The Complete Grape Growing System Review: Grow Your Own Grapes!

When we think of growing grapes, we imagine green or purple grapes, jams, jellies, raisins and good wine grape for sure. You don’t need to live on a vineyard to grow your own grapes. An empty backyard of decent size, not necessarily too big can serve the purpose.  Surely the idea sounds exciting but the main question is how do you want to do it? By trial and error method or doing it correctly from day one. Time is your most valuable asset. Getting knowledge from someone’s 20 years of experience means a lot. The Complete Grape Growing System by Daniel Wium will guide you step by step how to grow beautiful and healthy grapes.

Basic Question: Why should you grow grapes in the backyard?

You will get baskets of the most sumptuous fruit over a long season. There is a grapevine for nearly every climate and season.

The Complete Grape Growing System

  • They are a good value for return on an investment of just about 40-50 dollars for a big, about five-gallon plant
  • They are not difficult to grow. With proper guidance, care, and annual pruning, you can maximize the fruiting.
  • Grapevines enhance the look of the area by adding rustic look in winters, brightness in spring, and large leaves in summers. In the worst case, if you don’t get fruit out of them, it’s still an awesome garden plant.
  • Once fully grown and matured, grapes can be sold commercially in the market as perishable products. Plus, there is always a high demand for raisins and wines.

All about The Complete Grape Growing System

A Guide To Grow Grapevines

Daniel Wium, popularly known as ‘the grape guy’ has launched a comprehensive guide- The Complete Grape Growing System that ensures to tell all you need to know about cultivating grapevine at home. It is the latest program for interested grape growers-whether newbies or semi-experienced. If you are serious about learning grape growing, Daniel guarantees that the book will turn you from a no-experience one into an advanced grape grower. You can, in fact, learn how to achieve actual profits in the market out there with high-quality grape vines.

The Complete Grape Growing System

An overview of learning material

There is a lot about the growing grapes than just sticking a fence in the yard and simply watering it! The author shares key points to become a successful grape grower:

  • Planning for a vineyard layout
  • How to construct pergola, arbor, fence, and trellis to support vines
  • How to find a perfect location to grow grapes
  • All about handling the change in climate
  • How to prepare the soil for the vineyard
  • Training the grape vines
  • Steps to construct the framework
  • Fertilizing at the proper time
  • Disease control
  • Weed control
  • Managing canopy
  • Summer care of the vines
  • How to tackle bunches getting thinned out
  • Vine pouring skills
  • How to care for your grape vine in winters
  • Better taste and sugar by manipulating grape clusters
  • Tips and guide on controlling common diseases on the grapevine- without using chemicals
  • How to make sure that grape get proper growth on time
  • Balancing between fruit production and grapes growth
  • Producing perfect grapes in a year
  • Caring for grape vines planned for long years
  • How to care for your grape vine in the harsh climate conditions

So basically it covers almost every aspect of learning to grow grape vines. Reading this guidebook, you will realize growing grapes is not too hard. It can be done irrespective of being in a typical vineyard region. If successful proven planning and instructions are followed, anybody can do it.

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My Review for The Complete Grape Growing System

This system has 20 years of grape growing knowledge base. It is well designed for absolute fresher in this area but has information that the most experienced person can also benefit from.

You can start surveying and learn how to grow grapes all by yourself. In this case, you need to be prepared for a rough time. Be ready to get disappointed, face failures and few of us may quit too. The author took nearly 20 years to perfect my grape growing system. What could your chances of making it right on your own?

This guide is very informative with easy to understand advice and suggestions for every aspect of growing own vine, from preparing and setting the land to harvesting. He confirms that you don’t need to have great space to grow grapes. He describes how temperature is not really a big issue but sunlight is definitely important for the growth. The guide material recommends what variety of grapes should be grown in different climatic conditions.

What more…

The language used is very easy to understand and jargons are explained well. The whole description won’t seem alien to you. By the end of the book, you will be comfortable with the technical language. Few of reviewers have already mentioned that they were complete beginners and tried many guides before but they failed with multiple attempts. Using this guidebook and tips, they have successfully grown vines. Moreover, they recommend it as perfect for the complete novice.

For a low-level investment of only $27.00, you will get all required knowledge about grape growing. What else more we need? The author has given guidelines which take you step-by-step: from making your first cutting, to plant your grape vine, to train it, prune it and finally collecting the grapefruits, enjoy the fruit of your efforts and labor. Furthermore, you will also discover tips to prune grape vine the very first year, tips to increase grape size without using any fabricated and artificial chemicals. It also provides readers with some important pointers to treat the vines during winter and summer. The explanation is done using proper photographs with step, which is really appreciable. There is detailed information on how to construct fences and how to train the vines. It hardly leaves any room for confusion.

The author claims that in the second year of grapes growth, his mentioned pruning secrets will help to harvest to by ten times. Although it will take the time to verify the same, in reviewers’ mentions, I couldn’t find anyone who disagreed.

What comes in the package?

The standard package includes bonus learning material as well.

Bonus package has three of Daniel’s best instruction videos

All videos have been filmed by himself on his own farms. These are highly informative videos with explained instructions which will really help you grow your grape vines like a pro.

The Grape Grower Starter Pack

Are you totally new this grape growing world?  read this first as it will make you learn further best practices. This starter pack will help to you understand all the technical terms and their meanings which most of the professional grape growers use.

The Grape Growers Diary

The Grape Growers Diary has an easy to follow presentation which has a valuable to-do list for each cycle of grapevines growth. It will help you to keep track of the vines progress. You will be able to compare each yield with the mentioned desired results to make sure awesome fruits are being produced.

12 Months Free Email Coaching

You can have 12 months email help to ask the author whatever questions and doubts you have. The author will give you with an entire training program and he claims to support you to become a master in grape growing. To review, it is a big plus.

This whole program is worth $554 but if you buy it now, you just need to pay $27.

Others Readers’ Reviews

Here are a few comments and reviews about the book from the people who actually took guidance from this program and started working on the project.

Readers Review for the complete grape growing system

Readers' comments

Money Back Guarantee

Author's Guarantee for return

Daniel Wium is so confident about his guidebook and instructions that he gives readers a 60-day full money back commitment. If within the 60 days of this book purchase, you find it is not helpful enough for any reason, he will surely refund 100% of the amount without asking any question.


  • The book has easy to understand language and tone is motivational.
  • It has featured photographs to explain better.
  • The guide book explains from baby steps to grow grapes till their maintenance.
  • The program comes with a full cashback policy.


  • It should have included more details of recommended gardening and planting tools.
  • You need to read the bonus starting material to get well versed with few jargons.
  • It should have been translated and published in other languages as well.
  • The book is not available anywhere other than the author’s own website.

Last words in my review

The program is suitable for anyone who is interested in growing grapevine. If you have a good amount of time in hand, access to space, and sunlight, then this is a good value option at very fewer prices to help get you started in the wine-growing world.

Remember grapes are perishable products and their growth really depends upon nature. The natural environment really needs to work with us. Some conditions are not in your hands to control but if you use guidance that has 20 years of knowledge, your chance to succeed is better.

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4.9/5 - (12 votes)


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  • I had almost thought of selling away my land where my parents had been growing grape vines for years. But just when I lost the hope of doing any productive with those vines, I came across this amazing system that not only changed the life of my grape vines but also ensured that I learn in and out of taking care of the vines for more productive outcomes. Thanks for creating such an effective program.

  • I love gardening, I love organic food, I love fruits. I completely love this article! It is obvious that Jamie Kim is a real specialist. Really helpful.

  • The package is suitable for anyone interested in growing wine, from beginners to semi-experienced winemakers. This is easy to understand and easy to follow. If you employ this complete grape growing system you can be assured of a bounty harvest in the future.

  • I am a great fan of grape for sure. It is something that I look forward to eating on a daily basis. I am happy to have the tips on growing my own. Hope I will hack though.

  • There is much more to growing grapes than simply having it into the ground and watering it, with the right guideline, you can grow the perfect grapevine in any climate on earth.

  • This is quite convenient for you since you won’t have to wait for the shipment of the product to your physical address nor risk any physical tampering with the product.

  • It outlines the various stages like cutting of the vineyards. The program explains the proper way of doing it while ensuring that the roots are not cut, and relocation is efficient. The problems like loss of water are outlined, and the solutions given for each predicament.

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