Ultimate Ebook Creator Review: How easy can it be to format an ebook?


I have always wanted to create e-Books that are n reader-friendly and which has many functions. I found the Ultimate E-book Creator the best option when it comes to issues like translation. I can translate my book into several languages. Not only that, I get the following benefits:

  • Multi-language e-book
  • Photo-rendering capacity for clearer images
  • Better connection to other e-Book  publishers
  • Branding opportunity

Let me give you a story about my experience with the Ultimate E-book Creator started years back. I was working in the media industry and was intended to get the E-book software to help me write a book or even be a ghost-writer. The problem was getting my eBook accepted by Kindle. My book was not only disorganized, but it was also full of errors and the format gave me a hard time.

Ultimate Ebook Creator Best option for Translation

When I read reviews on the Ultimate E-book Creator, I took interest in it and since then, I have published over 14 eBooks on Kindle. I easily uploaded them correctly, quickly and in a hassle-free way.

Concentrate on writing

One positive thing that I have discovered with this eBook creator is that you will be able to concentrate on writing your book instead of worrying about formatting and such other issues.

Adding pictures

One problem with other formats is that you will take a lot of time adding photos and sometimes it will not be possible to do so. From one review to the other, everyone is praising this product because it allows you to upload photos in an easy and efficient way.

Professional service

The aim of the Ultimate E-book Creator is to provide you with professional services from the time you start writing a book to the point when you add photos, edit, upload and have it uploaded.

 Buy your software

There is no two-way about it. Just purchase the product and start writing your book. If you had already published a book on Kindle, you will be tempted to download and work on it once more on this format. It is neat and better organized than any other writing format that you will ever have come across.


How long do you take to write, edit, and format and publish your book? The positive thing you will find with it is that it saves you so much time on such aspects of book writing as editing, formatting and adding photos. Within minutes, you will be done with them and upload your e-book.

I must admit I wasn’t prepared for the experience I got from the software. For one, it is 100% formatting, unlike others which make it difficult for you to be organized when writing a book for the first time. When you use this software, you will be able to publish in various formats such as:

  • EPUB
  • MS Word
  • PDF
  • MOBI

Of course, there are more formats but the above gives you an idea on so many possibilities that you will have when you download this format.


Ultimate Ebook Creator Features of the Product

The following are the features of the Ultimate E-book Creator:

  • You do not need an MS Word editor when publishing. It comes with an WYSIWYG. This is an acronym for ‘what you see is what you get’. In other words, what you see when you are writing is the actual end result.
  • Kindle acceptable books. When you publish your book using this eBook creator, you will have your book accepted the very first time you upload on Amazon Kindle.
  • You will create Barnes and Noble or what we call the Nook EBooks
  • Various formats such as PDF, MOBI, and EPUB
  • The in-built formatting allows you to format without the assistance of other 3rd party tools like Calibre.
  • The Pro Writer studio system which helps you to outline and structure the ideas that you have. Using this feature, you will be able to make notes and research while writing.
  • Multi-language spell checker

The additional features that you will find in this   creator which you will not find supported by other formats are as follows:

  • Ability to import a manuscript from either PDF or MS Word.
  • You can create links from any other source
  • If you want to create bookmarks or bookmark links, this eBook creator supports these functions.
  • The aspect of eBooks Quiz feature helps to make your eBook more interactive
  • Friendly user-interface which enables you to work in various languages such as English and German
  • You will be able to make use of conversion tools for converting  your content such as word to EPUB

There is something else I would like to share with you is the professional Writer’s Studio. When I began my publishing career wanted to ensure that my plot and organize my ideas into as many categories and subcategories. Using the studio was able to organize my idea and structure everything the way I wanted. It was very much like using Scrivener if you know what is talking about. I would take the shortest time possible to search for the content or the plot I was writing on. Many aspiring writers find it very difficult to put import or organize their article. From the reviews, I have to admit it is possible to do so for thousands of articles with so much ease. Searching your content need not be a big deal when you use this software. The advanced search options will make you’re writing a memorable experience. It is simple, easy and fast. Why tie so much of your time trying to organize your content? Logging in to the software is very secure; you do not have to worry about someone else trying gaining access to your software. The content is protected by a password.

Conversion tools

It is only fair to elaborate on the conversions tools. Depending on which format you are working on, you can convert from one to the other. If you are on PDF, you have the freedom to convert to EPUB; PDF to password-protected view; PDF to MS Word; PDF to HTML. The list is long but at least you have an idea how much leeway you will have when it comes to conversions.

Supports multi-device

Would you like to be published in all Kindle Devices? It is possible to have clickable content on Androids, iBookstore, and tablets where a reader can access your e-book. This enables one to read your content with much ease.

The spell checker is one feature of the software that you will just appreciate when you start using it. The multi-language spell checker enables you to work on over 80 languages since they are all supported. Have you had problems inserting text, audio or images? Using this eBook creator will help you to perform all these functions when working on your eBook. Not only that, you will be able to generate your table of contents with so much easier.

Pros of the Ultimate E-book Creator Review

Ultimate Ebook Creator The Pros of the Product

The following are the various pros of the software

  • Ease of use-unlike other software programs which are complicated, you will find this particular format very user-friendly. Everything is self –explanatory and there are enough support systems.
  • The trial period is long enough to help you test and see how the product functions. If it does not work out, you will not be obligated to buy it.
  • All your content in the software is secure and protected through a password. No unauthorized user can change your content
  • Through branding, you can create an icon that will easily be associated with your eBook.
  • The multi-language the support helps you to work on the excess of over 80 languages
  • You can enter into a commercial arrangement to sell your book and make a profit.
  • The filing transition is designed in such a way that you will be able to maintain the original files  even when you change the formats

The other benefits include the photo rending capabilities and customization of features to suit your respective personal and business requirements. There are endless formatting capabilities, to name a few:

  • Guides
  • EBooks
  • Magazines
  • Picture books

In addition, you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to the choice of the file support systems. There is HTML, Video, EPUB, PDG, audio among many others


The system is designed in such a way that you will receive every kind of support that you need. This means that if you want more information, you will readily find well-detailed tutorials to guide you through on the features of the software. The fact that it is downloadable makes it easy to access it online and write through the software. The instruction manual will come handy if you want direction and guidance on how to use it. Should you encounter any farther problems with the system, there is an online support system.

There is an able team of support staff who will take your queries and provide you with ready solutions to your problems without any delay. Having evaluated all the functions of the eBook creator, the reviews show that the ease of use stands out as the single most important function that people liked about it. The interface and the layout stand out as the two areas compared with other systems. The support services also count in here as people are seeking explanation on the myriad functions. This review found that a customer is likely to purchase a product if they are to use the product with ease.


Despite all the above, you will find that there are some inherent weaknesses in the system. One of them is the fact you cannot use it to set tests or create exams. There are those who feel that this system is limited in terms of file and format. For instance, there are no available templates to support comic books and magazines. The makers of this eBook software ought to appreciate the fact the software is not just for publishing but also support other functions like tests and albums. This particular eBook software lacks these formats makes it limited in terms of what you can do with it. The last weakness that you will find with the Ultimate E-book Creator is the fact that it lacks the capacity to build digital books which are visually sophisticated. You will only be confined to your publishing endeavors.


All the same, the software has more pros and cons, making it one of the best software programs that you can use and get published on respected sites like Amazon Kindle. Many people have given good reviews of the eBook software. They are contented with various features such as editing, adding images, formatting and file support. At the time of writing this review, there were several above-average ratings for the software.


In view of the various features of the software, it is best for those who want seamless writing, editing, uploading, and publishing.  It is purely legit, not a scam. You will have superior content that is superbly arranged to meet the standards for Kindle.

Ultimate Ebook Creator

Get the Ultimate Ebook Creator and fulfill your dream of becoming a self-published author!

4.7/5 - (16 votes)


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  • I have always wanted to create e-Books that are n reader-friendly and which has many functions.but there is no doubt that its difficult or not.i was facing a lot of problems and at last i found this review.i didn’t lose my hope and continued the work step by step.and know its working.thanks for writing the article.

  • As a writer, formatting and converting to various formats is a hassle when you want to focus on creating. Ultimate Ebook Creator has been my savior. I can now focus on my writing and let the software do everything else for me. A complete godsend, this.

  • An awesome software to help you in the matter of E-book formatting and if you are someone who loves to write needs to know that this thing is equally important. Presentation of your E-book matters and this thing surely helps a lot!

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  • Ultimate eBook Creator is the one device that each author needs on the off chance that they need to get their Kindle book online with a base measure of problem and inconvenience. The software is easy to install, it has every one of the highlights you require, it runs well, and it accompanies awesome help.

  • The Ultimate eBook Creator software is designed by Nitin Mistry that was created to promote struggling writers into established authors. This software will format and publish your eBook onto regular digital forums such as the Apple iBook Store, Barnes & Noble Nook, and Amazon Kindle store, This software allows writers to easily edit, organize, and publish their work at the same time.

  • The Ultimate ebook creator is surely an amazing program. It is a system that i would really recommend people to use. This is because it offers the best guidance into creating an ebook. I have been using thee ebook and it is amazing how well this system works.

  • Whether you are a new writer trying to publish your first book or a seasoned writer, the complexities involved in creating well-polished, properly formatted, high quality books can be a bit overwhelming. As if the writing process was not time consuming enough, the measures that must be taken to ensure that your finish product is completed for publishing can be quite tedious. However, this does not have to be so. The Ultimate eBook Creator promises to do the work for you.

  • The ebook creator is okay. Nothing to write home about. Very very basic, however one gets what they paid for, and it does its job. I just wish there were more options to create a better looking online book.

  • I can honestly say that the Ultimate eBook Creator is reliable, very user friendly and comes with functions that allow you to create any type of eBook you want.

  • Without a doubt, is the absolutely best to-the-point e-book formatter I have had the pleasure of experiencing. I recommend this book to everyone and advice them to use the program ‘Ultimate Book Creator’.

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