The Tiberian Growdome System Review: Control Your Own Food Supply

Eat Right with the Tiberian Grow Dome, NO More GMO’s!

How much do you know about GMO’s? Over the last 30 years, a silent revelation has taken place, and the world is in the middle of one of the biggest experiments that have ever taken place.

The Tiberian Growdome SystemNo one asked you if it was ok to experiment on you and your family, but that is exactly what is going on right now. Don’t look for GMO reviews, you won’t like what you find.

Every time you go to the supermarket, the experimenting continues, and most people are completely oblivious to the fact that they are buying kinds of food that didn’t exist twenty years ago.

GMO’s are Everywhere

If you haven’t heard about GMO’s or how prevalent they are in today’s world, this information may shock you. The most common foods that exist in the world are now all GMO. Foods like:

  • Wheat
  • Rice
  • Corn
  • Soy Beans
  • Canola
  • Potato
  • Tomato

The Tiberian Growdome SystemIn fact, in the United States, virtually 100% of the arable farmland is planted with GMO crops. Review what you put in your body. You ARE being scammed! All of the food that you eat is made from GMO crops, and when it comes to meat, the food that is given to them is made from the same GMO based plants.


GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organism, and in plain English, it means a plant that was made in a laboratory. The food that we are being forced to eat is in no way natural and is a product of genetic engineering.

This is not the same food that your grandparents ate, not even close. The problems that are associated with GMO’s are vast, and in reality, we are just beginning to understand how dangerous they are for us.

Your Body and GMO’s

Let’s get this straight, right up front. There is NO reason to think that GMO food products should be safe.

The Tiberian Growdome SystemThese plants were invented in a laboratory and rolled out into the marketplace in order to make money and perhaps for even more sinister reasons. Regardless of why they were made, what is crucial is to understand that there is absolutely no evidence that these crops are safe, and why would they be?

Your body has been developing to be what it is for a millennium; a result of eons of evolution. GMO crops were made in a lab and then assumed to be ok for us to eat. There is tremendous evidence that they are not safe at all. 

GMO crops have been linked to a number of physical ailments, both for the people that farm them, and the rest of us that consume them. Chris Peterson knows this, and he is speaking out about it.


He knows that GMO’s are making us sick, and he has a great way for you to get off of GMO’s and it is all here in this great book. That is why people are using his system, and his books get great reviews.

When people eat GMO based foods, they expose themselves to a wide range of risks. People are getting sick, and the government isn’t going to do a thing to stop this epidemic.

Monsanto and Glyphosate

GMO’s are privately designed and owned plants and one of the largest producers of these plants is a company called Monsanto.

Scientist injecting GMO into the lemonWhile they have been trying to spin their image in recent years, Monsanto is, at its core, a chemical company. And they have been around for a while. Monsanto was responsible for producing these deadly poisons:

  • PCB’s ( Polychlorinated Biphenyls )

One of the most carcinogenic compounds ever created. Widely used from the 1920s until their eventual international prohibition in the 1970s. The area in East St. Louis where Monsanto produced PCB’s is still plagued by its toxic effects and will be, for thousands of years.

chemical formula of PCB

  • Zyklon-B

A chemical made by the partnership of Monsanto and I. G. Farben, used by the Nazis to kill the Jews in the gas chambers. This was a chemical made specifically to exterminate human life, by Monsanto.

  • Agent Orange

Marketed to the US Government as a defoliant, contains dioxin, a carcinogenic chemical that also produced countless birth defects in the Vietnamese population. Its use is widely considered to be a war crime.

With a history like that, it is a wonder that Monsanto is allowed to exist at all. But they are thriving, and they have a brand new chemical to offer you.


The connection between GMO seeds and Glyphosate. Monsanto represents everything that is wrong with the multi-national corporate state. And to make matters worse, they are smart.

Researcher holding up a GMO plant

Their scientists figured out that they could make a plant tolerate a toxic chemical that would kill all the other plants. So they created a GMO plant that would survive being treated with an herbicide called glyphosate.

You may know this chemical by the name it is marked by, which is “Roundup”. The fields all across the United States, and all over the world are drowning in glyphosate. This chemical, like many of the products that Monsanto manufactures, is highly toxic. And it gets in the food, in quantities that are staggering.

When the amounts in the US food supply became untenable, the FDA just stopped testing for it. It is not much of a surprise, given the cozy relationship Monsanto has with the federal government in the United States, and especially the FDA.

Wake UP and Make a Change

This seems hopeless, but you have to take back the power over what you are putting in your body. Chris Peterson wants to help you make a change for the better, and it is easier than you think. He knows that food is the most important thing when it comes to maintaining the health and well-being of you and your family.

In his book, he will show you how to use an ancient farming technique to achieve food independence and cut the toxic GMO garbage from your diet.

Chris was looking for solutions, and he knew that if he was going to get people off of the GMO “food” that was being forced on them, he would have to come up with something revolutionary.

What he didn’t expect was to find a system from biblical times that would give people all the food they need, and at very little cost.

Tiberian Grow Dome 

What Chris found was amazing, and when you see how easy it is to gain your food independence, you will wonder why you have been buying GMO junk and eating it.

At the height of Rome, there was an emperor who was very nervous about being poisoned.

Emperor Tiberius.

He was so worried about being killed, that he created a system where he could have his food grown in a protected environment so that no one could poison it while it was being grown. As it turned out, not only did his enclosure provide safety from potential poisoning, it allowed his gardeners to manage the climate, and optimize the growing conditions.

Chris Peterson was blown away when he saw this ingenious system, and he knew immediately that it was exactly what he was looking for.

Get Growing!

Chris knows that you don’t want to continue to poison yourself with GMO’s that are obviously toxic, so he has designed the Tiberian Grow Dome to be easy to start.

  • Phase 1

When you get your copy of his book, the first thing that you will learn how to do is build a light-weight, portable grow dome, that is going to get you growing right now. If you ever need to move quickly, and you want to be able to keep growing when you get to where you are going, this is perfect for you. This first grows dome is easy to move, and fast to assemble.

  • Phase 2

The second phase is known as a hoop-house. This growing solution is more permanent than the first phase but isn’t really easily moved. It will take more time to build, but for long-term use, it will yield more consistent results.

  • Phase 3

This structure is the real deal. With this grow dome, you will have a solid structure for years of food growing to come. You will be able to easily stand up and move around in it, but the downside is that building it is more time-consuming. Once you have phase one and two complete, this is a great next step.

  • Phase 4

This is a bonus for those of you who live in climates that get really hot. You can think of this as a reverse grow dome, with these plans you can manage extreme temperatures, and still manage to grow year round

Included for each phase are detailed blueprints, as well as a guide for how to customize the plans to fit your individual needs. Every family is going to have different preferences, and this great guide will help you through the process of designing and building the perfect grow dome to fit your needs.

Know Your Food

Review what you eat on a daily basis.

The Tiberian Growdome System

When you start to look at what you consume, or what you feed your family, you might be surprised at how much of it is produced with GMO crops. For example, let’s look at a normal lunch from a fast food restaurant:

  • Hamburger

“Meat” contains a double-digit percentage of GMO soy, Bun is made from GMO Wheat.

The cow that is in the hamburger was fed GMO crops to fatten it up.

  • French Fries

GMO Potatoes

The Tiberian Growdome System

  • Soda

Sweetened with high-fructose corn syrup, which is refined from GMO corn.

And if you think you are better off going to the supermarket, think again. Almost every processed food that you find will contain GMO’s. They really are ubiquitous in modern food.


  • Learn all about the dangers of GMO foods, why they affect you, and where they are hiding.
  • More importantly, you’ll learn exactly how you can avoid them, and how to spot them!
  • Grow your own food, just like people have done for thousands of years.
  • Satisfaction from making and preparing your own food, taking care of plants for weeks and reaping the rewards


  • Creating your own Grow Dome will take a bit of time, meaning you might have to take a weekend or two to finish it up.
  • Losing all those GMOs from your diet will also take a couple of weeks or months before your plants are mature and ready to give you food.
  • The amount of food you get will also depend on the season (not much grows in the winter!)

Let Chris Help YOU

Chris Peterson wants you to have safe, healthy food to eat. When he wrote this book, he had people in mind that need to have access to good food for their families. When you buy this book, you will learn how to provide for yourself, and in the process, save a lot of money at the supermarket.

When you buy this book, you will learn how to provide for yourself, and in the process, save a lot of money at the supermarket. When you are growing food for yourself, you aren’t buying it at the store.

In addition to the Tiberian Grow Dome, you will receive two additional books to help you with your food independence:

  • The Ultimate Guide to Storing Food for a Crisis
  • The Ultimate Guide to Storing Water for a Crisis

Think about it, if you can grow your own food, store that food and store water, what more do you need? This book gets great reviews, but if for any reason you aren’t fully satisfied.


Chris offers a 100% money back guarantee for 90 days from the date of purchase. This book is printed in high quality, and bound in an easy to reference paperback edition. If you want to cut GMO’s out of your diet and get your health back on track, this book is exactly what you need.

If you want to cut GMO’s out of your diet and get your health back on track, this book is exactly what you need.

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  • Great value for the money, I am now enlighten that not every food you see there is healthy. I am enjoying growing my own food while being relaxed by it, it is like a therapy for me, a healthy one. I would recommend this to all my colleagues and friends and even to my neighbors to inform them about how it helped me.

  • It helps you to modify the size in order to customize it for your desired plants. While following this system, you feel much better twice with this system, once you are busy in growing the food and secondly when you eat this food.

  • I would recommend it to anyone who wants sufficient, healthy food for a long period. Moreover, the bonus hard copy books help you know how to store your water, how to preserve your food and so much more. This system has so much to offer for a healthier life.

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