Woodworking4Home Review: Woodworking is easy with a Guidebook

Woodworking4Home Review

 Do you always have to call someone to come do your simple carpentry work for you? Does it bother you that you can’t-do that for yourself? Well, worry not because we have a solution here. In today’s review, we are going to discuss some very simple product that will change all that.

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John Metz was the man behind this brilliant idea and he proposed that it would be awesome if people knew how to do these things for themselves. So, he compiles images and tutorials into a well-detailed package that include plans and designs. I think of it as the blueprint package t woodworking.

It has all that I need to become a proper artist in carpentry. From simple little frames to bigger chairs and all that, you can get it all in here. This package is said to contain well-detailed and well-explained plans for almost every type of woodworking plan that you may need.

With over 14,000 plans, yes that’s right, fourteen thousand, I fail to see what kind of plan you may fail to find in here.

Of course, there’s nothing about how you build a ship in there but 14,000 plans are not a joke. It’s actually part of the reason why some of the reviews on the internet have labeled this as a scam because those plans are just a little too many.

However, because we believe in finding out from the source, w got the package and flipped through its contents to see if they are right or just have issues accepting that this could be real. So, without wasting time, let’s get into the meat of the review and see what we got.


The Package Itself

 Here is what we found in the package. It has 14,000 woodwork plans that have been well labeled, detailed and explained. They are designed for both amateurs and professionals.

So, you can always find something that is within your artistic woodwork ability here.

John Metz, the guy who made this package explains that he knows what he is talking about having been a woodworker professionally for over 2 decades which is impressive. It shows he has experience. So, critics, that is score one for John.

Carpenter using power-tool for cutting wood

People don’t like sitting back and letting other people do their simple jobs and chores for them. It wounds a man’s pride if he can’t get the furniture pieces together, let alone fashion a new one out of wood himself.

Don’t worry, this package is for you. So, buy yourself one and get working because this will change the way that you view woodworking. Also, there is a DVD that contains all these plans which show you exactly how you should do it.



The Core Purpose of the Package

 When it comes to making things out of wood, we can say that not many people know how to even nail in something or just glue joints. That is why there was a need for this woodworking book.

It alleviates all your problems when it comes to work that matters.

Self-employed cabinetmaker processing

The package is designed for people to learn and not just as a reference spot for the things that you have forgotten or don’t know.

Everything is clearly arranged in steps and the author made sure that you get it all clearly with no problems. He could have stopped at 5,000 plans but he didn’t.

This package includes all the little and big and medium-sized things that you can build for progressive learning, taking this up as a hobby or just repairing something broken at home.


The Most Amazing Features of This Package

 When it comes to features that amaze, this package does not disappoint:

  1. The Versatility

This is one of its biggest advantages. It does not just have pictures and a few explanations. It is a package and that means you get everything. In short, he has included plans for almost everything that you may ever try building in a lifetime.

Imagination and dedication are what will stop you from building something big, like a boat. So, when you purchase the package, know that even if you are very dedicated, you may not be able to finish all the plans he has for you.


  1. 14,000+ Plans

Can you imagine that? Fourteen thousand plans in one package. All of them detailed explained, illustrated and in DVD. Is this package doesn’t make you an expert on woodworking, nothing will. All those high-quality blueprint designs should do the trick

Is this package doesn’t make you an expert on woodworking, nothing will. All those high-quality blueprint designs should do the trick

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By including all these plans, you are spoilt for choice and can get to do all the things that you have ever wanted with wood. It is an impressive number that has some people doubting the validity of this package.


  1. The Search Database

You may have wondered, with 14,000 plans, how the heck does I find anything in there. Well, am glad you asked…because they have a database.

And it is searchable. This means that if you want a specific plan, you can go to their database and search for it.

Search Database

This makes work easier and gets a lot done faster in a short time. Woodworking4home.com is the site that you go to for all the plans that you need. You can even download them from the same website which makes this a whole lot easier.


  1. Simple Instructions

 It would not do, to have these instructions and fail to understand them because they will have been for nothing. This means that when you get a similar product, one that lets you do it yourself, you need to be sure you understand the content. John Metz did a good job with this one.

He has a keen eye for detail and everything is easily explained to you. This way, you don’t have to abandon a project because something wasn’t clear enough.


  1. There Is No Risk

 With the money-back 60-day guarantee and the free updates and bonuses he gives, there is no way that you can lose. Did you know that you are getting all these plans for just $49 dollars?

Well, as I said, no loss whatsoever and you have time to test it out.

Money-Back Guarantee

This way, the only thigh you risk is hammering your fingernail while working on the plans or getting glue on your jeans while doing the same. So, this is a worthy buy that will ensure you get value for money.


  1. Simplicity in Detail

When you have this many plans, you are bound to find that at some point, it is not easy to tone down the language e or the complexities of the details. This is why when I randomly opened up one of the plans and found out I understood everything, I was elated.

This is the key to making people like and be interested in something as detailed and complex as woodworking. By making it easy while being thorough, you get the purpose of the plans through in a way everyone can understand.


A Sneak Peek into the Plans

After telling you all that information, I feel that the need to peek at one of the plans is in order. This will help us know exactly what is in those boxes and what to expect.

After looking at one of the plans, I noticed the distinctive features that I thought I should share with you. Here is how it will be like:


  1. The Introduction

 This is the part where he explains what you are about to build, the name and why you may need it. He will give you all the details about its interior here but is that is not enough, there is a diagram that will help you get all that internalized.


  1. The Diagram

This is a detailed and well-partitioned drawing that is a labeled blueprint which shows you all the parts that will go into making the project a success. This diagram has label tags that will be deciphered by the key which is a ‘what you need section’.

diagram of partitioned drawing

  1. The What You Will Need Section

 Before you start building or making anything for that matter, you will need to have ingredients or a list of the things that go into making the product a reality. This section will be the one that tells you the names of the parts labeled in the diagram.

You will find the part’s name, the size that you need, how many of the same part you will need and the type of material apart from wood that you will use. It is very clear to avoid confusion and messing up while working.


  1. The ‘Here’s How’ Section

 Just from the way that it is called, this section is where he tells you how to do everything that was illustrated in the diagram. This part is divided into steps and smaller numbered lists that will have all the little steps that you will be following when you want to get the job done.

It is a very comprehensive section that contains everything that you will need to have, done and add. As a ‘here’s How’ section, it ranks pretty high on my best instructions list. I mean, he all but comes to making it for you.


  1. The Details

 This is one of the plans that have some of the most captivating diagrams I have ever seen in a long time and that are something. These things that you will have to build; say a rocking chair, will be dismantled into pieces showing you which piece goes where.

Apart from that, you are shown how to cut them into accurate pieces and the sizes that you should have when you want to start and complete this project well.

Details are the key to building anything. Specifications, instructions, prints and a comprehensive list of what you’ll need should always be there and woodworking4home does not disappoint.


The Pros

 After examining a product for all its flaws and perks, we usually boil it all down to the pros and cons. This package had these merits.

  1. It has the highest number of woodworking plans than any other of its kind. This makes it very easy to build almost any household wood accessory.
  2. The searchable database is an added plus and will go a long way in making it easy to find whatever you want in the plans. Talk about efficiency.
  3. The explanations offered are very comprehensive. And by comprehensive I mean the most easy to understand because they are short and precise.
  4. The DVD is awesome because you get to watch the woodworking get done and then do it yourself. This makes it easy to get things done because it’s all right there.
  5. As far as expertise go, the compiler of this package has done a better job than most people would. This is a testimony to the years of working with wood that he has under his belt.
  6. The consumer reviews that come from the people who have applied these plans say that they are the best that you can find anywhere. This makes it very perfect for your needs and the majority agrees.
  7. There is a 100% money back guarantee if you find that this is a scam.

DVD of woodworking plans

The Con

  • Having trolled the internet for what people had to say, I must admit that the ones who say this is a scam are a fair number. This may frighten new customers who may end up not getting this package.


In Conclusion

 Woodworking is interesting to watch, it’s enlightening to know about it and it’s fulfilling to be able to actually do it. This makes the process of learning really nice. So, if you want to start a project and accurately finish it to the end, I suggest that you get yourself this package.

The reviews have spoken and looking at the features, one must admit that it is the definitive work on woodworking for DIY people and as a hobby guide. So, buy yours today and enjoy it. As far as we at this review know, it is worth the time.

Get the Woodworking4Home Guide, and start making all those dozens of projects you’ve always wanted to do but just never knew how!

4.9/5 - (12 votes)


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  • This package will help people get their job done quickly, cheaply without any fuss or mess. In particular, the package provides a 60-day money-back guarantee in case people are unhappy with the result.

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