Secret Gold Guide Review: What’s The Best Way To Get More Gold?

Making gold in WoW

Hi, there. I’m writing this review for all the busy people out there who also like to enjoy some WoW on the side.

I am a volunteer in South Africa, and going to the communities and traveling, although it might sound cool, it is actually exhausting and time-consuming.

When we get back to Joburg, I like to get some food, and just relax while playing some nice video games.

Kids playing video game

I wanted to get on board WoW, and so I started and just became hooked immediately.

Started as a Druid, went through everything, but I started to notice how time consuming it was to both level up and make gold.

Frustrations came to the surface when I was starting to get a limited experience of the game because I didn’t have access to better equipment.

Fire on Wow

My journey into improving and daily life

Still, I was decided to improve and I got to doing intense research, reading reviews, looking to learn from others’ experience.

So, I stumbled upon my first free guide. Went through it, followed its advice, and started to see results. Results that came from boring, extremely repetitive tasks, and I decided this was not an option for me.

Then, I bought another guide, and it was basically the same as the first one.

When I landed on the website for The Secret Gold Guide, and went through it, I decided to give it a go. See if maybe this one would work.

I first read it, tried to make sense out of it in my head, and then started to put some of the methods in the book in practice.

One thing that Hayden states in the website is that not always the new techniques are the best for making gold. So, when I told my friends about the methods in the book, they seemed quite skeptical, but I decided to go ahead.

Secret Gold Guide

As I got stronger and started to become more independent of the book itself, I started to notice that:

  • The more powerful I got, the faster I could farm
  • As one improves, one has access to better areas
  • I started to take less time to make less gold

And so, I started to dedicate some days to make money, some days to just enjoy the game, and it was bliss.

Boy enjoying at the park

Sharing the knowledge

Hayden’s method is so simple to use and explain, I could bring my noob friends on board. Which, of course, allowed us to enjoy the game more, and combine our efforts to have better results.

Then, not only did we do quest together, but also have started our own “in-game business”, so that adds to our fun.

Friends at the Train

The auction house

One thing that really stands out of the guide, for me, is the auction house part. The guide that Hayden created is very well connected and explained, so that every process, regardless of how different, helps with others.

How she manages old expansions to create money and how easy it actually is for us to get access to those opportunities as well, is just amazing,

So, while people are busy with something else in the new expansions, if you go back and farm the adequate items, you got yourself so much money to make.

Or, better yet, using the Auction House to your favor and generating money through it, while you have other things going on. Which was my approach for quite a while.

Click here to get The Secret Gold Guide, and learn all the secrets of effective gold farming, and how you can reduce the time it takes you while increasing the amount of gold you loot!

No road unexplored

In Hayden’s eBook, that you get as PDF in your inbox immediately after you buy it, you get a 360 approach to the issue of making gold in WoW.

As you read through it, you will find that it addresses the most common methods, but there is one big differentiator. She is SMART about it, and COMPLETELY legal, so your account is not threatened.

I remember a friend making a snarky remark on gathering. How obvious it was, and unoriginal.

When we went through the chapter, and started learning the ways of doing it efficiently, and actually put it to work, he never complained again.

The maps were so clear and accurate, we never had to struggle to face unknown surprises while following Hayden’s instructions.

The PDF is so well explained, and the flow of ideas makes perfect sense, so we didn’t invest much time reading, but rather getting the idea, planning, and then we got to making some gold.

Since Hayden takes on almost every imaginable method on making gold, then, I this is why I love the guide.

You are free to choose! No activity gets imposed, not one way goes unexplored, and so you can choose which one fits your personality and time.

This is something I’m thankful for. I don’t like that people ask me to buy and read their guides and then they impose how things are supposed to happen.

Hayden is open, clear, there are methods and useful ways to go about, but it is always your choice!

So, you get to choose how to spend your time, and how to make your gold, while having fun and seeing results.

A map to success and fun

When you read the Secret Gold Guide you will start noticing something that, I found a little embarrassing, but liberating as well.

As one starts playing the game and does some research online. It gets a little repetitive, and people tend to make the same recommendations. So, if many people coincide in something, then maybe it is the way to go, right?


In the Secret Gold Guide, I found that most of these things were actually WRONG! It was people going head first to repetitive, not analyzed, methods that do generate money but

  • Take tons of time
  • Don’t generate satisfaction
  • Don’t allow you to enjoy the game
  • Need high stats to work

So, this is a red flag for me: If I can’t enjoy the game, I’m not having it!

This lead to doing better quests on the daily basis to acquire gold or strategic items.

Because this is so researched, you will find how to do it in your server, where to go, what to get, how to farm, and sell for great profits.

And, as I mentioned before in the review, the maps…. The maps are so well done, detailed, and easy to follow and identify, there is nothing to lose!

Why does this work?

I am not an expert, as you may have noticed. Just a complete beginner in WoW. I have played other MMORPGs, and always struggled, especially with the gold part.

This frustrated me through every game that I tried, and I love video games, so I didn’t want to live like this.

So, when I decided to go into WoW, one of my resolutions was to not allow this issue to frustrate my game play and life.

The Secret Gold Guide is a relief, it’s smart, it’s easy, aims for automation of your gold making, and it is written in such a way that everything becomes an intuitive part of your game play in no time, so you don’t become dependent of it, but just go through it and start having more fun.

The strategies in Hayden’s guide are updated constantly, and useful to the unexperienced gamer.

It is not filled with technicalities or useless lingo, but rather guides you through it as well, so that you can understand in and out the game.

The way I saw it, it could also be used by advanced gamers, here’s why:

  • Some advanced players got there because of real life money
  • Some were taken by the hand of their friends, and they rely heavily on them
  • Some just were courageous, but that so smart (maybe time to put things in order)
  • Some were courageous and smart, and took them forever, but they are on top (not for this guys, though)

The addition of Tom’s Power Leveling Guide, oh God, it’s a perfect combo. So then, the tips and logic on leveling up, together with the Secret Gold Guide system because an easy access to get yourself up in the game without removing the fun.

There is not cheating or inflated methods that will later explode in your face or your wallet, it’s simple and organic with the game.

The only thing is: Why wait so long to start enjoying your game play?

Is it for me?

I would encourage you to read other reviews and buy this only if you are certain it is not a scam.

Because, whatever you buy, but you don’t follow, or don’t believe in, IT WON’T WORK!

So, if you are getting into this, you need to be open and make the commitment, this is the first advice.

Second, if you are a total expert money maker, move along.

This guide is for:

  • Dedicated beginners
  • Beginners who want to enjoy game play more
  • Players tired of struggling with gold
  • Players with gold but lack organization
  • Advanced players that need to automate their money making
  • Advanced players that want to start making money

The fact that you are advanced and doing great, doesn’t necessarily mean that you are great with money, maybe you have enough to make it through the day, you charge for your healing or tanking, but is that the real lifestyle?

Having systems in place, having things happening almost completely by themselves, that allows you to go out and do whatever you want, instead of looking to join the fun of others you can get to a level where you choose your type of fun.

When your gold making is working, and organized, then you have one thing less to worry about, and this guide does provide you with that alternative.

Know your game

As mentioned before in the review, the book will address your server, your profession, making it then easier to address specifics and help your friends.

If you know how to make the most of your profession and your surroundings, then you will also be improving your skills and becoming more of an expert in that particular profession.

Allowing you to help others in the same position as you. Maybe even charging a little for the advice?

I mean, most people don’t really look for guides, or are not willing to buy them, buy you are, and you bought it, and then you’ll become good. Just a thought.

I mean, if as a result of your advice, they will save say… 10 hours a week or more of making gold, don’t you deserve some reward?

Since you will be helping people into not making the same mistakes other people make, avoiding heavily saturated, spots, etc. Why not?

All this while you take full advantage of your character, the game, your server, the surroundings, the Auction House, the garrison system, etc.

There’s a way for everyone

As mentioned before, the guide focuses on every profession, but it also goes through different activities.

This means that you will be able to make money by:

  • Auctions
  • Fishing
  • Cooking
  • Gathering
  • Crafting

Secret Gold Guide

Every part that the game offers can be made to make money, it all depends and what are you focusing on and which activity you actually prefer.

Crafting is a well-known way to make money but it’s not for everyone. Even though it is popular, it is not well done by many players. It’s not all about crafting but also on what, where, and how you sell it.

Using legal add-ons has helped many players, and many people are doing it now. Learning which ones to use and how to use them to your advantage is also something that you will get as a PDF in your inbox.

Configurations for garrisons, food, time, servers, places, maps, characters, quests…. a 360 approach to making gold in the game while enjoying it and getting a great experience.

In a nutshell

So, as soon as you buy the guide, you will get the eBook as a PDF in your inbox. Then you can download the guide plus the bonus materials.

I highly recommend you the Level Up guide.

You go through the chapters of Secret Gold Guide and, first, make up your mind on how you would like to start, and try. Give it time though.

Once you find out which activity you can actually do and enjoy, that is also aligned to the skills you want to develop in your profession, then go ahead!

If you complement this with leveling up, add-ons, and just general game play, you’ll be set!

Final thoughts

As busy people who like video games, it is very useful to find ways to enrich our gaming life and experience.

WoW offers an amazing experience, but making gold can take so many hours, and we don’t have much time.

In this guide, I found I sensible, intelligent, way that aims not to being the in-game Bill Gates, rather be a wealthy character that can make money while enjoying the game.

In the beginning, as one gets used to the game characteristics, and gold becomes more and more of a necessity. It is very easy to get obsessed with was of making more.

Don’t let your experience take that turn, but rather play it smart, educate yourself on the matter, and start making gold and living a good experience without pressure.

Then, you’ll have the opportunity to develop your character anyway you want. Become stronger and better in whatever you want to do, and make a name for yourself!

Secret Gold Guide

In the end of the day, part of the MMORPG gaming experience is creating communities, making friends.

If you become great at something, share it with others, and deliver your promises, then you are set to make the most of WoW.

So, give it a go. Try and make some gold in a smart way and enjoy the game.

Good luck!

Click here to get your copy of the Secret Gold Guide today, and you’ll learn how to make more gold than ever whenever you play World of Warcraft!

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