Solar Air Lantern Review: A Solar Powered Light Up Lantern

Get an amazing lantern that is completely suitable for the outdoors

Hi, everyone. I am writing this review to tell you about the Solar Air Lantern. We’ve had ours for some months now they have quite useful under different circumstances.

The weirdest one was when my daughter organized a party in the backyard and used the lamps as decorations. It looked amazing!

We originally bought this lamp for our camping expeditions. But as we decreased the frequency of our visits to the great outdoors, the lamps started to show useful for other situations.

Design + practicality

The one thing that I loved about the lanterns, in the beginning, was how easily transportable, due to their small size and weight, they are. Together, of course, with their illumination rate.

However, as we later found out, the lamps:

  • Looked great as outside torches
  • Can work for reading in the night
  • Were great decoration for special occasions
  • Will help you fix your car

Once, on the highway, our car just stopped, it was raining heavily, we didn’t have a conventional lamp, only our phones, and our lanterns. My husband, instead of risking his phone dying, he took out this lantern, had amazing light and, thank God, the problem was minor so he was able to fix it.

Life of a single man

When my son moved by himself, to be completely independent, my husband and I helped him, as much as we could, to settle in a functional affordable place. We contributed with some furniture and stuff from the house we didn’t use.

Together with those things, we gave him 2 of our Solar Air Lanterns. He uses them as lamps. One for the living room and one for his room.

  • High
  • Low
  • Emergency
  • Off

Those are the settings the lanterns come with. With low, you can read nicely without disturbing other people around, or have an intimate, dim-light, dinner, or moment.

My son has saved a lot of electricity as well since these are completely powered by solar energy. Once the charge is full, which doesn’t take long, they will give light for hours and hours.

Great for camping

Well, as I mentioned before, we bought these lamps for camping and road trips. They are nicely designed:

  • Handles in both extremes
  • Great lighting
  • Solar power
  • Practically weightless
  • Resistant to weather

Yes, they are waterproof, not just water resistant, but completely immune to water. You can leave one outside and, if it rains, it will still work.

The design is so well done, it even floats.


Well, because it’s weightless and works with solar power, you can take it basically anywhere. It can even travel with you on a plane!

Once you are outdoors, you just need to decide which location is best. Since my husband and I are camping often, we have a caravan that is amazing for camping. Instead of using the battery to feed the electricity system to use lights, we use our Solar Air Lanterns and the whole thing gets lit up.

If you have to go out in the rain, you can take your lamp and there will be no problem.

Once, I had a romantic date with my husband in the pool. I inflated the lanterns, threw them in the water, and we had a romantic floating illumination during our date.

Finding Solar Air Lantern

Well, it’s not so interesting. We were at a dinner party, and we were talking about the general difficulties we have to find good camping equipment.

  • Resistant, not proof
  • Very heavy
  • Invasive to the environment or camping sites
  • Only adults could handle most of it

So, when we reached the topic of lightning, our hosts mentioned Solar Air Lantern, and they showed us, we were sold at that moment.

As soon as we got home, I ordered one for every member of my family, and some more just in case.

We have never looked back. Even when we go camping with other families that have small children or babies, they can use the lantern and not damage it. It’s very nice.

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Why did we buy Solar Air Lantern

Well, basically of the reasons above, but also, the value you get for your money in incomparable.

I mean, if you are going to invest in something, you best get a high value out of it. The design and practicality of this lantern are worth every penny. We have found so many great uses for the lantern, it’s like 1000 in one.

Also, they make a great gift for newlyweds or your child moving away.  A set of maybe 3 lamps will save thousands of dollars to anyone.

Spending in other things

So, with the light problem solved, we have saved a lot of light bulbs, equipment, or replaces. These lamps are so resistant, we haven’t had the need to fix or replace any parts.

Then, you get the chance to spend on other things. Imagine, you don’t have to replace:

  • Batteries
  • Lightbulbs
  • Or any other parts

The lanterns can go for years and years, you will not be spending more again.

Who is this for?

I would highly recommend it for single people or couples who are starting from scratch. Of course, people with a flair for the outdoors will also highly benefit of these lanterns.

They work great for parties and special events. Since they can be stored away easily, and they last forever, you will have a backup plan always. It’s really a matter of creativity:

What can you do with a lightweight, different light level, lantern, that can be hanged and resists the outdoors?

Let your imagination fly and find your answers to take place with these great lanterns.

Flying with the lantern

Well, this is all too easy. The lantern is so lightweight and portable, you can even take it with you in your hand luggage.

We did this with my girl when she flew to another city for a summer camp, she took her lantern. She didn’t have any problem with it in airport security or the camp itself.

I don’t know who designed this lantern but the person is a genius.

Taking it everywhere

We are in love with this, and that is why I come here to recommend you something that has saved our lives in:

  • Fixing a car at night and raining
  • Camping
  • Decorating
  • Helping our children

See, I love gadgets that have multiple uses. That allows you to benefit from them in different matters, and this is one of those.

Some ideas

  • Decorate a romantic dinner outdoors
  • Great for terraces or backyards
  • Works great as a light for the outside doors
  • Swim with them
  • Read at night easily
  • Walk outdoors at night
  • Good for when it’s raining
  • Children can handle it with adult supervision

You add whatever suits you.

How is this different?

Well, as we all know, a lamp tends to be unidirectional. Meaning, that the light is directed to only 1 point. However the light is distributed, it is focused on one area. Also, lamps tend to be made to hold or for indoor areas, so they can’t be used in other places or different forms as easily.

With lights for the outdoors, you need to take many things into consideration, including appearance. The design of these lanterns is so nice, they can easily work as decorative material for your garden.

If you have a special something in it, say, maybe a:

  • Tree
  • Flowers
  • Fountain
  • Statue

This will give great lighting around it.

Transporting it

Moving it around is very easy. Of course, one needs to be careful since there is a light bulb in the lantern. However, because it’s a genius design, it becomes great to take with you.

I mean, the lantern fits even in a purse. Again, it is important to be careful, but not be obsessed with it not breaking, it has never happened to us.

OK, maybe for protection, put it between clothes, or towels, something like that. But, since it’s inflatable, it shrinks to almost nothing. Because it’s weightless, you won’t even feel it’s there and, because it’s solar power, you won’t have to carry batteries with you.


  • No space
  • Little weight
  • Zero batteries
  • Great lighting
  • Resistance

If you are looking into saving some money, while enjoying the outdoors, this is a good investment.


  • Weightless
  • Solar power
  • Waterproof
  • Great for hanging


  • Not so big

Storing it

Storage is very easy. Again, it shrinks to almost nothing, and it is resistant. We deflate them and then pile them in a drawer with other camping lamps.

Yes, I know, not everyone has a camping lamps drawer. But, for example, my son puts it in his cupboard, some friends store it in clothes wardrobes, in the bottom. It is as practical as that.

Once, we left them for about 5 months. When I wanted to use them again, they were still charged! We still recharged them, of course, on our way to the camping site, by just allowing the sunlight in.

Upgrade your life

What are you waiting for? Upgrade your life and your camping skills. We have benefited a lot from getting these babies, I am sure you will too!

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