Are These Really The Best Themes For WordPress Sites?

WordPress is the framework behind many of the websites and blogs you visit every day, including this one. Latest numbers from WordPress attribute the framework as the backbone of 17 percent of the web.

WordPress is the structure of a good amount of websites you see online. Almost 17% of the web contents have a massive backup from WordPress. This platform is hugely popular and many people’s first choice for that matter.

WordPress is really simple and easy to use. Theme builders will make it customizing much easier. Themes always take your sites to another level. And this will attract more visitors to your site.

The better the themes the traffic it will get. Moreover, if the themes are a bit different than usual, then you’ll get more attention than regular one. So, if you are looking for best themes for your WordPress site, then I’ll tell you what features it needs to have.

Not all themes are great you know. You need to maintain or make some features as your priority if you want to have success with your site.

So, let’s look at some of the features that should be on your list.

Are These Really The Best Themes For WordPress Sites?

1. Fast, Responsive Design

It should be the first feature on your list. It’s a must if you want a larger crown on your website. People nowadays surf the internet with mobile devices or tablets too. So, if you have a theme that has a slower response or can’t view contents undoubtedly then your site won’t be that successful.

It’s very vital that the theme will allow users to view it on any device they use without any problem.

2. Social Sharing Features

Nowadays a theme without social sharing feature is unimaginable. Social sharing is a must and themes for sites needs to include this feature. At least it should allow three social networks (Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest)

3. Multiple Page Styles

The theme you select should have numerous page styles, to begin with. Only a single page style would just make things boring.

4. Auto Upgrade and Support

If you want your site to pop up from the crowd, then all you need to do is to select a theme that would allow auto-updates. This feature tends to attract the customers the most, and people keeps coming back to the site.

5. Widgets

If you are a WordPress lover, then you should always love the feature of customizable widgets. The theme should have a wide range of widgets included along with the customizing option.

6. Theme Customization

Predesigned themes are great. But they tend to be a bit common for that matter. So, you should be able to tweak it according to your taste. Or else it would just be another copied theme.

7. SEO

The theme that you choose should have the full SEO pack. It’s the no. 1 plugin, and your website would gain a huge plus point. SEO optimization is a must if you want high traffic on your site.

8. Retina-Display Ready

Though it’s still not an in-demand feature, it’s highly going that way. Many users are now looking for a retina ready display, and it’s for WordPress themes as well.

So, it would give your site a boost up.

9. Standards Compliant Coding

Quality code is the backbone of best websites. If you want a great high-quality theme, then you should always look at the coding also.

10. Design Bundles

Nowadays theme designers add different add-ons option that will provide huge contents making the design a success. So, you should always look for a theme that would support these extra add-ons.

Now that you know what features your theme should have you can choose the right theme for you. But still, it gets quite hard to choose from the countless of themes available on the market.

Are These Really The Best Themes For WordPress Sites?

All of them has features and add-ons but which are actually great? That’s why for your benefit I’ve put together a list of WordPress theme products that are really popular these days. All you need to do is to check it out!


Making a website is easier said than done. For instance, you need to think of the content of your web page and at the same time, a layout which would make visitor’s curious and intrigued.

Great themes are always hard to find. Even if find one you’ll see that its way out of your budget. So what can, be the best choice for you then? If you are looking for a blog theme, then this product will surely come in handy.

The price is actually small and you would get tons of feature with it. Such as,

  • Hundreds of themes in a small price
  • Serve users inquiries and issues, 24/7
  • Latest standards of coding in WordPress

Though most providers have restrictions Themedy Isn’t one of them. You’ll get all the freedom to change your website for a smaller price. So, you better check it out now!


InstaTheme is another excellent product on the list. If you like flexibility, then this is perfect for you. Other products have good things too, but they tend to lack at some point.

But not this one. With having amazing design and support, they are still thriving on the market.

With InstaTheme, you’ll have a complete power over the templates. Tweaking their settings modifying the code is a huge plus. Though you might feel a bit overwhelmed with all the features, it has to offer.

You can even modify it by the pixel! This can be a great choice if you love creative contents and want to add your touch to the website.

Also, the price is really small for that matter.

Just check out the product if you want to create with ease and comfort.

Are These Really The Best Themes For WordPress Sites?

Niche Website Templates

Niche Website Templates are rather different than conventional ones. The template will help you in making your website look stunning. The bundle of theme that it provides has a lot of different templates, to begin with.

You’ll be able to increase all your sales and money pretty effectively after trying this out.

This product is a bit different than normal. All the themes have a professional look, and also eye-catching design features. People would definitely come back again and again after seeing it once. And this would increase your business to a great extent.

The system is designed for taking your content to another level. And with the freedom to tweak the sites according to your wish, you’ll be able to add a different flavor to it.

So you should definitely check it out!

Wrapping things up,

Building your own website is hard work. But the product on the list would surely make it much easier and of course cheaper. All the products here are targeted to make your life more easy and straightforward.

You’ll be able to tweak them, get all the extra features, and all for a very small price. So, choose what best suits you of course.


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