Do you want to make people dance on the music you made all on your own? And be known for the fantastic compositions you have created? But, unfortunately, you have no idea where to start. Do not worry, let me introduce to you the software which has helped thousands of people (including me) in creating music which people would get addicted to listening.

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About Superior Songwriting

Creating a song from scratch is not as easy as what people think. You need to pay attention to the components which make up a song. In order to make music which is great for the ears and catchy to sing. But what if you want to make one but do not know how?

Well, I got the perfect one for you! Superior Songwriting aids people throughout the process of composing music you desire. If you dream of writing a song but do not know how to make a high quality work, then this book is for you.

If you attempted to create your own song but gave up in the end because it sounds odd and horrible, you are in the right place. Finally, if you already did write songs but do not know how to finish it (the reason might be writer’s block), I am sure this is the perfect program for you.


The contents of “Superior Songwriting”:

  • Basic information on song composition
  • Enhance your songwriting skills
  • Beginner to professional levels of writing
  • The key to creativity correlates to good music
  • Ways to profit from the songs you have created
  • Do’s and Don’ts in song composition
  • Lessons in Vocabulary
  • How to get out of “Writer’s Block”
  • Collaboration with other writers
  • Importance of the music components
    and many more.

Take note, Superior Songwriting has accumulated a lot of positive reviews from beginners to professional songwriters. It has shed light to people who yearn to compose music which they want people to listen to.

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How To Compose A Song?

The theme of your song
Before you can even begin on the other components of a song, you need to know the kind of theme you want. The theme which you desire people to relate to. Do you want to write a song about love? or family?

You should also focus on what you want people to feel. Do you want their heart to ache, or feel the need to dance when your music is on? Do you want them to cry or laugh based on your song’s lyrics? The songwriter has all the power to decide this. You need to realize what theme you are most talented at.

The Message
After you decide the theme of your song, the next step would be the message you want people to know. There are songs from popular artists such as Taylor Swift, John Denver, Stewart, Queen, and many more. They have different genres from country music, pop, rock, etc.

Each of their songs also has a meaning these artists want to tell the listeners. For example, Taylor Swift is one of the artists, youth has been looking up to. Her songs are more on romance and heartbreaks, what she wants to tell and express to men who have broken her heart.

Lyrics and verses of the song
The next step is to make the lyrics. Here you will decide the length and the flow of your song. The words you want to use and if you want your song to rhyme, it is all up to you. The lyrics are the most important component in a song, well maybe the second one.

Most of the time, a listener looks for the content of the song. How you use words to express yourself. Some songs do not even use any in-depth lyrics, their song consists of repetitive words which are catchy.

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Mixing desk in a recording studio

Song Title
Every component is difficult and choosing a song title is no different. It will take a while to decide on the perfect title for your song. You want it to stand out from the rest of the songs. In order to gain attention from listeners. Obviously, it should be related to the theme of your song. Have you ever stumbled upon a song that has no connection to the title? I do not think so.

Rhythm and Notes
Okay, so you know your theme, title, and made the lyrics. The next step is making a rhythm which is perfect for your song. This might take a while especially if you are not really familiar with music notes and have an ear for the beats. Take note, you may have a catchy wordy lyrics but if it does not blend in with the music, it can make it boring or worse yet, people will hate your song.

So, there are some cases where songwriters base the flow of their song to artists which they admire. It can be infused by a couple of artists. You are not allowed to copy someone else’s work or you will be sentenced to fraud, originality is key to be well known in the music industry.

Polish your work
When you are done with all the steps above, you do not immediately send it out for people to listen to. No! You still need to check your song a couple of times. If somehow, there is a part where the rhythm and lyrics do not jive in. Like a small part, you need to change it because people will surely notice it.

Another instance is when you did not realize you made a mistake and it is too late to make changes. So, it is better to listen to your song for a few weeks until you find anything which you think does not feel right.

Ask for feedback
Finally, you can send your songs out in public! Nope, there is the last step you need to take. It is important to let professionals or someone in your circle to listen to the song you made. There are times when we can be biased in our work and cannot identify the mistakes until someone points it out.

Besides these people, you can ask for help in the program’s developers or songwriters in the community. So that you will be sure, your work is as good as it can get.


What Will You Get?

When you buy the program “Super Songwriting”, you will also have the opportunity to obtain the following:

Rhyme Master Pro
In most cases, songwriters sometimes find it difficult to write a piece which rhymes and jives in the music. Using a dictionary, manually will take a lot of time and can make the writer frustrated on making a song. Thus, some would stop the work altogether.

This software will help anyone who needs to find words which can rhyme in their song, fast. How? Well, all you need to do is activate the software. Then, type out the word you want to have another rhyme. After that, the software will be the one who searches for the perfect word for you.

Song Writing Creativity
Composing a song means you need to possess a large vocabulary. In this book, it provides a set of exercises to improve your grammar and vocabulary. It is recommendable to use it every single day, so you can see improvements in your skills.

Besides this, it contains tips and tricks in order to keep the ideas flowing in your mind. A writer needs continuous ideas to keep writing fantastic songs. Also, the basic rules on starting your little business as a songwriter will be covered. You will be provided guidance throughout the day.

Singorama’s Mini Recording Studio Software
Since renting a music studio is expensive, especially for a new songwriter such as you, the program has provided your mini recording studio. Renting a music studio for a couple of hours can cost more than a thousand or more, dollars. With the products’ software, you can download on your computer, and you are good to go.

All you need is a microphone and the knowledge to use the system for editing your songs. Furthermore, it is made of high-quality features which are comparable to a real music studio.

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With the rise of the music industry, many people want to be known for their songs but a few have an opportunity to really make a mark in the industry. You can be one too, with the help of the best software you can ever find. The program has helped thousands of people in creating a song which the audience would love.

Reviews from notable artists and new songwriters have exclaimed their satisfaction on the software. It is easy to follow and can make you a professional in the field, faster than doing it on your own. You do not need to rent a music studio to make music, at the confines of your home, you can make the best and unbelievably astounding songs in a couple of days.

A review from Jake in Arizona told how his music is slowly being heard by people in his town. Back then, he had a hard time composing a song which people can love. Every time he thinks his song will be a hit, he always gets bad reviews in return. So, as soon as he bought the program, he studied well and found out his mistakes. Now, people have been listening to his songs.

Get Superior Songwriting Today, And Start Writing Pro-Level Songs That Hit All The Right Emotions In Your Listeners Minds!


  1. Ruthie T. Tarvin

    My friend plays an acoustic guitar and he has been begging me to write some songs for him. I’m a writer, but I write prose, not prose or songs. Maybe it is a good thing that I stumbled upon this post. Perhaps it is time to join my friend and start writing songs…

  2. John Schroeder

    Writing can be difficult, and song writing can be tedious! This program is perfect for beginners and experts alike. It discusses the nuances of writing great songs and shows writers what their common mistakes are.
    It is a must have product on every songwriter’s checklist!

  3. Robert Shealey

    Brilliant software. It definitely helped me focus on the important things, and I’m learning a lot from it. I also love the fact that the software is fairly easy to use and that anyone can use it. Most importantly, the software is my songwriter: while I write the music, it makes the songs. Perfect synergy!

  4. Cynthia Jennings

    If you want to start from grounds up, this program is hella helpful. Song writing is bit complicated what with compositions and meters etc. But this program covers it all and so much more.

  5. This program, as acclaimed by the author of the e-book equips you with the skills that can revitalize how you write songs. The program doesn’t need you to have extra knowledge so you can indulge without necessarily having skill.
    The best bit of the program is that you it helps you think big envision greater milestones because apart from the creative aspect, the program also makes you look at the product form a business angle. Just this trait alone makes the product stand out from other similar products streaming the market.

  6. Willie Perry

    The Superior Songwriting book gives you an in depth view into the world of songwriting. It can also help you to understand that creating a song doesn’t have to be spontaneous. While that fact is arguable (creative writers can be given a subject, but the act in and of itself of creating a piece is utterly spontaneous, hence the creativity side of it) it can be helpful. If you are a person who like your entire day planned out block by block, this book will be great for you.

  7. Every aspect of creating music is an art form. To become proficient, or even confident, requires a lot of hard work. Songwriting is no different, even though it’s often done without using musical instruments.

  8. Creative people have often been referred to as ‘square pegs’ and teachers have always been said to ‘force square pegs into round holes.’ What Sinclair attempts to do is teach someone such as the average round peg teacher, to fit into the slot of a creative, square pegged person.

  9. Jason Springer

    Good songwriting dramatically amplifies the emotional and aesthetic impact of music, and in many ways, it’s the tent pole on which all good music has to hang.

  10. Rodrigo Belcher

    I believe Superior Songwriting would be an excellent guide for practically anyone who’s ready to start getting serious about writing songs.

  11. Jason Lentz

    There are no technical terms here, and anyone can follow them. I admit I knew next to nothing about musical composition, but the instructions were clear even to me.

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