Making a website is easier said than done. For instance, you need to think of the content of your web page and at the same time, a layout which would make visitor’s curious and intrigued.

Sometimes, bloggers take days to look for the perfect theme only to find out the big bucks you’re required to pay. Disappointing, yet not surprising.

Since technology has been a part of our society, many users choose to create their own website to:
– Advertise and sell products
– Share insights and opinions
– Give fun, entertainment materials
and the list goes on.

Now, you should think of a way how to emerge from the crowd and be known from the contents and services you provide. How? First, you should have an idea on your website’s subject matter. Second, the appearance of your web page should amuse the visitors. Finally, you need critics to declare your improvements and shortcomings.

I give you, one of the most trusted website every blogger favors, Themedy. The company aids every client in deciding a theme for your website and simultaneously, entertain any questions that arise.

A Problematic blogger

What is Themedy?

Mark Hodder collaborated with his brother, Matt Hodder, wanted to make a website which can aid users looking for a blog theme, and at the same time, help them during the whole process. They had no experience in graphic or web design but with years of exposure in WordPress, they based their models on trends and suggestions from users.

Since then, they have more clients from small to big companies asking for their help on websites and database. Mark and Matt Hodder accommodates every query on the site’s Support Forum and are praised for their fast response.

– Access to hundreds of themes in a small price
– Serve users inquiries and issues, 24/7
– Provide the latest standards of coding in WordPress

Most providers have restrictions in terms of the type of theme. The services also include the flexibility to choose between Thesis 2 and Genesis skin versions. You have all the freedom to change your web design with these two layouts.

When you subscribe, you can use the provided layouts without any limitations.
What do I mean? Well, one membership plan is enough to use for multiple sites you own.

Users choose Themedy than other theme providers because of its:
– Unlimited Access
– Unique Customization
– User-Friendly Features

If you’re looking to make your WordPress site stand out to visitors and look incredible, click this link to get Themedy today!

Website of Themedy

Types of Packages

Creative Bundle
If you’re the type of user who seeks for an artistic aura for your website, you should choose this. You can choose to have motion graphics and animation to give off a creative, artistic self-expression to bright and colorful themes in order to portray specific emotions for your visitors.

Business Bundle
Do you seek to grow your enterprise and long to get customers attention the moment the website loads up? If your services focus on entrepreneurship, this one is for you. It depicts a professional and elegant theme while maintaining your businesses trademark.

Marketing Bundle
First impressions are important, if your website doesn’t give off the part, no one would even scroll your site. A customer will trust your services, if you show a worthy-looking network and what better way to attain this, then with the help of the company’s services.

Lifetime Developer Bundle
This bundle is for users who needs all three of the packages above, and if you avail this you’ll get access to the latest themes every bundle offers. So, your choices will not be limited to one theme only! This is perfect for users who have multiple sites in different genres.

All the packages include:
– One year support (and a 50% discount thereafter)
– Continuous updates on new versions
– Regular security maintenance
– Control on themes (of your choosing)

Blogger essentials

Thesis 2 Vs. Genesis

Okay, it’s critical for every blogger to choose a striking skin for your website but it’s crucial to know the distinctive qualities of two well-known theme frameworks, Thesis 2 and Genesis.


1. SEO Optimization
The two themes let the person specify the kind of details they want inputted in their website. More options are provided such as customizing the descriptions, tags, page URL, etc.

2. Performance
Choosing the fastest website speed is essential, you wouldn’t want a guest on your blog to leave because it takes too long to load.
So, These two themes may not use the same framework (Genesis uses the old WordPress style while Thesis 2 is more advanced) but according to a speed test, both skins are closely in par during the loading time.

3. Layouts
Another amazing feature is the layout options of each theme. Genesis and Thesis 2 provides thousands of skins from third parties and for different uses. Categories for blogging, portfolios, to business websites, are present.


1. Technicalities
If you’re the type of person who isn’t really into coding and who doesn’t desire to spend a few hours on fixing PHP functions or HTML, Genesis is perfect for you. With just a few clicks here and there, your website will be done in less than an hour.

Meanwhile, Thesis 2 suits people who are knowledgeable on the niches in programming. It’s quite complicated but as you get the hang of it, your website will display unique features and a dashing appearance.

2. Options
Genesis and Thesis 2 offers varieties of skins but the freedom to adjust certain features are limited in Thesis 2. Genesis gives the user the power to manage the tools of the theme (of your choosing) in the easiest way possible.

3. Extensions
Plugins are known to be one of the most necessary components in a website, it helps the user boost the features and their network.

One of the reasons why Genesis is popular among bloggers is it’s compatibility with numerous plugins while Thesis 2 has some limitations. In Thesis 2’s defense, it’s newer than Genesis and the developers focus more on the technicalities.

Now, you have an idea on the similarities and differences between the themes. You can choose either of the two and you won’t have any problem at all.

Blogger working while having a cup of coffeeWhat Makes Themedy Different?

Why should you choose Themedy over other companies? What makes them so different from the rest? They possess five strong characteristics which are:

Themedy believes the statement, ‘quality over quantity’. Thus, the features of their themes can’t be compared with other sites. They plan and analyze the clients’ needs and through this, they base the designs.

Mark and Matt Hodder believes, in order to have a successful business you need to be up to date. Their unique creations make them the reason why clients choose their product.

To stay in business, you need profit but what’s amazing is, their membership fee is a lifetime deal. You’ll be able to access skins for Thesis 2 and Genesis.

The purpose of their product is to bring out the fun and creativeness in each theme, at the same time, being professional and classy.

Customer Support
They are enthusiastic when it comes to satisfying the clients’ desires. No doubt, if any problem arises you can email them personally or inform them through the forum.

Sample of Themedy creations


As a supporter of the company, I have to say I’m impressed with their services. In addition, when you look up their forum, I share the same sentiments with other people because you’ll positive reviews from loyal clients.

Founder of Studiopress, Brian Gardner, praised the company’s hard-working characteristic to satisfy every client’s requests and the professional-looking Genesis themes they offer.

Meanwhile, the Creator of Thesis Framework, Chris Pearson, states ‘With their high-quality design, experience, and professionalism, you can never go wrong with the services of the Hodder bros’.

A review from Olga shows how she’s pleased with the services and received remarks that her website looks like she hired a professional to make it.

Other reviews indicated the fast response of the company and the attractive features it provides.

Furthermore, the company has been serving for over 5 years and continuously satisfies people’s requests. They don’t stop to improve their services and make it easier for users like you.

A man blogging


In my opinion, this is an eye-opener for most businesses who focuses on theme designs and development. As you go through the Hodder Bros website, you’ll appreciate their service-oriented organization.

They provide regular articles which help users like you in making your website better and catchier. Additionally, their tips and techniques contribute largely, especially from users who are new to WordPress and blogging.

What I love about their services is how they welcome constructive criticisms in the layouts they make. Also, they openly say their opinions and continue to improve it.

What’s the price? You just have to pay a small amount to avail their services, I recommend you to buy it now.

I want to end your agony on overspending in a website that offers limited resources. Or wasting your hours to look for a theme which you’re not sure of. Finally, It’s time to click the link below to end your suffering.

If you’ve been wanting to give your Genesis theme a new look, there’s no better place to start than Themedy – click this link to upgrade!

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