Shipping Container Home Made Easy Review – Complete Analysis

Shipping Container Home Made Easy Review – Complete Analysis

Everybody has their own dream house. Ever since we were young, we all wanted to have our own space to live in—a nice and cozy place to call our home. However, as we face reality, we eventually realize that building our own house is quite costly. Because of this, shipping container homes became an option, and Shipping Container Home Made Easy may be able to help you achieve your dream home.

Shipping container homes are quite trendy nowadays. Hence, Adam Ketcher created the Shipping Container Home Made Easy in order to help people create their own shipping container home easily. However, the question is: does this guide really work? In this Shipping Container Home Made Easy Review, we will walk you through this guide, its pros and cons, and whether it is worth your money or not.

What Are Shipping Container Homes?

Shipping Container Home Made Easy Guide

A shipping container house—just as its name suggests— is a home that’s made entirely of a steel shipping container. It is a trendy yet eco and budget-friendly house that offers minimal space.

Furthermore, these prefabricated and modular homes often come in two-size containers: 20×8 ft. or 40×8 ft. You may utilize old shipping containers or buy brand new shipping containers.

Moreover, you may use a single container to create a tiny house. Nevertheless, you can use one or stack up multiple containers to create a double-decker SC home. In fact, some custom SC homes built by the most professional home builders have multiple steel shipping containers arranged in odd and asymmetrical shapes.

There are many advantages to using shipping containers as the base for your home. One of the greatest reasons why people build shipping container homes is because they can customize them. Not only that, but they can also create their container houses themselves.

However, how do you make sure that you don’t make mistakes in creating your own shipping container home? Here’s where Shipping Container Home Made Easy comes into play.

Shipping Container Home Made Easy: What Is It?

Shipping Container Home Made Easy Build your own

Shipping Container Home Made Easy is the best-selling homesteading guide in building shipping container homes. It includes all the tips you need in creating a tiny house from repurposed shipping containers.

Furthermore, Shipping Container Home Made Easy also has various secrets to help you build a shipping container home successfully. But what sets this guide apart from other container housing guides?

It Lets You Build Your Own Container Home Easily.

Most guides on how to build a shipping container house are complicated. You need to be an architect or engineer in order to be able to make sense of these guides.

However, Shipping Container Home Made Easy is the only program designed for beginners. All the details are easy to understand and written in such a way that you don’t need a degree to understand them. Hence, the only thing you need to do is read through all the secrets in this guide, and you can start making your own tiny house. Of course, it is always a good thing to consult with a professional. You can never be too safe when constructing your home.

It Teaches You How To Choose Good Ship Containers.

You should ensure that your container house is durable enough to withstand almost any natural disaster. In order to do so, you must learn to differentiate high-quality containers from standard ones.

A construction expert said, When it comes to building your own shipping container home, one of the most important steps is purchasing the right shipping containers.  They form the backbone of your build, serving as the walls, floor, roof, and overall structural support.”

Even if you are planning to build your tiny house from free containers or used containers, you must still make sure that the quality is good for your future security. This will also promote cost-effectiveness by preventing frequent repair and maintenance in the future.

There are many online guides for selecting the perfect shipping container to use for one’s home. However, the Shipping Container Home Made Easy remains to be the most comprehensive one. Plus, it contains all the other information that you need to get started in making the home of your dream. You don’t have to look elsewhere for the information you will require.

It Helps You Avoid Mistakes Through Step By Step Methods.

Adam Ketcher, the creator, described the step-by-step methods accurately and meticulously. He also included what to do and not do in building your container home project.

There are a lot more benefits that Shipping Container Home Made Easy has to offer. There’s also an absolutely free bonus that you may enjoy upon your purchase. But before we tackle those, let us first get to know the mind behind this shipping container home guide, Adam Ketcher.

Adam Ketcher

The mind behind this Shipping Container Home Made Easy guide is Adam Ketcher. He is an architect who has personally built 146 shipping container homes for his clients.

The Story Behind This Guide

The Shipping Container Home Made Easy guide was not created in a snap. It took Adam years of experience in mastering the techniques in building container homes and tiny houses.

The story started when he got tired of paying mortgages to his landlord. Also, he has a lot of bills to pay—his own food, own electricity, taxes, and much more. Hence, he was not planning to pay a contractor hundreds or tens of thousands of dollars for a house.

One day, he started to discover containers from one of his friends. After a week, he found himself ordering three 40-foot shipping containers.

Furthermore, Adam was confident in his own skills as an architect and DIY artist. That is why he thought that it would be easy to build a shipping container. Boy, was he wrong?

As he tried working on his container home living project, he made mistakes after mistakes. Eventually, he ended up spending more than what he would have paid for if he hired a contractor.

What He Learned Through His Mistakes

Over the years, Ketcher learned what he was doing wrong. He learned that in your container home project, it is necessary to have knowledgeable people guide you as you do it.

Through consulting an expert, you can reduce your shipping container home cost. Not only that, but you can also ensure that you build your container home correctly.

Because of this, Adam Ketcher decided to be the guide for everyone who wants to create their container homes on their own. So, he collected all the mistakes, details, questions, and common experiences in a different project.

He organized this information for those who love shipping container homes. As a result, this guide was born.

What’s Inside The Guide?

Shipping Container Home Made Easy What's Inside

When you invest in this program, Adam promised that you’d have the ability to build your own shipping container home. The guide includes floor plans and building codes to ensure your structural integrity.

Furthermore, it also involves ways of decorating or organizing your interior space. Hence, you can make your shipping container homesteading as comfy as possible.

Not only that, but he assures that you will be able to do it while saving money and without mistakes. Here are some other secrets that you’ll learn in this program:

Where To Find Brand New Shipping Containers

You don’t have to worry about looking further for quality shipping containers that you can buy. In this program, you will learn where to find a surplus of new shipping containers.

Furthermore, you won’t have to pay much. In fact, you can even pay less than the retail price.

There are also people who actually pay you to take containers out of their hands. With this guide, you can find shipping containers for free while earning money.

How Much You Should Pay For A Shipping Container

There are a lot of people out there who may sell you shipping containers worth more than the retail price. Hence, this guide includes how much shipping containers typically sell. If anyone tries to sell you more than the retail price, you should consider looking for another seller.

What Mistakes You Need To Avoid

Because Adam created this guide out of his 18 years of experience, he knows to do and not do. Hence, Adam made sure to include everything you should avoid when you’re building your home.

Moreover, it also shows you the mistake that 95% of people make in purchasing shipping containers and the simple way to bypass it. Hence, you will be safe from unnecessary fees.

How To Avoid Headaches From Local Authorities

Having a container house will be stressful for you if you constantly have to deal with the authorities. Hence, Adam also made sure to include tips on how to achieve land permits without having to do a lot of leg work.

Moreover, he will also show you why your container home isn’t bound to a certain zip code or location. So, if you ever decide to move your house, you can easily move it within just days. You will still need to deal with some paperwork, but it wouldn’t be as complex as what you have to file when you have an actual building.

What Will You Learn After You’re Done With The Program?

Shipping Container Home Made Easy what to learn

According to Adam, you will know more than most professional home builders after this program. For instance, you will know how to get essential parts for your home for free. On top of that, you will learn how to recognize quality material, because free shouldn’t mean substandard.

Also, it teaches you where you shouldn’t cut corners on your container home project. In addition, you will learn why the location of your build influences the worth of your house the most.

If you are planning to hire a contractor, the guide will also give you 4 things you must consider before hiring one.

Other Inclusions

Bonus 1: Shipping Container Homesteading

This bonus will teach you how to value self-reliance. In this, you will learn how to grow your own food through tending a farm or your own animals. This type of lifestyle has become more popular in recent times.

One blogger even stated, Disturbing events impacting food supply security, health, and wellness, and the global economy have prompted families to think about becoming more self-reliant.” And this often entails following a homestead lifestyle. 

By growing your own healthy food, you can take care of your health. That’s not all; you will also be saving money by steering away from grocery stores!

Bonus 2: Shipping Container Negotiation Secrets

With the increasing demand for shipping container homes, some sellers take advantage of this by selling containers at higher prices. However, you don’t have to worry about this.

In this bonus, you will learn how to negotiate with your seller for a good price. Furthermore, you will also learn the following:

  • Where to find free containers
  • How to find the best dealers in your area
  • How to negotiate delivery and avoid expensive transportation costs
  • Which container sizes are best for your building requirements
  • And many more!

In addition, you will also know what certifications you should look for in containers. Through this, you can ensure that your shipping container home is made of good-quality materials.

Bonus 3: Living Off The Grid

Off-grid living is a dream for many. Not only does this mean absolute self-reliance, but it also ensures freedom from a hectic life. If you desire to live off the grid to avoid the busy city, you will surely need electricity. Luckily, this absolutely free bonus contains step-by-step methods for making your own electricity.

There’s no other program out there that teaches you how to make your own electricity! Here, you will not only learn how to make container homes. Instead, you will also learn about wind, solar, and micro-hydro generation.

Bonus 4: Preparing For The Coming Collapse

Electricity is a necessity in this modern world. We use electricity in almost everything—from cooking, cleaning, staying cold, or keeping warm.

Hence, in addition to the previous bonus, this bonus will also prepare you for grid-down situations. This will ensure the survival of you and your family.

Bonus 5: Lifetime Updates Guarantee

In order to improve the program, Adam continues to make upgrades and develops better techniques. Hence, if you buy the guide, you are guaranteed to receive updates for a lifetime.

Bonus 6: Customer Support By Author

If ever you find difficulty in any part of the program, you don’t have to worry. Adam Ketcher will personally address any of your questions.

In fact, you may also call him during your build. Isn’t this a ridiculously good deal? Not very many systems provide this level of customer service. It is like having an expert on call without the hefty price tag. You already get back what you paid for the guide with this perk alone.

Money-Back Guarantee

If you still have your doubts after reading everything, it’s alright. You don’t have to feel pressured. Adam Ketcher offers a 60-day money-back guarantee to make things easier for you.

This guarantee gives you a risk-free decision. You can buy Shipping Container Home Made Easy and try it at your own pace. If for any reason, you feel dissatisfied with the program, then you may get a 100% refund.

Just note how you can only avail of a refund within 60 days. So, it would be best to have your decision by then.

Frequently Asked Questions

Aside from feedbacks, many customers also leave questions regarding this program. Hence, we included the frequently asked questions that you may use as your reference before buying the product.

Aren’t Container Homes Too Hot Or Too Cold?

Container homes can be too hot or cold, only if you don’t know how to take care of them. Nevertheless, you don’t have to worry about this if you have the Shipping Container Home Made Easy guide.

For instance, this guide teaches you how to build a heat-reflecting roof that standard homes can’t compete with. Hence, you can save loads of money from cooling costs for your first years! It also has the steps to properly insulate the container home so that you don’t suffer in the winter. There are many tips that you can find online but this guide provides the safest tips out there.

Are These Container Homes Durable?

This will depend on the quality of your steel shipping container. Nevertheless, this guide tells you how to choose high-quality containers, and it will also tell you where you can get those.

In addition, Adam will tell you the places you should spray closed-cell polyurethane foam in. This will increase the durability and longevity of your home by at least a decade. If properly maintained, a container home may even prove to be more durable than regular houses.

Does This Guide Include Interior Designs?

Yes! Adam included a lot of floor plans you can choose from. It also includes the most widely used designs. Along with that, he also shared his popular “personal plans.” The personal plans give you an idea of how to arrange your furniture along with design concepts that you can use for the interior of your space. With this many options, you will have fun decorating your home!

Will This House Have A Space For My Car?

Of course! There are layouts available for you in arranging your home design, depending on your needs. In fact, you can arrange it in such a way that you have a lot of parking space without having to build a garage or separate carport.

Shipping Container Made Easy Review: Conclusion

If you want to build shipping container homes, the Shipping Container Made Easy is a must-have. In our review, this is the ultimate how-to guide in building your own container home.

Moreover, this program has the most valuable bonus of teaching you where to get quality or free shipping containers. Aside from that, you will also learn how to design or layout your house, how to keep it durable, and how to keep it warm or cool.

This guide also comes with six additional bonuses for free. It also has a money-back guarantee so that you can get a refund if ever you are dissatisfied with it.

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