The Online Dog Trainer Review: Best Way To Really Train Your Dog?

One stop solution for all your dog problems.

Bought a new dog and finding it hard to train him the ways of your house? Always wanted to own a dog, but still reluctant to buy one thinking about all the training involved? I might have just had the thing you need to solve all your dog worries.

The Online Dog Trainer

Man’s best friend

Ever since I was a kid, I always wanted a dog. We had a brown Labrador at my grandfather’s place and her name was Brownie. She made my visits there, filled with joy and fun. Dogs are the best companion a man can have. It’s a long-standing relationship. I got my first dog when I was thirteen and that too after years of begging and crying. He was a cute Bolognese dog and I called him Tony.

Having Tony around was awesome, he was always playful, running around, curious about every little thing. As I was under strict orders from dad to take care of my dog, I tried my best to train Tony. Some of which he took well, while some other he simply wouldn’t do. I suppose you were waiting for me to tell how I succeeded in training Tony, sadly it never happened, I had to adjust my routines for him.

I write this for all the dog lovers out there, who may or may not own a dog. Being a dog owner is almost like being a parent to a child, you have to be responsible, caring and teach them how to behave. As kids, some dogs are stubborn and difficult to train.

Brushing off dog hair

Training a dog can be quite difficult if it’s one of those wild naughty ones. You will need a helping hand to make your dog “A good boy”. The online dog trainer set does exactly that.

What is an online dog trainer?

I always feel jealous, when I see a well-trained dog. I bet you too are. Thing is, you don’t have to be jealous, the online dog trainer has the got the perfect instruction on how to train and deal with most common dog problems. Doggy Dan is a professional dog trainer, author, and speaker hailing from Auckland.

The online dog trainer is a comprehensive package that teaches you how to train your dog. Most of the dog reviews want you to believe that, dog training is a complex, hectic and costly program. Doggy Dan rewrites all these fake concepts floating around through his video.

It teaches us how to properly train any dog. Dan’s method is simple, easy to follow and highly effective. His methods will make your dog fall in love with you. There is no yelling, there is no shouting and no forceful procedures.

Who needs the online dog trainer?

The Online Dog Trainer

I am guessing that if you are still reading through this review, it means you have a dog problem that’s frustrating you or embarrassing you from time to time. An online dog trainer is meant for every dog owner, who is having a hard time dealing with behavioral problems of dogs.

Have your dog got any of these behavioral issues right now?

  1. Pulling on the leash.
  2. Jumping on you and other people.
  3. Not coming when called.
  4. Toilet Training issues.
  5. Mouthing or biting issues.
  6. Crying when left all alone.
  7. Not responding to your commands.
  8. Digging issues
  9. Chewing issues.
  10. Problems with stealing.
  11. Separation Anxiety issues.
  12. Aggression towards other dogs.
  13. Aggression towards your other dogs.
  14. Aggression towards strangers.
  15. Aggression towards you.
  16. Aggression towards other objects.
  17. ]Aggression towards other animals
  18. Barking at the front door.
  19. Barking while you are on the walks.
  20. Barking while in your car.
  21. Barking around your property.
  22. Barking when home alone.
  23. Issues with hyperactivity.
  24. Excessive licking or chewing.
  25. Attention seeking and following.
  26. Issues with Tail chasing.
  27. Jumping up on your furniture.
  28. A fear of objects.
  29. A fear of other people or dogs.
  30. Issues with running away.
  31. Fear of loud sounds.
  32. Issues with submissive urination.
  33. Unique and unexplained obsessions.
  34. Eating poop.

Controlled aggression exercise

Your dog might be facing one or more of these problems. Are you irritated by all this? Do you feel your dog is getting out of control? Then online dog trainer is exactly what you need.

Is online dog trainer that effective?

I write this review because I feel I have found the perfect remedy to all dog problems in the form of Doggy Dan’s method. If you ask around, you will find thousands of people who have been helped by Dan in training their dogs and their testimonials are enough to prove that online dog trainer package is the best out there.

Not everyone can afford a one on one personal trainer for our dogs. I mean, come on this is the 21st century and we are struggling to meet our day to day expenses. And a personal dog trainer is a luxury that we do not need.

Dan’s online dog trainer is an amazing cost-effective package that, along with the video sessions he provides continued email support to handle all your dog queries in present and future. The effectiveness of the system can be explained by the methods that Dan employs.

Usually, trainers resort to harsh methods of various degrees to get the dog disciplined. The problem with that is, it instills fear and they look upon their master with fear. It is so wrong. Dogs are creatures of love. The package follows a more holistic approach and helps the dog through love and care.

Just like our little kids, it takes love to reach out to dogs. How to use this same love to get your dog to behave, that’s what Dan offers you through his package.

The Online Dog Trainer

Merits of Online dog trainer.

  • Created by a good experience trainer.
  • Extremely easy to learn and quick results.
  • Step by step well-instructed video
  • Covers all common dog problems.
  • Cheap to buy.
  • Can be purchased from any part of the world.
  • Continued support.
  • You are being taught to train your dog.

Demerits of the program.

  • Not the traditional one on one approach.
  • You have to follow Dan’s instructions carefully, improvisations are not advised.

When you look at it, these are not true demerits as Doggy Dan has proved with his customers that you don’t need a one of one session to train your dog. Through his site, he is offering both the online package as well as one on one session. The cost of one on one session is high, so the online program serves as the best deal for everyone.

A brief breakdown of the package.

The entire package is divided into six comprehensive sessions.

  1. How to become the pack leader?

This session reflects on the techniques you should use to establish yourself as the leader of the pack. It is very important because dogs are pack animals by nature and members of the pack follow the leader. Once you have established that you are the leader, they shall accept your authority.

  1. Everyday tools and techniques.

Here different tools and techniques used by Dan to communicate with dogs are introduced. How to use them and to properly relay the ideas to your dog.

  1. Puppy training.

This section guides you into aspects such as general health, getting started, socializing skills and command training of your pup. This is more useful when you have a pup and you want to train him efficiently.

  1. Project Moses video diary

This is something special offered by Dan, where he shows you the tits and bits of puppy training through the video diary of training Pup named Moses from eight weeks through to one year. You can literally watch Moses successfully growing into a fantastic dog.

  1. Dog problems.

Your ultimate solution to al dog problems. It covers the full range of dog behavioral issues, providing easy solutions to urgent problems.  Whatever may be your problem, the video session has got a solution for you. Personally, I find this section to be the best, as it’s these basic problems we as dog owners are looking for.

  1. Dog training.

Welcome to the professional level. Here you start to understand who your dog and is how to give advanced training. Applying the tips and techniques from this session will turn your dog into a respectable and well-mannered member of your family.

 Where to buy?

Without any doubt, I can assure you that one line dog trainer is the best dog training package that I have had so far to review and I will recommend it each one of you. You can buy the package at Dan’s site.

To know more about his dog training approach Doggy Dan has incorporated free videos in his site. These videos are a must watch and shine a light on various dog training requirements. You can use his free videos to verify his authenticity in the field of dog training through his free videos and answer all the questions asked by the healthy skeptic in you.

The online dog trainer blog.

Dan’s site also features a blog to it, which he adds new articles regularly. It ranges from his experiences, guest trainers and experiences of other customers. The blog is also a bundle of information as such. You get to read a lot about dogs, trends in training and all other information you need as a dog lover.

Dog Pet Portrait Male Animal People Adult Man

Once you have reached their platform, you won’t have to go anywhere else to find relevant information on Dogs. Articles in the blog feature various food supplements your dog can use and even reviews on different breeds of dogs and their specialties.

Other Benefits.

The program also gives you access to a forum which acts as a social platform for you to interact with other dog owners around the globe. You can share and discuss your dog with them. It’s a remarkable feature letting you explore about dogs more openly.

Also, a live feature is also available to interact with Dan directly and share your thoughts with him.


I wish I had known about the online dog trainer, during the days I had Tony. Everyone who has a dog and wishes it to be an awesome well behaved dog should definitely take up this package. It’s very simple and provides excellent results.

The Online Dog Trainer

If You Want Your Dog To Be Fully Trained And You Want It To Be Completely Easy – Click This Link To Get The Online Dog Trainer Today And Start!

4.9/5 - (14 votes)


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  • This is an amazing trainer! It is easy enough for my 10 year old son to follow. And effective enough for our dog to finally stop eating poo haha

  • The techniques are very simple and easy to follow along with. When you watch the training videos, you will see exactly what needs to be done.

  • This piece has been very useful especially to my son. As a matter of fact i think it is the best program for anyone to use if you have a dog and you need it trained as you desire. My son has been able to train his dog into something really amazing since i bought it for him.

  • This program is impressive and cost-effective. I feel more secure to train my dog myself than to take it to somebody else to do it. I’ve already got some results, and I am so proud of it.

  • the Doggy Dan online training course appealed and excelled for me because it comes as an e-book, an audiobook, and I was even able to watch the videos on my cell phone. (Here are some free videos from Doggy Dan to give you a feel for the program)
    Maybe I am weird, but I found being away from the dog, helped me learn and understand more. I had the time to read, listen and understand the process before putting it into practice in the evening
    In my humble opinion, if you are a gadget addict, who wants to learn how to train your dog properly, but you are time short, then this course is brilliant.

  • My son has really benefited from this program more than i actually expected. I never bought this system for myself. I decided to get it for my son to train his Dog and the results have been amazing.

  • The online dog trainer is really comprehensive and you will for sure find everything that you want to know about training dogs. There is no need of looking for a trainer for this system will give you everything.

  • I found it easy to navigate the site and find information. Everything is clearly labeled and naturally flows from one section to another. You could easily jump to any specific sections that interest you.

  • I researched Facebook Groups, Dog Forums, Google and also Joined the Pets Community on Reddit and Quora. I asked Questions and interacted with fellow dog owners and lovers which I always loved to.

  • But once you start digging deeper, and come across things like pack training and dominance concepts like gesture eating the picture starts eroding.

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