This dance is sensual, exciting and enjoyable. Having originated from the South American countries with heavy Puerto Rican influences and Cuban touches, it has spread everywhere in the world now and if you don’t know how to get down the salsa way, you are getting left behind.

The good thing is that as a beginner, you will not have any problems learning the steps which are easy to grasp. However, there are some things that you may not know and I will teach them to you in this short but insightful article in the art of salsa dancing.

Salsa Is Very Healthy

Salsa aims at the joy of looking past the tension, the stress and the problems that you may have and letting go while enjoying health benefits too.

#1 Bones and Joints

The art of dancing salsa will help you get your body stretched and feeling better after you are done. The dances lubricate your bones and joints.

#2 Muscle Stretching

You will experience a good muscle stretching that leaves you feeling relieved and very loose. That way, you get flexibility and a healthy body at the same time when you are having fun.

#3 Balance Improvements

When you reach the part where you have been able to internalize the steps, you will have balance and that will be helpful if you are an outdoorsy kind of person. It also makes you young and fun if you can be seen as a string person.

#4 Relationships Rekindling

As a dance, it is very sensual and will bring you closer to your partner when you are there dancing together. You can be able to feel each other and relive the tension and stress that accompanies a life together.

#5 Improves Emotional Health and Lowers Cholesterol

When you dance, it acts as a therapy of sorts because then, you are able to let loose and have fun with no mincing of who you are and what you feel. Lowering of cholesterol will give you physical health because you will have tip top cardio health.

The Fun

Salsa is fun and games and meeting new people and also getting very social. It will help you get the best out of having fun by helping you let loose and become more amiable. These are the reasons why people consider salsa to be very fun.

  • The social concept and stage is exciting. The closeness to people and taking to the, dancing with them and being one with them helps tremendously when you are trying to be more social.
  • The stress and pressure will dissipate leaving you with a warm fuzzy feeling of acceptance, confidence and hope to beat the problems you may have.
  • Salsa is delightfully challenging. It is fun to watch yourself and others taking, the baby steps before you can turn your footwork into legendary status. It is a growth and progressive process.
  • The music and beats are nothing short of awesome because they are exotic, fast and playful. They will make you a kid again and you will hop, skip and jump to the rhythm. It is just fun.

So, get your salsa on and feel of the beat.


  1. Carrie C. C

    I can’t believe I have to collect evidence that Salsa is fun and good for you but here I am. I want my friend to join the classes I’m in but she’s worried she won’t have fun and it won’t be beneficial. But this has been a fun activity and it’s renewed my passion for salsa. Especially thanks to this article.

  2. I have wanted to take salsa classes for ages. But my boyfriend didn’t seem to be interested at all. But thanks to your article he finally decided to take classes together. Now we’ll have lot’s of fun together.

  3. Dancing is a great way to lose weight, in addition to this benefit I happen to love Salsa.

  4. I just love salsa, there is something so sensual in the dance that you don’t get every day in an ordinary life…

  5. I have a passion for dancing since I was a kid but my parents believe that it’s only for women. When I grew up, I decided to follow my dream and learned a lot of dance styles such as hip hop, ballet, and many more. Now, I have an urge to know more of salsa, it may be difficult but I bet it’s worth all the time. Thank you for this program, I purchased it and start immediately! I can dance in the confines of my home!

  6. Jordan Hess

    She can make sure that you perform the dance correctly, thereby minimizing your risk of personal injury or injury to your partner. Poor teachers may inhibit your ability to perform the dance correctly and the possibility of obtaining all of the benefits that salsa dance has to offer.

  7. The aerobic benefits don’t stop there, though. By using salsa dance, you can also decrease blood pressure, lower your chances of having heart disease and get your body into better shape.

  8. Luigi Dengler

    An intense dance form like salsa can help you burn around 5-10 calories every minute. While doing salsa, most of the body muscles are well exercised.

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