anatomy and Physiology” course now:

I thought that the best way to let you decide if you want to take this course or not is through the use of “pros and cons.” This way, you will get first-hand knowledge and rating on how the course actually is.  So, let’s get right into it.


Learn whenever you want to and stop when you want to.

Unlike other online class or college course, the human anatomy and physiology course doesn’t require you to stick to the program within a specific time frame. By purchasing this course, any person can study or have class and have their certificate whenever they want.

I remember when I was working as a temp and I hardly had any time on my hands. But this course was a life saver; it gave me a way to learn on my own accord, on my own terms.

Compared to our conventional classroom environment for a college course, the course allowed me to study with immersive lessons that made everything easy for me. I believe that Dr. James Ross specifically designed this course to help anyone like me who wanted to learn at their own pace. This, alone, makes the course deserving of a 5-star rating or review.

It gives you the power to learn faster and better.

Learning about the human body isn’t easy. Some parts can be incredibly interesting, while some parts can be equally boring.

Also, it takes years and years of learning and practice before you can fully call yourself an expert on human anatomy. You may even need to wish upon the stars as you try your hardest to comprehend complex structures and functions as fast as you can.

But here’s the thing: when I was learning from this course, I loved how I was taking in so much information and knowledge. I actually remembered the stuff that I was reading and watching— from the functions of the human body, physiology and anatomy, gross anatomy, and the relationships between different body organs and body systems.

Furthermore, this anatomy and physiology course helped me get hold of the toughest concepts whereas I was able to memorize everything easily.  Even if you are a slow learner, don’t worry about a thing.

Dr. Ross designed the lessons such that you can pick everything up very quickly, unlike with other PA courses. Also, it has a fun, engaging manner of learning, which makes sure that the student understands the techniques, diagrams, and lessons.

The price is too good to be true.

After I was done with the course, I realized that it was probably one of the best things that happened to me. But what really shook was the price.

Compared to the knowledge and lessons that I got and the intricate diagrams and illustrations of the human body, the price could have been higher. But whether it’s part of Dr. James Ross marketing strategy or not, I love the fact that it was so cheap, making it one of the best investments I made to become a successful nurse.

The price factor is very important in my review since there are a lot who pay more money for a physiology course or other anatomy courses to become a certified medical professional. Hence, Dr. James is doing us all a favor by offering us something so awesome at such a competitive price, making his course deserving of a full stars review and rating.

It has a money-back guarantee.

Dr. Ross is convinced that anyone would love the course. This is not only because of the 5-stars reviews and rating that his previous clients gave him, but also because he is confident enough with his work. So, he is offering 100% refund for those who feel dissatisfied with the course.

For me, this is such a great deal! No matter what your reason is, if you decide to return the course within 60 days, you will be able to receive your full money back.

But to tell you honestly, with the number of concepts that you will learn, I doubt that you would ever want to return this home study course. Also, this class has great advantages compared to other anatomy and physiology courses out there.

It’s for everyone.

One thing that you will read on the human anatomy and physiology website and its many reviews online is that it is for everyone. Whether you are one of the best in your medical class or someone who is struggling badly in learning about the human body, the course is literally for everyone.

Each lesson is jam-packed with facts and figures, detailed diagrams, and intricate knowledge. Nevertheless, it explains and teaches everything as if it is teaching a child.

Woman Studying

That’s one of the most remarkable things about this course. I was learning some concepts as I had never studied before. It was as if it understands my pain in learning certain complex medical terminology and taught me as if it was my first day in medicine.


As much as I loved the course, I know that every review must have its cons. Though the course is great, it did have some teeny tiny things that I want to highlight for your benefit.

It might not take days.

The main selling point of this course is that it will teach you years of knowledge in a few days. Though it did teach me a lot of stuff—and I mean a lot of stuff—it didn’t do it all in a few days.

I think considering how well the course has been designed with its fun, immersive lessons and excellent teaching materials, you should at least spend a month on it. Moreover, because of the wide depth of topics regarding physiology and anatomy, it would be quite surreal to study and be able to master all of them within just a span of days.

Obviously, you might want to learn from it at your own pace. But if you are thinking you can master it all in a few days, don’t fool yourself. The course is indeed designed to properly compress all the knowledge for you to quickly learn. However, since its human anatomy we are talking about, it will definitely take you more than a few days.

There are no physical educational books or materials.

Medical stuff is hard to study sometimes, which is why we love to make notes on the books we are reading. Unfortunately, Dr. James Ross hasn’t included any physical books or materials with his anatomy and physiology course.  You will have to use electronic devices to access and learn from the course.

I have the habit of reading books, which is why I listed this as a con. Nevertheless, a friend of mine who used this course loved the fact that everything is electronic and that he can read it whenever he wants. So, I think that it is only a matter of preference.


Human Anatomy and Physiology Course is a wonderful effort by Dr. James Ross to help medical professionals and students learn about the human body. It compresses the complete knowledge of the human body in this 3000-page course, which is wonderfully divided into components that further helps in learning and understanding.

Furthermore, it is an ideal guide for those that are struggling to understand the various concepts and terminologies on human anatomy and its nature. There are also hundreds of diagrams and illustrations with excellent lessons that will guide you in mastering human anatomy and physiology. Also, the self-assessment courses and tests that come with every lesson help you test and memorize the concepts that you just read and learn.

If you are looking for a way to learn all about the human body easier, check out Dr. Ross’s Human Anatomy and Physiology Course! This will be able to guide you in your journey towards the medical field. What’s more is that it has a 100% money-back guarantee so you can return it if ever you feel dissatisfied! So, check it out now!

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  1. As a medical student, studying physiology and the anatomy of a human is difficult. It’s hard to memorize every part whenever an exam comes up. So, i decided to look for the perfect tool in helping me learn these topics effectively and efficiently. What I love about this course is how it’s easy for it to understand, easier than how my professor explains it. I have even recommended it to my fellow med schoolmates, and showed off the course. Some bought it and used it as their reference as well.

  2. I was always interested in the way our body works, but have always believed that it is too late for me to start learning. I stumbled upon this post and after a few days of thinking, I decided to buy this. Just want to say that I’m absolutely loving it thus far and that I expect nothing less in the future.

  3. Jacqueline Bernard

    One of the advantage of this program is you can review at your pace and makes the learning faster and easier.

  4. Getting to know how people are able to think and reason to me is just an amazing encounter. I get to learn of many things that I even never imagined for sure. To Me it is more beautiful than ever.

  5. It is a course that is for any person who wants to learn more about their body and how it works, or at times doesn’t work so well, in a simple and easy way. It does consist of 3 different components where every component is equally important and worth a lot.
    The first component is the human anatomy. Its lessons include; clinical pathology, introduction to basic human physiology, digestive system, reproductive system, urinary system and digestive system.

  6. Tracy Fearn

    It is a comprehensive guide that provides a detailed understanding of pharmacology including drug dosage, interaction, effects of and factors influencing the dose and types of drugs. As in the previous anatomy & physiology section it provides a comprehensive glossary of terminology used in pharmacology and introduces the reference guides used by pharmacists. Drug treatments are studied as they relate to the functions of the drugs as well as how they are applied for the different body systems.

  7. Bernard Ramsey

    I have to testify that there is so much work that has been done here. And i say this because it is not easy to get a system that is this good. Informative enough and very comprehensive.

  8. It is highly recommended to people who need more knowledge I this two great fields that go a long way in bettering our society as a whole.

  9. Ryan Bullins

    The guide is very interactive, very engaging, and very promising; you will get almost everything that you will need and will ever want to know about the functionality of your body.

  10. You are about to learn everything to do with drug therapy and many other things that you do not know.

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