We’re living in a world where you can have everything at your fingertips. You can buy clothes and food in just one click. You can easily post videos and pictures of you on social networking sites; such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc. You can even start an online business, alone!

The 21st century continues to shower us with effortless accessibility around the world. But with the rise of people who wants to be known for their talents, how can you stand out? How can you be recognized as a talented music artist if you have more competition claiming the same title?

Your music won’t be acknowledged if you leave it untouched on your computer hard drive for years. Don’t give up yet. That’s what Kevin Barnes, the inventor of Tv Beatmaking Secrets, claims. You should continue to send out your music to companies and be familiar with the criteria of creating music.

I know, you’re here to find out if you can create beats that would make music producers want you. The kind of beats which would charm and hypnotize the audience to dance on your music. To make the audience remember the rhythm of your creation.

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What Makes A Song Stand Out?

  • Beats
    You can create catchy lyrics of a song, and a great rhythm but if your beats feel odd with the other elements. It will never attract positive attention.Beats is the core that creates the lyrics especially in genres like hip hop and pop. Normally, the beats should be created first before you make the rest. Basically, all the elements are dependent to the beats.Popular artists that make great beats which allure people are Wiz Khalifa, Tyga, and Kevin Gates. No doubt, when you go to a club, you’ll always hear one of their music playing and witness people dancing with the rhythm.
  • Lyrics
    Most people love songs which they can relate to. Songs that would pierce their heart because of a past memory.Though, some people only wants songs that make them dance. So, lyrics isn’t important if the rhythm, tempo, beats, and melody are present.
  • Rhythm
    If beats are the kind of music which makes you tap your foot or move your body. Rhythm is the sounds of the lyrics, the actual sound with its’ melody and tempo included.If Rhythm and beats are mixed together they become a meter, they jive in and make the music ten times better.

Now, you have an idea on how to make your music be distinct from others. Truth is, this isn’t enough, you need to do your own research and keep learning.

But lucky for you, I found out every beat makers holy grail.

drums, instrument that's essential to make beats

Kevin Barnes’, “TV Beatmaking Secrets”

Kevin Barnes yearned to show off his music to the world. To hear the beats he made on the radio, TV shows, films, and clubs.

He was sick of working for the sake of paying his bills and wanted a job that he will really like. He wanted the kind of job where you look forward to it every time you wake up in the morning. The feeling of being content in your situation at work.

One of his dreams is to gain profit from the beats he creates. In fact, he has made numerous music and tried his best to send it out to companies. But all he receives are rejections or no replies at all.

Frustration loomed over him, he lost hope and continued working on a job he loath. So, his beats were discarded on his hard drive left to form dust and olden with time.

Until he was sick of the life he’s living and decided to try it out again. He sought for advice, researched on the music industry, and worked hours to improve his piece.

Weeks and months have passed, he found out why his beats weren’t profiting. Now, he is proud to share the secrets he cracked and the criteria each company is looking for.

Since then, Kevin has collaborated with famous artists like Chris Brown, Rodney Jerkins, Jordan Sparks, Faith Evans, and other notable music composers.

His beats have also been used on television shows such as Keeping up with the Kardashians, Project Runway, Bad Girls Club, etc.

Take note on Kevin’s Advice:
– Don’t dispose of your beats when it hasn’t been heard by someone – a producer, artist, etc.
– Get your beats in TV as fast as possible. (Give all you got to be noticed)
– Practice on improving your beats.

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What Is A Beat Maker?

A beat maker experimenting music

Music is nothing without beats. Beats create color and style to the song, it gives meaning and excitement every time a particular song comes out on the radio. That’s how influential beats are, it makes people unconsciously dance or move to the rhythm.

If Music Producers are composers who focus on vocals, harmony, and background information of a certain talent personnel. And at the same time, the ones who manages the money, schedules, and exposure of the music artist.

Beat Makers are the ones who creates instrumental music with no vocals through the use of drums, sticks, and a professional software. Usually, beats are used in genres such as Hip Hop, Rap, and R&B.

People think making beats is easy as pie but there are certain rules on creating music. This is where most newbies in beats make mistakes, they assume you just need to put a few sounds and see if it will turn out great.

Most successful beat makers needed to start from scratch. They had to read materials (books, video tutorials, audiovisuals) to learn the kind of beat, producers look for.

Training doesn’t stop there, it will be a continuous process which even a notable beat maker experiences.

Since the music industry continues to grow at a fast pace, music lovers change their music preferences from time to time. It’s your job to be up to date and be familiar with the desires the majority of people wants.

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Besides the ‘TV Beatmaking Secrets’ program, it also includes the following:

1. TV Placements Video Course
An elaborate guide on the right way to make your music with ascap/bmi and catalog this. Other tips and tricks to let your music stand out than the others. Thus, making companies want you.

2. 50-Minute Interview
Another bonus in the package is an exclusive interview with a music supervisor. You can ask any questions related to the music industry and he’ll accommodate your every doubt.

The music supervisor will also share his opinions on what the music industry is looking for. Then, how he started and made other mere music artists popular.

3. TV Placement Cheat Examples
You will be provided samples of the kind of music people want. So that you can compare this to yours and see what you can improve. The format in making the best beats will also be given.

4. Companies
There will be a list of companies which you can send your beats to and receive feedback immediately. You’ll also be given constructive criticism so as you can improve your music more.

It is possible that your beats will be showcased in any TV shows or Film which fits the criteria.

5. TV Explosion Audio Series
Most of us are always running around and doing other activities. That’s why Kevin Barnes decided to make an audio series where you can listen to this on the go.

In this segment, you’ll learn the mistakes you should avoid when making your music, tips on making the music industry want you, and much more.

6. Bonus Industry TV Contacts Package
This is another list of contact information on the best professional TV, Film personnel. You can ask for advice or send your beats to be processed and evaluated.

Pros and Cons

1. Beginner-friendly: It is easy to follow and it’s user-friendly.
2. Quality of content: It is informative and teaches techniques on how to stand out from the crowd.
3. Saves money and time: Most training programs are expensive and sometimes ineffective. With this product, you’re trained to familiarize on the software’s and basic rules of creating beats.
4. Reviews: Numerous positive reviews from customers who bought the program is available.
5. Questions are accommodated immediately: Also, you can email anytime and your questions will be answered within 24 hours.

1. No forum: It would have been better if you can communicate with other beat makers. In order to talk about certain topics and issues.

A microphone; every music artists needs


‘TV Beatmaking Secrets’ has given hope to people who desires to be known for their music. It is every beat makers reference on being successful in the music industry.

A testimony from a fellow beat maker revealed, ‘Because of your program, my music compositions has come out in MTV!’

Other reviews stated, ‘for such a small price, you’ll indeed gain twice of your earnings than before’.

Daniel’s review on the product states, ‘It’s every wannabe beat maker’s dream to have ones’ music be accepted by producers and be paid because of your love for creating beats.’

Do note that since the program has been over the charts, a lot of customers have been purchasing the product and trying it out for themselves.

‘TV Beatmaking Secrets’ has been receiving praise and admiration from beat makers who are well-known and will be known.

So, what are you waiting for? Time to click the ‘buy’ button!

Oh, I forgot to tell you! If you didn’t like the results, you can get your money back (within 60 days).

Get the TV BeatMaking secrets today, learn exactly what you need to do to start making great beats that you can then sell to TV companies for cash!

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  1. Beatmaker is a true asset to all musicians.I tried Beatmaker and I was instantly hired by a music producer to create a jingle for an advertisement.

  2. Jeffery Smith

    This is not scam but on the contrary. I have improved a lot since I put my hands on the TV BeatMaking and also sent some of my work to some producers. Recommend!

  3. Good choice! I really learn a lot from this. What amazed me is that they have a 60-day money back guarantee (refund), if you aren’t satisfied with it. Which favorable with the buyer. You can see and try the product if you are unsatisfied you can return it.

  4. Christopher James

    Well, before I bought this program I struggled with beat making, not because I didn’t have the talent, but because something was missing. I still don’t know what exactly was I missing, but I do know that TV Beatmaking gave me that missing puzzle. Love it!

  5. I love guitar. I kept trying continuously with my guitar. But there was something wrong. Something was missing. I couldn’t find the problem. Soon after trying this program I’ve realized my silly mistakes and now am improving them with this amazing program.

  6. Playing guitar is my passion. But I was so disappointed that I couldn’t make perfect beats. I badly needed this kind of program. I used it and kept practicing continuously. Now my music can touch anyone’s heart.

  7. Thelma Schulz

    Beats are the building blocks of music and like any foundation, if it is not built strongly, the structure collapses. Beat making taught me to create beats like a pro and today the quality of my music has improved a lot. I’m getting positive feedback from listeners.

  8. Guys, the beats are the core of the song. Take every single chance there is to learn how to make those better! And this program is perfect for that!

  9. This is an amazing program. The truth is that making beat is not a a simple thing. You need to be keen on what you are doing and that is where this system comes in. It easy to use and has helped me make a lot of progress in my work. It has also made my work easier in the studio and increased my speed.

  10. Christopher

    This a guide that is comprehensive that is composed of 23 step by step videos that are going to be instrumental in teaching you how to create beats. Creating beats that are going to earn a place and get placed in film or TV.

  11. This a guide that is comprehensive that is composed of 23 step by step videos that are going to be instrumental in teaching you how to create beats. Creating beats that are going to earn a place and get placed in film or TV.
    You are going to come across well above 6 hours in videos. Videos which you can follow along with and put the secrets in the music you make to implementation with immediate effect.

  12. Well, when you eventually understand or rather get the skills to help you create something really amazing it is a good feeling. This is what it is for me now that i can create beats i have always wanted to create.

  13. If i would be looking for another good tv beat then i would definitely go for this system. It is a great system since there is very clear and easy functioning model. I am happy for having it.

  14. William Vega

    Consider the bonuses you are given the audios and the videos you get. This ends up to be the best beat making program in the market right now.

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