The Ukulele and How to Play It

I am not going to give you the specifics of where to buy it, how to buy it because we all know that is super boring so, let’s get on to the part where you have the four stringed instrument in your hands and you are itching to play it.

How do you start playing it? Unless you have played stringed instruments before, this one will be about of a challenge unless of course you have someone guide you through it. And here I am, about to tell you exactly what you need to know when you want to get the basics right.

Choosing your Type

The Ukulele has about 4 types of voices that it comes in and you will need to know which one is the best for you as a beginner. This will make it easier to get the gist faster because I believe in progressive learning where you start with the easiest and get there slowly.

The Ukulele and How to Play It - choosing your type

We have the following:

  • A soprano ukulele– it is the smallest and the most affordable and best for beginners.
  • The alto ukulele– it is also called the concert ukulele and it has a fuller sound although you will need bigger hands to play this one.
  • The tenor ukulele– it is bigger obviously and the sound range is much better because all you need to have is an understanding of the notes and you are good to go.
  • The baritone Ukulele– they always get bigger when you are aiming at the better sounds and a richer notes range.

So, choose your type and then get on with it.

Knowing the Parts and Tuning

The parts of a ukulele are not very different from the guitar because they share the same design. When you know which part is which, you will have an easier time taking the YouTube tutorials that you will find when you are trying to get some live action.

The part of tuning is very delicate and will require you to have the strings just right r you will have a hard time finding the perfect sound that will suit you properly. Tuning should be done properly to ensure that the sounds are not confusing.


The Ukulele and How to Play It - Posture

The art of playing any stringed instrument requires you to have the correct posture because if you are holding it wrong, you will find that the writs will get tired and injured in the long run. Hold it correctly the way that you are comfortable reaching everything that you need to touch with no difficulty.

The Chords

These are the most important parts where you will learn to make sense with the instrument. The sounds are as good as the way that you know your chords and what sound is produced where.

Finally, when you are learning to play, you will need a proper teacher and the kind of motivation and passion that comes with artists.

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  • I just love that I found this. I am one person who loves instruments a lot. So when I get an opportunity to interact with the guides that help me polish the skills at hand, I always get excited. I am hoping that I will keep learning from this post and also pass the knowledge to friends.

  • Ukelele is quite a tough instrument to get hands on and the instrument is not an easy thing to master. The guide has helped me get this thing to play beautifully and i think i would be able to do better ahead!

  • I have always loved the sound of Ukulele and this post is more than helpful. I am motivated to get my ukulele tuned and get started with the practice. Thankyou for sharing the post.

  • This is awesome! My husband has bought this guide to himself and we have so much fun playing Ukulele together. We feel the Mariachi chill!

  • My girl has been into music even before we dated. It warms me up when I see her smiling whenever someone plays the ukulele because it was such a small instrument but the sound it gives out a happy beat. I’m planning to learn to play the ukulele for her birthday. I definitely hope it goes well.

  • Nice and clear instructions. Much appreciated. Bought the instrument week ago and I’m going to start learning about it today, following your instructions.

  • Amazing instrument. The sounds it can produce and the music you can compose with it is just countless. I’ve talked to people who have been playing ukulele for more than 30 years, and they say that the instrument surprises them each day. I appreciate your post and thank you for sharing tips on how to learn the ukulele.

  • I tend to play sitting down, resting my ukulele on my lap, but to play it standing up you can employ a variety of methods. A strap is one option, or you can also tuck the body underneath your forearm.

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