Secrets To Dog Training Review: How to Properly Train Your New Dog

You pass by a pet store and see a dog looking up at you with the most adorable puppy eyes screaming, “Pet me!”. Then, your feet drag you to the store, your hands scooping him in your arms and the next thing you know, you’re out through the door with the dog trailing beside you.

Instead of running home empty-handed, your partner would surely be delighted to see a new addition to your ever-growing family. Well, who doesn’t want to own a pet dog?!

The joy is short-lived and is replaced with frustrations. It is when you wake up on the endless barks of your dog when you get home welcomed by dog pee all over the house. The times when your pet makes a ruckus destroying objects or making a peaceful walk in the park, a dreadful task.

Secrets To Dog Training

If only you could ring up Cesar Millan on the show, the ‘Dog Whisperer’ to ask for his help but it would take thousand bucks and extensive emailing – probably, begging – to shed some light on your dog’s behavior.

So, you wish you could turn back time and change your decision – to turn your direction away from the pet shop and stop yourself from purchasing the dog.

Based on Experience

But it’s too early to give up, my friend! There is one effective solution to make your wild pet into a well-trained and behaved dog.

Thousands, more specifically, over 220,000 dog owners have stamped ‘Secrets to Dog Training’ as their holy grail to cultivating their dogs’ behavior the right way.

I am one of those dog owners who claimed the book’s effectiveness. I have the same problem, my dog would scare off other people and eventually, me. My heart would break when I thought about the possibility of giving away Jabee, my once loving black labrador.

Until I stumbled upon the ‘Secrets to Dog Training’ written by Daniel Stevens. Since then, my dog never made another tantrum again.

With the right techniques and assistance, your dog can surely perfectly behave once more.

Based on Experience

The relationship between Man and Dog

They say a dog is more trustworthy and loyal compared to human beings. A dog would be by your side at all times, tirelessly. They are contented to spending time with only one person.

The intimate connection between the owner and pet makes it hard for us to give the dog up which is understandable. I sought help from other people, and one day, I was introduced to the remedy which only worked for my dog and thousand others.

That is why Daniel Stevens looked for a way to find the perfect solution to every pet owners problem. Like you, Daniel Stevens is a fellow dog owner and was also discouraged of his dog’s behavior but he made it easy for you by researching and writing up what he found in his book, ‘Secrets to Dog Training’.

The ‘Secrets of Dog Training’

Based on my opinion, the book focuses more on the connection between the human and the animal. There are more factors on being able to control a dog’s behavior; it’s the willingness of both parties involved and certain techniques which should be used and/or discarded.

The ‘Secrets of Dog Training’

The book aims to:

  1. Build a stronger relationship

The key to every kind of relationship is the connection. You have heard of this many times but I’m emphasizing this because of its’ importance.

How can you both be in good terms when you don’t even spend time together? Play with your dog for a few minutes or give your dog a relaxing bath. You will see how your dog’s behavior will change drastically.

  1. Understand the dogs’ behavior

There will always be a reason behind the kind of behavior your dog portrays. It might be because of the weather – dogs are more likely to be aggressive when it’s too hot or cold.

Another reason might be because of your dogs’ past experiences. Your pet must have a bad experience on a particular object. Let’s say, the alarm clock’s loud noise triggers the dog to bark because of a memory of the same sound.

  1. Give numerous techniques

Each person is not the same as the other, the same goes for animals. One dog does not behave or is identical with another dog.

What does this mean?

It means, there might be certain techniques that might work on one dog but will not work on the other. That is why the book has been well-researched to fit any of the dog owners needs.

The ‘Secrets of Dog Training’

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The secrets to dog training website

Are the ‘Secrets of Dog Training’ effective?

I have tried numerous techniques and asked people to find the solution to my dog’s behavior. In fact, I even watch shows related to dogs but still no avail.

Why didn’t I get a dog professional?

For one, It’s expensive. Hiring a professional trainer isn’t practical since there are more things you can use for the money.

Second, I would not be sure if the trainer would be effective. What if I did pay for his services but nothing happened? It would be a waste!

According to studies, even if it is effective it will not last long if the dog owner, himself, does not know how to control his own dog because the trainer will not be the one taking care of the dog for the rest of his life, right?

Third, The best way to learn and get to know more about your dog is quality time. Sacrifice a few minutes with your dog and observe.

The reason you bought a dog from the beginning is to have a companion. Why would you make other people do the work which you are responsible for?

The book has given me insights and new possibilities in a variety of ways. It can be stressful at times but this will pay off when you can see your dog behaved.

money back guarantee


I read reviews of ‘Secrets to Dog Training’ before deciding to buy the e-book. Who would want to waste money on something which will turn out ineffective, right?

A fellow companion of mine has shared her review on the book. The problem she faces back then is how her dog would come running towards anyone who comes out of the kitchen, indicating that her dog is expecting a meal. This has been bothersome, especially when visitors would be present.

Through the book’s help, she was able to condition her dog from discontinuing that kind of behavior.


  • Excellent tips for a healthy relationship between the dog and the owner.
  • Techniques are well-detailed
  • Offers different ways for effective training
  • Awareness on the right and wrong ways of dog training
  • Instill proper etiquette to the dog
  • Takes no longer than 30 minutes
  • A video and audio program
  • The price is cheap


  • Not a one time deal, consistency is key.
  • Instructions need to be strictly followed.

The ‘Secrets of Dog Training’


The Secrets to Dog Training by Daniel Stevens is purchasable at a small value and even comes with numerous services such as:

  • Secrets to Dog Training Book: The book a lot of people has been talking about, the positive reviews proves its’ effectiveness and definitely deserves to be in every dog owner’s shelf.

The book covers information about a dog’s mind and behavior. The best training method for your dog, and suggestions for a healthy relationship

  • Video Program: There are people who prefer visual aids than reading. The reason why Daniel Stevens includes videos is to have a more in-depth knowledge, the proper method of training and an easier session with your dog!

I, for one, preferred the video program because I could easily follow the techniques and the right etiquette for my dog.

  • Online Consultation: We have everything we need but what if the materials are still not convincing? or what if you still have questions? Well, online consultation with fellow dog owners and professionals would be the best way to seek help and suggestions.

I use this regularly to be able to have assurance and confirmation of the methods. The experiences others have witnessed during the training and the change of their own dogs.

  • Secrets to becoming an alpha dog: This is one of my favorite in the whole package, it is more in the psychological field and how to control your dog with it.
  • Audio Book: There might be times when we don’t have the time to read or watch a video to train the dog because of work and other activities. You can use it on the go, during a ride to work or when you take your dog for a walk.

walking with a pitbull


The book package has made my relationship with my dog, Jabee, a fruitful one. I continue to boast about this through word-of-mouth or this article. The key to having a successful training is to give time and be consistent. The techniques presented will only take you a few minutes a day, it will save you money and time.

Until today, I make it a point to re-read the books and materials, to ask for advice on dog owners. In order to strengthen and give importance to my dog’s well-being.

The ‘Secrets of Dog Training’

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