The Handcrafter’s Companion Review: Can you make your own soap?

The Handcrafter’s Companion Review

Thank you for downloading your e-book of the Handcrafter’s Companion. I know there are many questions lingering in your mind as to what it is and how it works. You must have seen bath bombs and other types of soaps and wondered how you can make them not only for fun but also with a profit motive.

Take it easy and read my amazing journey to making my own spa product. The hand crafters companion  review will equip you with the tricks, tips, and long held secrets.

Spa setting with natural soaps and flower

The homemade bath soap that I first made was through trial and error. I  had heard about  Jane  Church but I did n’t think that her revolutionary book would impact so much on my career in bath bombs and other beauty soaps. As a spa owner, I was determined to make the following products to save on the cost of buying such products:

  • Bath teas
  • Scrubs
  • Bath bombs
  • Fragrances

There were secret formulae that were yet to be revealed to me. This prevented me from making quality products. When I finally accessed the program, you will not believe what I found out. The first thing I got was the 126 recipes for the products that I intended to make.

For the first time, I learned the secrets all the spa owners guarded jealously. If you stay with me to the end, you will discover these secrets and make the same homemade products for your spa.

body care cosmetic products

The benefits that The Handcrafter’s Companion provides are immeasurable. The reasons are many but at least, I should mention a few:

  • I learned the step by step procedures on how to make  the products
  • I created a relaxing atmosphere for my spa
  • No prior experience was required  for me to get started
  • It suited me regardless of age
  • I spruced up my spa into a luxurious place in the house

Body scrub of oatmeal

You must be wondering how I was able to pull off this move. The secret lies in the recipes that I got from the Handcrafter’s Companion. From the reviews, I learned something I did not know before. The peppermint and blood orange scrub, for instance, was freely availed to me.

I could now use it to make an amazing product. This was one of the highlights of the things I learned from Jane Church’s The Handcrafter’s Companion program.

I had always wanted to make spa products on pennies and earn dollars in return. I had no profit motive when I started but  I realized that my new found hobby  could actually earn me some money on the side.

Spa products and lavender flowers

The secret formula that I finally got enabled to vary my products while retaining their high quality and distinct features. Using the formula, I could make as many products as I intended.

The continued email support I received ensured that I  could continue learning new ideas, tricks and tips so that I could better my skills.

By using this comprehensive guide step by step, I would make all my spa products at the comfort of my own home. As if that was not good enough, I could sell them for a tidy sum and enjoy the moment as it lasts. But there is more than what meets the eye.

The spa market is very lucrative that most people are not aware of. If I could establish my line of products such as bath salts, balms, lotions, and bath soaps, I could make a killing out of it. There was not a better opportunity than the one that was presented by this program.

We all want to save some money. There is no better way than to stop shopping for these spa o products and instead, start making your own. The review of the book led me to the truth that I had not encountered before.

The over 120 recipes were freely laid out bare in the pages for one to use. Of course one would have a free hand to change some of the detail to suit your personal needs. There in, I found much more than I had bargained for:

  • soap making using your own hands for the entire family
  • Original recipes for bath teas soaks as well as recipes for refreshing spa baths never experienced before.
  • The spa treatments which are professionally done
  • Lotions, balms, and creams to deeply moisturize the skin.
  • Scrubs, salts, and polishes to add variety  to your life
  • Blends made using aromatherapy for soothing and revitalizing the body.

bars of chocolate soap

These are further explained below:

The bath salts, soaps, and their various additives are made for a fragrant bath. You will be able to while your time in the spa, momentarily forgetting all the troubles of the world. If you want your family to spend more time in the spa, you should make nice smelling products which are made from enriching ingredients.

There is a lot that you will gain in using just the right ingredients. The guide enables you to make various products for bathing. People like sampling varieties and therefore, this will provide an avenue for you to make products that everyone will be looking forward to.

Start making cute, useful, and PROFITABLE creations of your own with the Handcrafter’s Companion, and start handcrafting on your own!

There is the bath bomb which will make a memorable time in the bath. The scent and bubbles will highlight your time in the spa. You don’t have to endure boring bath moments again. You will learn to make your own bath bomb and market your product.

Wet bar of artisan pink soap

The flavours that you can use for your products are many and varied. Using the guidance of this book, you will be able to make potpourri and sachets. Of course ,you will need as many and varied ingredients as possible. Since the e-book is very detailed, you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to the flavours.

Polishing the skin and moisturising it will require you to have the best quality ingredients for making the lotions, creams and balms. You can count Jane’s guide to find the finest ingredients to help your skin as well as that your customer to glow when you apply on the skin.


In order to help you affect all the above, the programs comes with the following features:

  • The right tools and tips to guide as you venture  into homemade spa products
  • Precautions to use in order to effectively use the ingredients so that you stay out of harm’s way. Some of the ingredients could be dangerous if accidentally taken.
  • There is detailed set of instructions which guides you on how to keep your working area clean and organized.
  • Ideas on different ways in which you can label your products based on the standards that are set by organizations such as Fthe DA.
  • Tips on how to create a viable brand. You will learn about the pitfalls that other people make when branding their products.
  • Choice of color scheme so as to elicit the desired effects.
  • Packaging carries a lot of weight and this could explain why this program is designed to help you look professional.
  • Ways to work out your costs so that you keep them low while maximizing the product.
  • You will learn where to source raw materials for making your spa products.

The program is an investment that everyone should be thinking about. Jane Church has explored all the avenues that are available to make the skill worth all the money that you will put into your homemade soap products. As such, you will not waste a lot of time trying to figure out how to carry it out.

In the event that it does not work out as explained in the guide, you will have a 60-day trial period after which   you will get as refund without being asked any questions. It has no risk at all. This aspect of refund gives you the confidence that you need to buy it, knowing very well that you will have nothing to lose.

The reason why I like the book so much is because unlike so many other such book reviews I have made, it is more than just a recipe.

Shampoo bottle template

You will be exposed to so many things like how to design your spa soap and package it for the market. If you are thinking about doing serious business, then you will need to get to get a professionally packaged business. This is only possible if you have a starter guide.

Having the product is only one aspect of the bigger scheme of things. You need to get the right suppliers. The guide will help you find a list of suppliers where you can sell your homemade products.

The marketing strategies that you will get from this program will help you reach more people. What would have started as a hobby will end up minting you lots of money?

The program comes with several likeable features. These are as explained below:

  • The instructions that are contained in the e-book are very simple to follow. They are broken down into steps such that you don’t have to be an expert to understand it.
  • The price of the program is not too high. The price is reasonable for a product that offers such immense benefits.
  • There is a lot of customer support in case you have any queries concerning the use of the product.
  • In case it does not work as intended, you will get a full money-back refund in 60 days.

There have not been found any cons of the product so far. By the time of writing this review, there was no negative comment about it. This showed that it was highly effective for anyone who wants to   go full-time into the business of making of spa products.

Home made Soap making

There are skills that you will need in order to succeed in this business. Fortunately, this program has all the information that you need to start a profitable venture. The tips you will get are very important since you will not make the common mistakes that other people make when they start making these products at home.

If you strictly want to keep it as a hobby with no intention of converting into a business, you will find that nothing is as rewarding as the relaxing effect of handcrafting the products. You will spend quality time making them for the fun of it or for giving out as gifts to your loved ones.


• You will be provided with enough information that is also accompanied by relevant illustrations to make your work easier.

• The book also comes with a 60-day warranty that assures your refund in case the book does not work for you.

• Very simple and well-explained ideas make it easier to follow the guide and realize the results faster.

• It has been used by many people whose reviews proves that it is a legit program.

• You will also have enough customer support in case you have any concerns about this product.

• It is very affordable and it will save your cash. The guide enables you to do a lot from just a small investment.


• Once you have bought the product you are not assured of high results. This depends on your efforts only.

• You need to take some time to read the book to understand what exactly you should do.


The Handcrafter’s Companion is the ultimate guide for anyone who wants to make the most out of the spa products. It is designed by someone who has intensively and extensively on the various aspects of the homemade spa products.

If you are keen to cash in on the opportunity or develop it as a hobby, this is a guide you need. You will also gain a lot in terms of tips, idea, and information that you do not get anywhere else. It is affordable, well detailed but easy to follow. I highly recommend it.

Start creating beautiful soaps, bath salts, and more with The Handcrafter’s Companion as soon as today!

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  • It has been named as one of the best sources of information in this field. After using this eBook then success is almost completely assured in making these spa products.

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