The digital age has brought with it different ways to promote products. In the past couple of years, video has become one of the popular ways to promote both products and services online. With applications such as Instagram and Tik-Tok that promote video advertisements, it is now easier than ever to reach your target audience. Many users of these platforms also prefer to watch videos other than reading blogs. Videos can be curated in a fun and captivating way that attracts even more potential clients to products.

While content is still king in online marketing, it’s videos that are taking the spotlight for the past years. To make quality content that is good videos, you need quality equipment. Making quality videos may be a little costly. Viddyoze steps forward to help you create a quality video within your budget.

What is Viddyoze?

Viddyoze Worlds Cloud Based Software

This is cloud-based software which means it can be accessed from any device as long as it has internet access. It is a template-subscription online service. The templates are available in a wide variety of categories. It has a huge collection of animations, live-action animation, and lower thirds. Viddyoze also offers outros, logo stingers, and social media call-to-action.

In using the application, the users select various designs according to their preferences. They can also upload their logo and do other types of editing that they may wish. When the animation is ready to display then you can download it to your device as a GIF file or in MP4 file format. This is a very easy way to make and edit videos unlike the normal intro maker on YouTube.

Who are the creators of Viddyoze?

Three friends, David Chamberlain, Jamie Garside, and Joey Xoto, created the software platform. The friends all worked in the software development field for a while and have created several other software before.

While carrying out a project for one of his clients David Chamberlain realized that people did not have the knowledge of video editing. Instead of hiring professional freelancers who charge huge amounts of money for small tasks, they could use the software.

To find a solution for his problem, David reached out to his other two friends. They started working toward a solution. This is how Viddyoze came to be.

Brief History of Viddyoze

The product entered the scene in 2015. Its key aim is to aid in promoting small and local businesses. The platform helps create videos at an affordable price without having to involve a video marketing agency.

Since the video animation software start, the team has released three versions, and with every new release comes better and new upgrades on the software.

The version are as follows:

Viddyoze 1.0 (2015)

It was first released in September 2015. It grew in popularity and broke many records just a few days after its launch. One of the main reasons for this was its low price and user-friendly menus. This was also a cloud server-based operation and one didn’t necessarily have to install it on their device. The positive reviews made it to become a favorite among many users.

Viddyoze 2.0 (2016)

A year later, Viddyoze introduced a newer version that is Viddyoze 2.0. The earlier version lacked a variety of templates limiting the number of video editing options available to the people. Notable improvements made were the improved interface. In the 2016 version, they improved several things. Social media call-to-actions, and added many more templates are the notable mentions.

The second version was still more user friendly. Viddyoze 2.0 came with more than 90 templates. As expected, the commercial version retailed higher than the personal edition. Both the subscriptions were lifetime and we only had to pay for one-time.

The users made demands for new templates. The developers then launched one that was the Monthly Template Club. Users located it on right in the control panel of the user. Using this every month in the Template Club, they would add new templates that users could later download. This version became the most popular due to its features.

Viddyoze Live Action (2017)

Every year, the software developers always brought new features and in 2017 they launched Live Action. This was mainly targeted to those who did animation works.

This new version, it made things very easy to create animation. Before it could take up to a day to animate things but now the feature made it possible to make real-life animation in a few hours. This Live-Action feature brought about many templates most of which helped in animation creation.

Viddyoze 3.0 (2019)

The Viddyoze 3.0 is the latest update of the Viddyoze software. It is a 3D animation software that is fully web-based enabling you to create both normal and 3D types of video. It has been said that this new version has the most revolutionary platform in the world of video. Viddyoze has over 170 temples that help you create videos with your own brand logo.

Features in Viddyoze Template club.

Viddyoze Features

Viddyoze 3.0 has a number of unique features, these are:

It is fully cloud based- You are therefore not required to download it and it saves you up on space for your device.
It enables you to create 3D animations- You can now create high quality videos on the software and in very easy steps. This gives you an advantage to create your preferred type of content regardless of your skills.
Alpha animations- One is also able to create alpha animation in the new version. You can put the on-screen callouts or transparent lower thirds on top of the video. This is completely customizable and can be made within minutes.
Create your Live-Action Animations – You can create your own videos with the new version. It provides you with several templates with logos and live-action animation.
Provision of a variety of editable templates from Logo Stingers, Transitions, CTAs – Viddyoze 3.0 gives you an opportunity to create your own logo animations, outros, intros. Once you identify the template you would like customize it using the build button and you will get you animation video.
Advancing – Always alerts you on new updates.
Template Club – If you get the membership of the templet club than you can use more than 700 templates. I will suggest that this is a huge asset.
Viddyoze Video Creation.

As you have seen above, viddyoze is a powerful video editing tool that can help you save both on time and money that could be incurred in video editing. It also has a high rating from reviews by the users and is adored by many.

Below is a step by step guide on how to use this video creation tool.

Log in

In order to access the professional templates and other features from this software, you have to first log in. If you don’t have an account you will need to create one through their website and the proceed.


Once you’ve logged in, you will see the dashboard. On the dashboard, you will see videos you have made and saved. You also be presented with six different categories these are: Call to action, Logo Stinger, Social, All, Outro, and rendering. All of these work to help you find your videos easily. It also gives you an option where you can download videos in various formats such as MPEG4, 3GPP2, and QuickTime. You can convert a video to whichever format you like.

Choose a template

On this, you will find a create tab where you can start the process of creating professional videos. On the create tab you will find five different categories for creating videos- they are Logo stinger, call to action, social, outro, and misc. Here you will also find the various templates in those categories. For example if you are creating a video for social media you can use the social category. or if you want to create a logo you can use the logo stinger.

Edit Template

After deciding on the template of choice, now is the time for editing. This platform makes video editing easy and fast. You can add photos, text, and even logos related to your digital marketing. By doing this, your target audience will get information from the text, in this step you are able to be the video editor you would like to become and make video content that is up to your standards.

Render Video

This is the final step. Once you are done editing your video, click the build video button and it will start the rendering process for you. This takes just a couple of minutes. When the rendering is complete the video is saved to your cloud account making it easy for you to access it from anywhere around the world.

Best Users for Viddyoze.

Viddyoze Best users of the Product

The following is a number of people who can greatly benefit from the Viddyoze platform. As said earlier, the web-based platform enables in creation of animations, image editing tools, and other great videos for social media platforms. Anyone can use Viddyoze, but it could be really beneficial to the following people.

Digital marketers

They can use the viddyoze templates to create videos for their marketing jobs and campaigns. Considering digital marketers handle many tasks, using software such as Viddyoze speeds up the video creating and editing process. To add, there is no compromising quality.

Beginner animators

Viddyoze can also be an excellent beginners’ tool those new to animation. They can experiment, test their techniques, and improve their design and visuals without having to spend a lot of money on other programs.


Viddyoze is a popular tool for many online and traditional marketing agencies. It is cheaper, more accessible, and more convenient. Who wouldn’t want such a platform?

Small Businesses

The platform provides entrepreneurs with a perfect avenue to market their products at a small price. Minimizing costs as much as possible.


Videos can be helpful way for those involved in teaching careers. Viddyoze then may aid in the creation of these videos that can be used as illustrations to students and leaners. They can make the videos as they wish and be interactive, engaging, and effective that will boost the speed of learning.

Virtual assistants

While not all virtual assistants are digital marketers or are involved in digital marketing jobs. Sometimes they are required to perform some of these tasks. These may include creating high-quality videos for the clients they are handling.

Social media influencers

The creation of new job careers in the social media space has led to the introduction of social media influencers. These people use their social media platform to market various products and services. Most companies now hire these influencers to promote their products. A way that influencers do this is by creating online videos that their followers can view. This then creates awareness about a given product that often leads to increased sales.

YouTube creators

Creating videos on YouTube can be a long and tedious process. But, the viddyoze platform can help cut these timelines by half. One is able to shoot online video and other short video clips used on the platform. It also has stunning animations and a variety of professional templates to choose from. Most YouTubers hire a video editor to do the editing work. But, viddyoze has all the tools required to make seamless transitions on your videos. It also helps you start earning money from the platform.

Viddoyze video editing software packages

Viddyoze offers three types of pricing plans namely: Personal, Agency and Commercial plans.

Personal plan (one-time payment)

It has a number of benefits: Access to all features and live-action videos, cloud-based video animation software, a Maximum of 30 renders monthly, Unlimited usage rights on personal videos, Over 170 professional templates, 60-day money-back guarantee and round the clock customer support.

Commercial plan (one-time payment)

Some of the benefits from this plan include; All the features and benefits of the Personal Plan and Unlimited renders and usage rights. The viddyoze commercial plan also comes with a number of bonuses. These are Bonus 1: Reverse Sales Method (worth $197) and Bonus 2: YouTube Profits Elevator (worth $97)

Agency plan

This is a less popular package from the viddyoze team. It includes the following benefits; Unlimited renders, Simultaneous renders (up to 10 at any time, Access to thousands of templates, Access to brand-new animations each month, Ability to create teams, Unlimited groups, and palettes, White-label technology, click watermarking, Bespoke animation service.

Money Back Guarantee

Viddyoze Money back Guaranteed

The software has a 30-day Money-back Guarantee but does not offer a free trial. Other features that can be appreciated from this program is that it has a customization policy. Users can customize their plans according to their needs.

Viddyoze review pros

Just like any other product in this case any other software, there are advantages and disadvantages that can be hailed from using the software. Below we will look at some of the advantages that can be claimed from the software.

The software is affordable

When looking for software especially for business, its price is one that should be highly considered. This is because the main aim in business is to make profit, you should therefore try and minimize the outgoings as much as possible.

When you compare the viddyoze software with other software that offer the same services. It is clear that viddoyze is the most economical. an example is the an animation software called Powtoon that offers a free plan, and you can create videos up to 3 minutes in HD, but the list of features remains limited. It also doesn’t have live-action videos. Viddyoze has more benefits in comparison to its price.

Viddyoze also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and currently offers a lifetime license access for the same price as an annual Commercial Plan. It is also an added advantage that one can further customize their plan, adding services or products as needs change.

It lets you capitalize on video marketing

Video marketing is one of the best developments in digital marketing. Marketers who use them grow their revenues 49% more quickly than those who don’t use videos in their strategies.

Companies that use videos for branding can also boost their engagement by 258% on platforms such as Facebook and nearly 100% on YouTube.

Your target audience is able to enjoy viddyoze videos and as a marketer able to reach even more people. Helps create your videos in a variety of formats such as the gif format that are used for short quick marketing strategies that are also very effective in relaying the message.

Viddyoze is easy to use and versatile

According to the comments on the viddyoze review, users claim that the software has a user friendly interface and the live-action video engine works perfectly in creating the perfect video for their audience.

There are a number of users who have the templates club monthly subscription nd they claim that they are able to gain access to various templates with just a few clicks. The users say the user interface is perfect for whichever video creation you would like, be it in the real estate arena or fashion, or even food. You can always make real videos and use the floating animations to spice up your creation.

It can help you make extra money.

You can use the viddyoze platform to earn extra income. The viddyoze team offers a number of versions of their product. As a beginner, you can try learn the viddyoze live-action and teach others or coach them. You could also have a commercial license and use the platform to make marketing videos for companies. These are some of the Viddyoze offers other methods of earning.

Viddyoze Cons

Viddyoze does not have a free trial version.

Unlike other video animation platforms, Viddyoze does not have a free trial. Not everyone likes to go through a refund process if they don’t like the service.  On a personal note, Viddyoze doesn’t really need a free version since the plans are affordable. You can also customize your subscription plan according to your budget and needs.

The templates are limited to commercial and personal plans

The software has over 170 templates. however for you to have access to all the platform you need to be a Viddyoze template club member which is an additional expense. You will also require viddyoze commercial license to use some of the viddyoze bonuses.

This isn’t for those who like to have their own videos

The beauty of Viddyoze is it’s simple and easy to use. The template is there, and all you need to do is to change some of the elements to fit your needs. But this benefit may not appeal to veteran video creators and fussy clients who demand a more specific type of video. You can opt for a bespoke service, but it could cost you more.

Claims of possible earnings are not guaranteed

Without a doubt, viddyoze is an amazing platform. It also helps creatives have a better way to make their income. It still doesn’t give the guarantee that your video and product will sell.

In conclusion

From the above, it is clear to see that viddyoze is an amazing software and a blessing especially in the digital era. It offers several benefits for online and digital marketers. It eases their job and providing better quality services. This is free from traffic so this is a better platform for them to create better videos. You are able to turn a normal video into a 3D animation.


This product has brought a new revolution in the market and it is very user friendly and also on budget. The viddyoze template club serves as an arena where various creatives can intermingle and learn from each other. It is a space that they are able to network.

The Viddyoze Template Club can be optional but it is highly recommendable. This is worth of money. This even has a 30-day money-back offer if you are not satisfied with this. This is the most honest in this industry and gives their customer satisfaction with their quick response.

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