Quickbooks University Review: Master Your Quickbooks in Days!

Do you depend upon QuickBooks for accounting but use only the basic features? It can be powerful software if you know how to use the product correctly. QuickBooks University by Mat Hultquist helped me understand QuickBooks like nothing else. I hope my QuickBooks University review will help many people achieve more out of QuickBooks.

Want to get the most out of QuickBooks but do not have the time and are you trying to learn the software yourself but finding it difficult? Check the excellent video tutorials at QuickBooks University. You will find great features to automate your everyday work. Tips and tricks will simplify your accounting tasks…something you will find only at QuickBooks University.

My Quest to learn QuickBooks

QuickBooks is not cheap, and I wanted to make the most out of the money I paid. I tried the QuickBooks site, and it does a good job. Yet, I wanted more…something like a video course or a video guide. I was desperate to learn more about QuickBooks, but the courses were difficult or expensive. Sometime last year, I landed at QuickBooks University through Google.

The QuickBooks University turned out to be exactly what I wanted. It has several useful video tutorials and is more than an accounting course for QuickBooks. The website is especially great if you are a business owner who wants to use the best features of QuickBooks.

How the QuickBooks University saved me

Quickbooks University Video Tutorial


Mat Hultquist at QuickBooks University does a great job of getting you up and running with QuickBooks. Additionally, you get three free videos that can help you judge the course content.

With these video tutorials of QuickBooks, I could:

  • Understand my cashflow better
  • Reduce bookkeeping time by 90 percent
  • Track and manage my costs and cash better
  • Get the best out of QuickBooks

Like other leading software tools, QuickBooks is a complete software. You tend to use the basic stuff all time. But the software has many things to make your life easier. Of course, I learned about them through the QuickBooks University videos. It has nicely structured video modules that unravel in a step-by-step manner. I think many business owners will enjoy the training tutorials.

Is it worth the price?

I chose the business license, and the price is worth every cent. In fact, the Mat Hultquist price is a reasonable one-time fee for the efforts of the author. The QuickBooks University is apt for small business owners. You will not repent over the money spent on the course. But hire an advisor if you are an entrepreneur with hundreds of clients and billions in revenue.

How I wish I had discovered this earlier

I rue that I could have got good grades but for all the accounting courses. If someone had a product like QuickBooks training videos earlier, I would have gained a lot. Mat explains the QuickBooks software functions in a super-easy way. The creator should be proud of something as brilliant as his QuickBooks University work.

Immediate benefits that you can share

One great thing with QuickBooks is you get immediate access to the videos when you pay. You also get the videos in your email. Also, you can share the videos with your CPA, business partners, or family. The one-time fee covers everything, including 24/7 email support.

Quickbooks University

Click this link to get your access into the QuickBooks University, and learn how to master QuickBooks quickly, saving you time and money!

A little about Mat Hultquist

Mat Hultquist is an accountant with more than 20 years of experience as a business owner. CPA firms only file tax returns and do monthly bookkeeping. As a business owner, he wanted his CPA to go one step ahead and explain things. He started teaching the proper use of QuickBooks to local businesses.

Mat’s passion is to show business owners, students, and CPA’s the correct way to use QuickBooks. His motto: If you use the accounting software properly, you will also understand your business more. Firstly, he started a free website in 2010 to teach the basics of QuickBooks. The response was tremendous. Then, he went ahead and started the QuickBooks University.

Leverage your investment in QuickBooks

Quickbooks University Accounting


I had this nagging feeling that I was not entirely using QuickBooks. If you do not use QuickBooks fully, you are missing a lot of action. One great thing I learned is how to automate bookkeeping and account-related tasks. Earlier, it was a problem even to use QuickBooks for a simple thing like adding users.

How to use the free clips? They help you decide whether to buy the subscription or not. No wonder the focus is on:

  • Accounting
  • Bookkeeping
  • QuickBooks product

QuickBooks University is a friendly training program that has the latest accounting course tutorials. I feared even to read the bulky guide with all the extras. But Mat has done a fantastic job with a neat table of contents.

What do users gain from the QuickBooks University?

The QuickBooks University is a guide in the form of a series of video lessons. But is it function or concept-based? Neither…what you learn is how to do tasks in QuickBooks quickly. In reality, this helps you immensely because you can:

  • Apply this immediately to the task at hand
  • Extend the knowledge to other businesses
  • Execute quickly with the software

Hence, whenever you find challenging problems, you can relate them to easy tasks. If you are still not sure, recheck the clips for a solution. Also, you have one month of support for questions from the QuickBooks University.

I want to use QuickBooks quickly

Notably, you do not need to have a degree or deep knowledge about accounts for all the tasks. For example, let us look at the first free clip that correctly records your sales. How you register your sales in QuickBooks relates to other aspects. Hence, it is just not a software input. Instead, the way you relate it to other parts of the business will make a positive difference.

Watch the free clips

I talk about the free clips in my QuickBooks University review all the time because they are so important. If you sign up to watch them, you will get an idea of the entire system. Moreover, you will be able to make an informed decision.

And I want a reasonable solution

Have you tried searching online for QuickBooks tutorials? It is frustrating because most go into too much depth of accounts. What about people like you and me who want to learn tasks and not the theory of accounts?

I do not wish to complain about any QuickBooks course. But all of them seem to be damn expensive and waste much of your time. My review of Mat’s guide is that it is the easiest to practice even with a moderate-speed internet connection.

How to start?

Quickbooks University Buy


Once you buy the guide from the website, you will get an email with all the links to the clips. If you follow the directions, there is no worry that anything will go wrong. Also, the tasks are small with clear explanations. For one thing, I could master many tasks with 2-3 times of practice on my own accounts.

I got the business license because it seems to be an excellent investment. What works like magic is the automation of processes. Once you dig into the settings, it works like a breeze. Moreover, it will save an insane amount of your time.

Get a handle on the QuickBooks software

The QuickBooks University does not teach all the basics of accounts or accounting purposes. But, I learned the correct usage of QuickBooks through video media of the program. One more thing: It takes little time to watch the videos as the content is to the point. If you are busy, you can even watch the QuickBooks University clips on your smartphone. Of course, you can also try the QuickBooks software app after reading my review.

What do people say about the QuickBooks University?

All the consumer reviews about the QuickBooks University seem to be positive. The creator also runs periodic special discount offers through the QuickBooks University website. The 60-day money-back guarantee is one more proof that the program is not a scam.

I wish to make life simple

I am already too busy with my business, family, friends, and much more. Life will be difficult if I try to learn all about bookkeeping and accounting directly from QuickBooks. I need something like the QuickBooks University program to handhold me here. And I do not doubt that the author of the program is doing a fantastic job.

Mat is always there to guide you

You can also get Mat to answer all your questions or problems in the first month: both about QuickBooks and the QuickBooks University videos. Now, one month is a long time to buy the guide and get chugging along.

Tasks are fun to learn

Accounts, payroll, inventory…the QuickBooks University video program explains everything to make your business decisions easier. You will be happy that the author will always help you with any problem with finance or processes.

A practical site with great learning methods

Just because I am a business owner, I do not want to think about money or business constantly. I think most of you will agree that we invest for a better life. For that, family comes first. What allows you quality time with your family is automated business processes. In short, you can:

  • Get additional time for family
  • Know more about your business
  • Manage your cash flow
  • Make extra money

QuickBooks is a great investment if you use it to its full potential. The QuickBooks University teaches you all the tasks, tips, and tricks that make QuickBooks such a complete product. Hence, I rate Mat highly in my review.

Final words

The objective of my QuickBooks University review is to help people like me who use QuickBooks. These busy people do not have a lot of time to undertake complex QuickBooks training. Instead of taking an accounting course and learning all about accounts, we want a program to guide us on the essential aspects.

Doesn’t the QuickBooks University program sound like a great business plan? Yes, it helps you in a way that other training courses seldom do. The program gently guides you with the crucial aspects of the QuickBooks software. The author has a unique way of updating the course videos with the latest things all the time. If you are a small business user, you should really try it. Even for others, it is an excellent investment.

Happy Bookkeeping!

Quickbooks University

Join the Quickbooks University by clicking here, and you’ll become a master at Quickbooks in just a couple of weeks or even just a couple of days!

4.9/5 - (12 votes)


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