World of Warcraft

From the Blizzard entertainment company, we get this great Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game that has changed the scope of the world. With millions of likes on their Facebook page, several books about the characters and the mystical and magical land of Azeroth not to mention the Movie that was released in 2016, this game has made history.

Anyone who will take time to listen to a computer geek like I gush about the game will automatically get the feeling that they should play this game. I have seen it referenced in several movies and television series. It is truly as magical as it sounds.

What makes it so intriguing?

  1. The Backstory

The story that the game is built upon has been written about in books that have been spawned by the franchise and they are great. When you factor in the forces of good and evil fighting using magic and other characters that were created and have been created as the years went by, you get this great land of Azeroth that will pull you right in and get you hooked on is magic.

  1. The Characters that are Involved in the Story

World of Warcraft

We have the main characters that are the orcs, mages and the hordes among others. These will hold your interest as you play as you can be bale to join factions and create teams with friends so that you can fight the other teams that you will find online.

The characters are well designed, well built in terms of background stories and they all have their own abilities that make them so interesting. After you pick a faction and then join in alliances to fight the enemies, you will have immense fun.

  1. It is Global

Seeing as it played online on the internet, the game has attracted fans from all over the world who have come together to share in this game and go on quests together in real time and even get into the competition that are so damn interesting that they attract thousands of gamers all at once.

  1. So Easy to Learn

You may be a little retarded when it comes to all things tech except maybe for your phone and you will think that this game of nerds and geeks will be difficult and hard to learn. You are wrong because the things that you will need to know will be right there and they will help you navigate the basics very easily. You will also have the prompts that will be teaching as you go.

  1. Access to The Game

World of Warcraft

The game doesn’t have to be bought and can be easily downloaded to your computer and played from there. You will not need to go through a complicated process to access it as it is found on the Warcraft website which will provide you with the game files.

The Warcraft Universe

Apart from the game, you will also find that there are books that have been written about the characters and the land of Azeroth that you will find very intriguing.

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  • World Of Warcraft is the universe in itself and if you decide to join if you are in for a surprise. WOW is the best MMORPG and has left quite a legacy and has inspired a lot of other video games, movies, books and other fantasy participants. If you think about it, it is art combining everything from coders to graphic designers.

  • Everybody talks about World Of Warcraft, and this got me intrigued, of course. I haven’t played anything for years, and now I am looking for something to relax. I will give this one a go; it sounds cool.

  • World of Warcraf
    BATTLE FOR AZEROTH BEGINS 8.14.2018. Prepare for war! Recruit new allies and take the fight to the enemy. Watch our gameplay and features preview video and pre-purchase Battle for Azeroth today! Watch Now. Pre-Purchase Now. Latest News & Updates. View all news. May 15th, 2018. Weekly Bonus Event.

  • Raiding is a structured series of fights designed for large groups of players and represents World of Warcraft’s hardest challenges.The most dedicated players may grind toward finishing the content on the hardest difficulty much more quickly by focusing on flawless execution.

  • Different specializations for each class define the player’s abilities, strengths, and role in the game. Continues and expands the lore from the Warcraft universe.

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