Do you have an interest in golf, or do you have experience and want to get better at the game. If so, this article might be the one for you.

We look at the Simple Senior Swing System diving into the program to help you understand what it is all about. 

Golf is a sport loved by many but one that also requires accuracy, strength, and tactic from its players. It demands a certain amount of physical ability from its players. 

As people age, they become less energetic. Their accuracy levels and swing speed decline. Golfers too experience this problem. 

As they grow old, they experience limits due to health issues such as the tennis elbow. 

It is a popular misconception that poor flexibility leads to poor performance. Part of it is true, yet according to the program guide of the Simple Senior Swing System. 

It doesn’t have to be that way in golf. 

You can be as good as the young golfers. All you need is to follow the simple senior swing system and the swing instructions. 

One can even compete against them by landing the ball more than 300 yards down the fairway. This is with a perfect chipping distance with ease.

Most golfers struggle to hit higher shots due to low swing speed. If you experience this problem as a golf player, then you must join the Simple Senior Swing System.

The Simple senior swing system will educate you on how to boost your golf swing to get extra distance shots. Even if you are a beginner in the golf game, still this program can support you in achieving the targets. 

Through this program, aged golfers can learn how to play golf. They can also improve your golf swing be good at it with minimal body strain. 

What is the Simple Senior Swing System?

Simple Senior Swing Increase Golf Swing

It is a suitable program for golfers interested in boosting their golf swing, which will also increase distance shots in golf swings. 

The creator of the program has used a unique approach for golf ball players to derive the best results from the program. 

The tactics, routine, and regimen taught in this golf swing program cannot be found anywhere else. You are taught and trained on different swing methods and important golf instructions to follow. 

All the inclusions that appear in the golf swing training systems are from senior golfers and professional golf instructors. Golf swing methods and swing instruction for high handicap golfers are included. 

These senior golfers know of various swing principles that could be beneficial to both younger golfers and senior players alike. 

The senior golf swing system has many golf swing instructions that are essential in playing golf. 

They teach you everything from the ground up. They also provide you with the basic golf swing instruction that you build in such a short period.

Who Created the Simple Senior Swing Program?

One Alex Fortey created the Simple Senior Swing program. He is a top performance coach and business consultant. The talented man plays golf swing and is a popular personality in the golf industry. 

Alex Fortey is also the owner and founder of the art of simple golf. This online community brings together golfers worldwide together. It also creates an avenue where they can interact. 

The program’s use is an easy and simple one that even high handicap golfers can be trained on. ,

In his years of golfing, Alex was able to come up with some of the swing instructions from the days when he played golf. 

New swing techniques and principles

The simple senior swing system gives advice from other golfers that may help improve swing speed, golf swing, among other swing techniques. 

It also supports all types of golfers improve on their current swing and introduces them to new swing methods and new swing principles.  

This is from the simple senior swing reviews; the golf system is said to help anyone have a better golf swing on the golf course. 

It is highly encouraged for anyone looking to improve their skills. 

How does the Senior Golf Swing System work?

Simple Senior Swing Kinetic Chain

The simple senior swing system works by implementing basic golf tactics and golf swing instructions necessary on the golf course. 

The simple senior swing system also integrates a unique kinetic chain method that enhances the swing method, which is especially beneficial to senior golfers in adding extra yards to their shots. 

There is also the clubface trick mentioned in the program, it is basically golf instruction that presents tremendous benefit when followed accurately and religiously. 

In addition, this golf product helps senior golfers have correct posturers on the course, this then helps them make accurate shots when playing later. 

The program works by teaching you techniques that you can easily grasp and build thereafter. 

Many golfers experience issues with a swing speed in the time that they play. This program offers one of the best golf swing instructions out there that can be beneficial to both younger players or even those that have played for a long period of time. 

The program makes you practice over and over again in a way that you build muscle memory connection to make it more of a natural movement. Some of the simple senior wring reviews claim that with time these practices become more like a natural process to the players. 

What Does the Simple Senior Swing System Program Entail?

The simple senior swing system comes with effective swing drills that can be used to improve ball striking and overall natural swing. It is particularly helpful to golfers struggling on the course. Some of the useful tactics by the professional golf instructors are: 

  • The golf swing program provides valuable tips from golf swing experts. These golf ball experts become the trainers. It is claimed on the simple senior swing review that they help senior golfers who are struggling on course. The program guides them using training demonstrating various techniques.
  • The simple senior swing videos have instructions that you can view from any device, be it a computer, mobile, or tablet. You can even download those video files and share it with your friends who like to play golf and want to improve their game.
  • The golf swing program is easy to follow with its simple routines. You can even go to the golf course and practice all those techniques by watching videos. Viewing and practicing the videos on the golf course is going to have tremendous benefits for you as a player.
  • The program highlights 6-key golf swing components that every golfer needs. The simple senior swing system has the simple senior swing method that helps improve swing speed with its swing instruction on various golf swing techniques. 

Who Is the Simple Senior Swing System For?

Simple Senior Swing Hole in one

In theory, anyone could benefit from the Simple Senior Swing system to become the best in the golf swing. However, just as signaled in the title of the program. 

This program developed by Alex Fortey meets the needs of seniors in mind. They benefit most from the techniques outlined in the program.

If you are a senior golfer who is unsatisfied with your golf game and wants to bring your performance back to what it was in your youth, then you may get a lot out of the Senior golf Swing System.

It also helps if you are willing to learn new golf club techniques, improve on your swing speed and ideas regarding your golf game. 

The Simple senior Swing system will be particularly helpful to those who are committed to the game and implement all the key parts given in the swing instruction. 

This is not to say that it may not work for the younger players. They can also learn important golf techniques such as being a good ball striker, have a proper backswing, among others. The players should remember that a vast majority of the senior golf swing system is mostly senior players.

What does the Simple Senior Swing System Cost? 

If you are making a one-time buy, you can get the program for an affordable cost. This will give you access to everything the program offers. 

The program consists of a series of step-by-step instructional videos created by Alex Fortey and his team that will walk you through the main components of the Simple Senior Swing program.

These swing instruction videos are available as digital downloads, and they can be downloaded onto any mobile device as well as any computer. 

This way, you will be able to access the program at any time, no matter where you are. 

Some of the topics covered by the program

  • Mastery of the golf swing kinetic chain, which allows you to add dozens of yards of distance onto your drive without tons of physical effort
  • A golf clubface trick that you can use to improve your golf ball control and eliminate slices, shanks, and skulls
  • Tips to improve your golf posture and hit straighter golf shots more consistently
  • Using micro-adjustments in your golf swing to shaping your shot
  • How to achieve the perfect swing plane, regardless of where you’re swinging from
  • Using a self-correcting grip to hold your golf club

Refund policy and guarantee policy 

Simple Senior Swing Money Back Guarantee

The simple senior swing system has a refund policy where if you as a customer are not satisfied with the results and do not feel like the program is providing any benefit, you can always request a refund. 

All orders of the Simple Senior Swing program come with a 60-day money-back guarantee policy. 

If you try out the golf swing program and find that your skill isn’t to the level you anticipated. 

You can reach out to the golf team on their website, email or even give them a call. 

By purchasing the golf program, you get lifetime access to quality golf and golf swing advice from the world’s best golf experts. 

Pros & Cons of the Simple Senior Swing Program

 Having looked at the golf program and analyzed all the things it claims it can do for you. It is important, just as in every product purchase, to weigh the advantages of using the product and the disadvantages. 

These are also dependent on your goals as every golf player has different goals. However, below we will analyze the general pros and cons derived from the golf program. 


  • You are able to follow the golf swing and other golf instructions about the golf club. You will be in a position to improve your golf game tremendously. After practicing the golf swing program, you will love to spend more and more time on the golf course so that you can defeat your opponents. Also, the golf techniques that you will get are easy, so you don’t need to worry about applying them.
  • The golf program is flexible and lets you have the game at your own pace.
  • There is easy accessibility to the golf program. Golfers worldwide use this program to help them have the best golf swing, among other things. The only essential bit is to ensure good internet access in order to stream real-world examples or even download the program onto your device of choice.
  • The golf swing program has a refund policy. You are guaranteed that it is a credible golf program as they are willing to compensate those that are not satisfied by the golf swing results. It is a cheap and affordable way to improve your golf skills. The price of a product is another thing that people consider before putting in their money. Well, you don’t have to think much regarding the pricing of this program.
  • You get lifetime access to quality golf and golf swing advice from golf experts.
  • The golf program puts you back as a Senior Golfers This particular p[program specializes in senior golfers. It is not common to find golf programs and platforms where senior golfers are considered; however, in this program, senior golfers are given priority. If you are a senior golfer and desire to raise your shot distance and develop a better golf swing, then the Simple Senior Swing System might just be your best pick.


  • The golf program is only available as a digital download; no physical version of the program exists.
  • Golf swing results are not necessarily guaranteed.
  • If you are a seasoned golfer with an established golf swing position, you may find it to be a fairly complicated process adapting to the new techniques outlined in the program.

In Conclusion 

Golf is one of the sports adored by many. Yet, in old age, many people lose body vitality and are unable to keep up with their favorite sports. 

The simple swing system is a system created by Alex Fortey that caters to the needs of the aged in regard to golf. 

Alex share rarely spoken facts about golf and some of the best golf techniques ever known to man. In the program, he also offers an online membership area, which helps more people join in. 

When considering the price of the program, as well as what the program promises to do for senior golfers, it makes the whole thing seem pretty appealing.

The prime thing is that it’s going to be a one-time investment. Even the golf program price is less; still, it features a money-back policy, which is an exceptional thing. This makes the program pretty easy to recommend. 

The program offers many tricks and tips. There is a good chance you will be able to improve your golf game. And if not, then trying the program is pretty much risk-free.

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