Secret Guitar Teacher Review: What Makes You Good At Guitar Quickly?

 The Secret Guitar Teacher Tutorials are making guiter lesson way more easy

Since you are here, reading this very review, you must have a kind of passion for the guitar. You may have seen someone play the guitar really well, and felt “What if I could also play like that?” deep inside yourself. Maybe it was the mighty Jimi Hendrix, setting up his guitar on fire on the stage, or Jason Becker playing guitar with one hand and spinning yo-yo with another. Or even perhaps the soothing blues of Gary Moore, from which you have felt inspired, and so you went o/n looking up for ways to sharpen your playing skills a bit more.

Congratulations, you are on the right path!

One thing that is very common with most guitarists in their primary years of learning is the lack of patience. Picking up the guitar, hoping, by some miracle, you can slay the crossroads of Steve Vai on the very next day. Well, I won’t say that’s impossible, but learning to play the guitar and mastering it to perfection requires a lot of dedication, hard work, and most importantly, PATIENCE.

If your arms and wrists aren’t getting tired, if your fingertips don’t start to get numb, and if you’re still not absolutely bored with the very five notes you’ve been assigned to play by your teacher – Then buddy, you are NOT practicing well enough.


Like most other things, perfection in playing guitar hardly comes overnight. And so, inevitably, those who seek shortcut ways of mastering all the guitar techniques give up after a very short time. Excuses like “It makes me fingers sore” or “I’m too busy to practice” are heard quite often, but let me tell you, the very reason for their quitting remains in a totally different place.

One thing that I’d like to say loud and clear is that there are NO SHORT-CUTS to learning to play guitar. If you think you are giving enough time and hardship after it and still not seeing enough progress, you aren’t doing it the right way.

Secret Guitar Teacher

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Now, what is the “Right Way”?

If I had to put it in words, the most appropriate way of answering that would be “The balanced way”. You need to balance your practicing schedules, your tab sheets, your metronome speed, your daily/weekly playing goals (start setting up one if you don’t do it already), your posture of sitting when you play, your thumb positioning (because that’s the one you are the least about, right?), your neck and eyesight… pretty much everything that’s related to your playing the guitar.

Now it may seem a little mixed up at first because we all think the way we do it is the best way. But to tell the truth, it is not.

Description about guitar lessons from secret guitar teacher

For example, you may find it strange, but practicing for one hour every day for a week is far more effective than practicing five hours for one day in a week and not touching the guitar at all for the rest of the days. Because in the first case, your fingers are being in a constant shaping process throughout the whole week, regardless of the amount of time allocated. And similarly, using a metronome every time you play, sitting properly with no unnecessary stress or strain put in your body, practicing the right scales and chords, having diversity in your playing – all of these require a balanced drill of practice.

What Is Secret Guitar Teacher?

Playing Guitar in a classic way

Secret Guitar Teacher provides the necessary guitar lessons (Online and downloadable). It also teaches some very important tools of learning to play the guitar, like an online guitar tuner, backing tracks online metronome, tab reading guide. Other than that, the guide will also help you find and understand the meaning of a balanced practice routine. With its specified genre-wise guitar lessons, players from the very amateur levels to the advanced tiers can be helped through Secret Guitar Teacher.

Almost everything that a guitar player needs to proceed with his learning process can be found on the website. And with all the tools you find important being available, your journey with will be smooth and balanced. Hence, the Secret Guitar Teacher offers you the quickest way to becoming a better (if not the best) guitar player.

With the help of Secret Guitar Teacher, you can get these services:

  1. Learn with the world’s most experienced guitar teacher ever. These teachers are really operating on the worldwide web.
  2. Learn from the guitar master who is very well known about the teaching process. Also well known about the bolt and nuts of music
  3. You will really enjoy learning classical solos, riffs, intros, and all songs you long yearned to play. In the meantime, you will be able to build your knowledge and techniques in music
  4. Adore the lessons which are purposed for your learning.
  5. With the Secret Guitar Teacher, you will be able to play the advanced guitar which you always wanted to become.

Get all of your inquiries answered and also your complications solved by straight addressing it to the support team through email.

What You Need To Know Before Starting The Lessons

Learning how to play the guitar is certainly not as easy as it looks. However, with the Secret Guitar Teacher, you will be able to master it in no time.

But before starting your lessons, here are some of the things that you need to know:

  1. You will be taught by a legendary masterpiece teacher. This teacher possesses extensive knowledge when it comes to playing the guitar. Hence, you can rest assured that the lessons are worth your while.
  2. You need to know and acknowledge your limitations. Don’t hesitate to start from the beginning if you have zero knowledge about the subject. Through this, you will be able to learn at your own pace.
  3. The course isn’t for showing off. You will be taught exactly the track stuff and the things that are important when it comes to playing the guitar.
  4. You can easily contact your teacher if you have any problems or questions that need to be addressed.
  5. Learning how to play the guitar needs time and dedication. This program is not for you if you are looking for immediate lessons. For the lessons to be effective, you also need to be determined enough to learn.

Secret Guitar Teacher Blog:

There is a blog in the main website section which leads the learning to another level. Because much more nice information is available and collected for the guitar lovers. Reviews about secret guitar teachers and also some tricks are presented nicely in there. You can buy the package and get unlimited access.

Secret Guitar Teacher blog about related lessons

What Are The Secret Guitar Teacher Website’s Features?

The website features hundreds of hours of well-integrated guitar lesson courses, designed and instructed by Nick Minnion, at a very reasonable price. Nick has been a guitar instructor since the age of 15, which means he has over 40 years of experience and knowledge about his work. Through the long years of providing guitar training, he has seen a wide and large variation in the type of his students.

Despite having what we call Natural-talent, we saw how many of the students give up after a very short period of time. On the contrary, some of them persevered despite having real tough times. Of course, it isn’t easy to match notes with the metronome. It also isn’t easy for some to find the strumming patterns that work for them. Nevertheless, they were able to grasp their flow of making good music at one point. The element that helped them find that very string they were seeking to hold on to before drowning in despair was nothing but a properly balanced regular practice routine.

Secret Guitar Teache

You may have already tried to make your way through by following the free-of-cost guitar tutorials available on YouTube and other websites. But have you ever thought that, if learning guitar was so easy then why isn’t everyone around showing off their skills of covering Joe Satriani or Ritchie Blackmore pieces on every chance they are getting? Well, the answer lies in being reasonable and practical.

Do you need YouTube?

YouTube can only show you what to do, maybe even perhaps a little bit of how to do it as well. But every person is different, with their thoughts, body movements, and ways of approaching with something. This is why everyone needs to have a human sitting in front of them as their mentor to notice the differences and give advice as per the individual’s requirement.

A computer or a bot only works using algorithms and pretty much sets up a way to tutoring. This is rather generalized and not suitable for students with special advantages or disadvantages. And that is also why some people pay money to learn and master the art knowing its deepest details and where to work on, how to balance their practice schedules, certainly not because they are idiots!

Is The Website Really Helpful?

With the help of a properly balanced practice routine and –s guidance, anybody, which means you too, can become a good guitar player. You will not have Nick Minnion sitting in front of you in this case either. But the difference is, Nick already has been very much aware of this problem and set up his entire website of guitar tutorials keeping it in mind that you never have to feel the necessity of a personal trainer’s presence.

By the time Secret Guitar Teacher was made, Nick had already seen a huge number of students. These students came up with their unique troubles while learning the guitar and so you can rely on his courses. If you are worried that you probably are going to give up playing guitar because your problems are different, have faith in Nick. Most people reviewed this website as most resourceful and worth course buying. Become proud of this family!

Electric Guitar pictures

How Long Does The Secret Guitar Teacher Lessons Take?

The duration of your lesson is highly dependent on how you learn. It may take you minutes per lesson, or it may take you months. Not only that, but this also depends on the difficulty and scope of each lesson.

There are lessons that you may want to stick to even for weeks if you need to get each detail diligently. Nevertheless, the lessons include help buttons beneath the video screen. They allow you to choose alternative lessons that may suit you better. You can also repeat the lessons in order to ensure that you learn everything thoroughly. The important thing is that you don’t easily give up on learning. The skill that you will reap by the end of the lessons will be worth it.

Money-Back Guarantee

If you are skeptical about purchasing the Secret Guitar Teacher, you don’t have to worry too much. By purchasing it from the official website, you can have a 60-day money-back guarantee! Hence, if the program doesn’t work for you and wish to cancel your membership, just notify them and you can have a full refund.

Sign Up Now!

 “If you want music to be your livelihood, then play, play, play and play!…” – 

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for the most Eddie Van Halenbeautiful, efficient, and effective guitar course available on the internet. Then, start your journey towards making your dream of becoming a guitar-maestro come true! Secret Guitar Teacher is waiting for you.

Secret Guitar Teache

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  • This is the best guitar learning tool I have come across. Within a pretty short while I have learnt to strum along my favorite hits in near perfect synchronicity. Really awesome.

  • Even with this super easy guide, you would have to spend some time and make some effort to actually start playing. But it is so worth it!

  • I love the music of the guitar. That’s why I have started this course. But I have to try my best and give my best effort to learn to play guitar. It is not easy but helpful, and I must keep practicing.

  • Yes. I agree with the name of the guide. As the name suggests is a real teacher. No one should lie to you, you do not have to meet a trainer face to face to be a pro in guitar. I have been using this guide from home for some few months now and many people are wondering.
    There are many materials provided and easy to follow and you get to use it anyway and when you feel like.

  • My rating for this system is 100% effective. One thing that i have achieved by using this program is saving on time and money. At the same time it works very well with tips that are easy to understand.

  • Have access to any printouts such as reference material, tab, charts and rhythm among many others. You can post your requests on songs and lessons or anything that has not been covered on the site.

  • The guitar has gained unprecedented popularity ever since electronics was used to produce the sound and create special effects. Everybody loves one type of music or the other and it is the dream of many people to learn to play music.

  • Wonderful! i have to say that this is a guide that works better than even a coach. it is very easy to understand and so comprehensive.

  • Keep all your learning material safe so that you can refer to them any time you want to refresh your knowledge

  • It’s not possible to learn each and every details of Guitar. As most of the time, people learn it themselves or by watching some online and youtube videos, which are most of the time very nonprofessional.

  • The help buttons provided just beneath each lesson’s video screen helps you redirect to other alternative lessons that may suit you.

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