Selling Jewelry on eBay

When people are looking to enhance their accessories and wardrobes, they will seek jewelry to accentuate their clothes and or make them look flashier. All people have different reasons. Because of the vast market, it would be nice if you had jewelry and you were to sell it on eBay which is s huge market where any and all people can sell all the legit products that they have.

Before you get into any market, you need to know and do the following things.

  1. Research The Market

Before you start selling anything, you need to know everything that is relevant about the market you are going into. First of all, take a look at the things that people seem to like most and then see how much of it you can produce and or make available.

The pricing ranges will also be included so that you do not overprice and lack customers or underpriced and end up minimizing your profits. That is why research is so important before you do anything at all in the jewelry business.

  1. Photos

Selling Jewelry on eBay

When you are selling items on eBay, you will need to have really good pictures that will attract customers so that you make all the sales that you need to make. For example, you can get the photos take by a professional who will help you pick the right ones.

  1. Create The eBay List

When you go online on eBay, you will click on the sell button and then the sell an item button that will appear and after that, you will choose a category in which the items shall appear so that they are easy to find when someone is looking for them. You will have to make sure that the category you have picked is very accurate in describing what you are selling.

After That

All you will need to do after creating the lists and everything is waiting for the items to sell. It is that simple. The instructions that you have to follow on eBay are very straight forward and self-guiding. All you have to do now is…wait.

There are also many other means of making quick money if only you know what to do.

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  • I’m a jewelry collector and my impulsive buying of it got out of hand, I own an abundance of it which is a headache. The first thing I thought of is selling it on eBay but I don’t have a clue on how to start my online business. Your article has helped me loads and I have sold a few of my intricate jewelry pieces!

  • I love to make jewelry. I would like to turn my hobby into a way to make money. My friends say I should sell on eBay but I did not know how. This showed me the exact steps to take. I have sold many pieces and demand is constantly growing. Glad I took the leap.

  • I do feel that this is an amazing opportunity to be able to embrace the selling ability over ebay. For the starters like me and you, I believe it will go hand to make things work out in a better manner for sure. This is great.

  • Started getting rid of old stuff and now I can’t stop. Thank you so much for sharing this, otherwise I wouldn’t have learned how to do it and make a living out of it!

  • Thanks for the simple and effective advice! I have a lot of jewelry that I was willing to sell, and I guess I’m quite ready right now 😉

  • My wife makes great and unique jewelry pieces. I suggested she should sell them online but we did not know how. My research lead me to this program. It is very detailed yet easy to follow. They show you how to price your items and photograph them for maximum appeal. Highly recommend.

  • It may be something that we have underrated yet has a huge return on the investments. I am looking forward to an amazing time where we are able to make a killing from this. I am so hopeful in this for sure.

  • I wanted to get rid of my old jewelry and used this guide to get it done. Already going out to buy some new one. Thank you so much for this article!

  • This article really helped me to spread my business online. I was thinking of online business, but I was too afraid of it. After reading this article, I followed the instructions and collected all the information I needed and started my online business. It is not going bad at all.

  • Jewelry is a very competitive category on eBay, so you want to take extra steps to outshine your competition. Take closeup photos of your item so the buyer knows exactly what they are getting. Show scanned copies of both the appraisal and the insurance policy. Include information about secure shipping and that the package will be insured up to the full value of the item. Answer questions quickly and professionally.

  • If you don’t know much about your piece of Jewelry, a little research can help you understand what you are selling which can lead to a higher return. Examine your Jewelry for any signatures, markings, dates, engravings, or brands. Try to learn about the company or maker that your pieces belong to—stones and materials used, production era, production company, and rarity.

  • Take your time when learning to sell jewelry on eBay. It is a specialized niche with brutal competition. It may be in your best interests to hire an eBay consignment seller to handle it for you.

  • Take multiple pictures so you can choose the best photos to use with your listing. Be sure to include as much detail as possible and describe the item accurately.

  • Regardless of how you acquired fine jewelry, eBay can help you get the most money for it when you want to sell.

  • Put yourself in your customer’s shoes: What would you want to know before purchasing an item? writing your product listings, be as clear and descriptive as possible, and include key attributes, such as style, color, grades (cut/clarity), brand, size, and condition, among other details.

  • Fine jewelry is valuable because of what it is made of, where vintage costume jewelry is valuable because of the history it holds.

  • Buyers are always on the lookout for classic pearls and pearl jewelry. Learn the differences between freshwater pearls, Tahitian pearls, Akoya pearls, and South Sea pearls.

  • Auctions are strong for jewelry and watch sellers who start bidding at 99 cents with no reserve (the lowest price you’re willing to sell an item for).

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