Imagine giving an illusion that you are reading minds… There aren’t enough words in the English dictionary to currently describe such a mind-blowing illusion. Everyone loves to read other’s mind.

In our normal life, we all try to guide other people’s mind by our words or body language. This is called a ‘plant’ because you plant a seed of an idea. You don’t follow it immediately but start talking about stuff related to it.

I always get intrigued when hear or see such things. I shared this interest with one of my friends. He told me about a famous online guide- The Revelation Effect designed by a famous illusionist, Derren Brown. After listening to its reviews by him, I got extremely thrilled and wanted to learn it on it as soon as possible.


The Revelation Effect dubs itself as the number 1 mentalism and mind-reading trick guide and it is very good, The headline of “number 1 mentalism and mind reading the guide” is sort of misleading, the Revelation Effect is a single trick the “mind-reading trick” however, it is certainly worth it. Absolutely worth it.

If you want to learn how to become a master in mind-reading, this guide is for you. With step by step instruction, you will learn how to impress and make a stranger or friend speechless with magic tricks. If not interested in tricks, this book is a lot about mind reading abilities which can be a big plus in your talent.

You will start discovering the tricks to persuade people and they will believe in what you do and say to them. The techniques claim to give such powerful reactions from the audience. The course is well compiled by Derren Brown who has good 20 years of experience in the same industry.


The Revelation Effect emphasizes mainly on the mind and cold reading which are certainly essential elements if you are aspiring to be a mentalist. The demand for mentalism has always been on the high end and will surely be the same for many years to come.

Top mentalists are receiving great exposure around the world. So, this talent and skills definitely bring a lot on the plate. If you really want to be a successful mentalist, read this, focus and keep these tricks learned by heart.

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What’s in the guide?

The guide can be quickly downloaded and it is comparatively a short video which has been filmed in Australia. In the footage, you will learn how to perform these quick tricks on the subjects. You may check reactions and test performances as well.

You are probably familiar with the first video where the mentalist approaches a group of girls and mentions that she is thinking of her best friend. Later, he correctly states her name too.

The first time, I watched it, I felt that reactions are scripted. It seems so unbelievable. But trust me, once you read the instructions and more about the technique, you will understand how he did it. It is not a scam. With the help guide, you will also learn 5 simple tricks to apply and understand what another person is thinking about.

There is another video where the reactions of the other two people have been captured. He approaches a few more people and asks them to think about an animal. He tells them exactly what animal they have been thinking about. It’s a surreal and amazing experience to even watch it. I am sure it feels so better one you learn it.

His performance is really classy and reactions are well captured. After the demonstration, the narrator explains how he does it and how anyone can also do it. He gives step by step detailed instructions of 5 very simple steps to teach this trick and make sure to clear all doubts.

All about Techniques

The course was released in 2010 and when it did it received an awful amount of attention from the mentalist community and perhaps for a very good reason. The course itself has come under fire for rehashing a very well-known technique in magic forums and communities.

The video is mainly about a mentalism technique composed by Millard Longman. Millard’s own DVD costs around $125 so you are getting the same principles as taught by Millard at a fraction of the price. The problem comes from using another magician’s technique and not changing or adding your own twist and selling it. Not only that but selling it for a fraction of the price.

Millard named the mentalism technique Acidus Novus and he did give permission to used it and created the Revelation Effect. Although Millard initially agreed and still does agree to use his Acidus Novus method basically unchanged he is upset with the cost price.

The method is very powerful and has served Millard and many others for many years and he is concerned at this price point it will sell like hot fire and eventually everyone will know how the feat is performed. He would hate if such a powerful technique that he has successfully wowed crowds with for over twenty years became a common act that everyone goes around doing.

So Millard hasn’t asked the Revelation Effect to be stopped and has publicly come forward and said he gave permission but as you could understand he isn’t too happy with the price point.

Mind Reading


Those who like to show their respect and purchase the video from Millard himself to support him. It’s not just Millard who is a little upset, many people in the mentalism community are upset that at $47 mentalism is going to get far too much exposure and too many people will learn the art.

Others think it’s a good thing though, if you’re willing to pay $47 for your first trick then it shows that you are keen and have the determination and it’s more likely that you will attain a higher level in your mentalism endeavors.

Bonus in the package

Possibly due to the criticism of the act just being a straightforward rehash of the Acidus Novus, three extra bonuses have been added.

This mentalism guide comes with three bonuses the first being “think of a card” which is an alternative method to read someone’s mind. You are shown him performing the act on giving the illusion that you are reading someone’s mind to correctly guess the card they picked. The author values this bonus alone at $12 and it is a neat trick.

The second bonus is a psychological opener that you can perform to warm up the act before performing the Revelation Effect and the third bonus is a questions and answers video where he gives the best answer for the most common questions regarding the Revelation Effect.

Bonus video

You can get try the program for 14 days by just paying a very nominal trial fee. It works in a way that when you order for a free trial of the program, you can watch videos for 14 days.

After two weeks, if you like this, you will be charged some amount for payment completion. But if you directly buy it without any trial period, you just have to pay a much lower price. It’s a smart sales move by Derren Brown. He is so confident with his product, that at the time of trial period if you are not satisfied with the product, you may go ahead and cancel the subscription.

User Reviews

In its official websites, you can have a look at other readers’ reviews. They seem to love it.


Guarantee and Support

Within 60 days of purchase, if you feel that it is not working for you and not up to your expectations, your 100% of the spent money will be refunded. This is really a great persuasive commitment which shows the quality of the product. If you have any doubt about the product, you can email for direct support

My Review

Well, there is quite a lot is said in this guide that every mentalist or aspiring mentalist should know. If you don’t know the trick then I feel that you do have to buy it. It’s an amazing trick that everyone should know.

Just read some of the testimonials to get an idea of how well this trick works. This brings me to my next point where to buy it from. As I said in the overview that the trick was designed by Millard Longman but modernized in this video guide.

Should you buy it from the originator and show you support for Millard at a higher price or buy the same trick branded as the Revelation Effect at a much lower price? The techniques are somehow already proven and famous. With the given 60 days of guarantee and trial option, I don’t see any reason to procrastinate.

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  1. Gordon Wilkerson

    Mind reading might seem like magic to the people who aren’t familiar with it, but it is a technique you learn and perfect. This video guide helped me understand mind reading, and I went from “wishing to be a mentalist” to “being a mentalist.”

  2. James Wagner

    It is always a good thing to learn from others or just know what is going on in their mind. To me I must admit that it is all that I needed. I am looking forward to an amazing time to become better.

  3. The revelation effect is going to teach you the trick of how you can read someone’s mind at any given time regardless of what they may be thinking. In this review we are going to look at some of the features of the revelation effect.
    It is dubbed the number one mind reading trick that you can do to anyone, anytime anywhere. The revelation effect is created by a world renowned mentalist. Imagine being able to read the mind of just about anyone confidently at any given time, with no set-ups and totally surrounded.

  4. The revelation effect is said to be the number one mentalism and mind reading program. This review is important to anyone that is new to mentalism and he is aiming to becoming a master in the mind reading tricks.
    It focuses mainly on the mind reading of target individuals which is the main aspect of a mentalist. The world is on the lookout for great mentalists therefore if you are an aspiring mentalist then this guide should be at the top of your list.
    This program comes with practically every detail you need to know about mentalism with in-depth instruction, detailed tutorials and full performance. in addition you get free bonuses that will help you become an outstanding mentalist when you download it.

  5. It is the best thing i did to have bought this system. For sure it has taught me so much about reading people’s minds. The author explains every step so well that it has taken me a very short time to learn all the procedures.

  6. This is a mentalism product that claims it can teach you ways to read people’s minds and speak their thoughts out as well as hypnotize them to the best of your interests. The main strategy is to tap into people’s minds when their thoughts are crossing through their minds by purely using mind reading techniques.

  7. Hopefully this revolution effect review will give you all the information you need to whether it’s worth the price. Definitely worth it.

  8. The revelation effect focuses specifically on mind reading and cold reading of subjects which is of course an essential element of a mentalist. The guide is instantly downloadable and is one 40 minute video filmed and edited in a professional studio out in Australia.

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