Hi, I’m writing this review to let you know a little about my experience with QuickBooks University, a series of video tutorials created by Mat Hultquist that helped me make the most of QuickBooks.

We all know that QuickBooks is an amazing thing to have when it comes to bookkeeping and everything around it. However, like many great software tools out there (read Photoshop, Premiere, among many others), it’s such a complete software that we tend to stay just in the basic and ignore other amazing functions that it offers and that can make our life easier.

I tried other tutorials, even the ones in the QuickBooks website, and some were complicated or tedious, others were extremely basic or super expensive (those I didn’t even bother with).

Through google, I stumbled with Mat’s QuickBooks University, read a little, went through the 3 free videos, saw both licenses, and the business license made much more sense to me and was affordable so I decided to give it a try. Best buy ever.

It is clear that Mat has had quite the experience as a CPA and with the software, you just have to hear how things are so clearly explained and the progression well established, so there was no getting lost, or not much going back to double check, and as a busy person, I highly appreciate that.

I mean, QuickBooks is such a powerful tool, there was so much potential without being used, and it’s not particularly cheap, so making the most of it was my priority, and the target was achieved.

  • Made the best with the information provided with the books
  • Learned more about my costs and how to handle them
  • Saved TONS of time with bookkeeping
  • Got a better image of my cash flow

This is all amazing because It allows you to make informed decisions! And as an entrepreneur, I want to be fully aware of what is going on, how my decisions related to my money in almost every cent.

If I was billing millions a year, I would not be doing this and would hire an advisor, but since this is not the case, and I still have the time to see at clear detail what is going on with my finances then, of course, I’ll take the chance.

My journey with books.

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I remember through university how I struggled with accounting courses. I graduated with very good grades and would have done even better if I hadn’t been so weak in accounting. I am an intelligent person, and it created huge frustration for me that I could wrap my head around calculus or statistics, but never accounting.

It became such a serious issue that compassionate teachers, noticing my struggles, would approach me and offer help after lessons, because for them it just didn’t make sense that I couldn’t handle many concepts or tasks.

So, when I stumbled with QuickBooks and QuickBooks University, I was extremely happy to be guided by someone with so much experience and can actually explain well.

There is no real need to be a CPA or the likes, QuickBooks and QuickBooks University make it very easy to handle everything, and this was a huge relief.

Another great thing is that everything is recorded on videos that, as soon as you buy QuickBooks University, you get to your mail inbox so you can take with you basically anywhere, and share with others, for example, your business partner, or your family member helping you out with the books (which is my case).

There is no time limit or working hours, you can access them anytime anywhere.

Regaining control

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All this amounts to the one thing that always gives me peace: Being in control. Yes, you can’t always have everything under control, and the aim is that one day, you are making so much money that you just can’t but, for now, these tutorials have helped me immensely in keeping my books and taking decisions based on FACTS and real behavior of my money and my market.

Plus, another thing I’m grateful for: It takes very little time. At some stage, if we don’t get the right resources, things can become: Learning how to do things and bookkeeping. That’s such a waste of time.

It’s not that I learned the roots of every accounting thing or concept, I learned how to use QuickBooks correctly, make the most of it, and this is what I want to tell you in this review.

Stop driving yourself crazy

man holding paper with colorful diagram

If you are a little like me, you would like to know the how’s and why’s of everything, especially when it comes to your money. However, we are busy people:

  • Family
  • Work
  • Friends
  • Work
  • Personal life

It’s difficult to keep up, and if we top that with bookkeeping and trying to figure out everything on accounting, we’ll just go crazy.

This is why I liked this guide because everything from payroll to inventory is explained in the context of QuickBooks, so then things become clearer, it is easy to keep up. Then I started to notice with more clarity how one factor relates to another, how one change directly, or indirectly, and this was my biggest surprise, affects others, and so I could start deciding how to take care of them.

With these factors in mind, then my decisions became better informed and more productive. Not that they were not in the past, but now they were better, after 2 months I could see how my profits increased, how my costs were stable, and that was very reassuring, I was regaining control, and had a clear idea of what was going on. So, it was not a scam, it was not a false sense of security, it was all real, so real it was reflected in numbers!

Not only that but, if during the first month, you get the chance to go into QnA with Mat himself, so then if you have any doubts about the videos or QuickBooks, he can help. At first, I thought 1 month was very little, but then I realized that it was fine, because then it added more pressure for me to buy the guide and get to it.

Click this link to get your access into the QuickBooks University, and learn how to master QuickBooks quickly, saving you time and money!

Make the most out of your investment!

Success Connect Dots on Visual Screen

It is not OK to get such a useful piece of information and not use it, so it moved me to action. Through this, my sister and I became more acquainted with QuickBooks, and she was then able to squeeze all the good out of the software, making my investment count, and increasing my and her sense of security.

The guide comes with other extras, and I used to dread this, feeling as if I were buying this huge bulky thing and I couldn’t tell head from feet, but Mat did a great job outlining the progression and guiding through it.
As mentioned above in the review, the free videos helped me get acquainted with Mat and decide whether to buy or not. I would encourage you to sign up to get them and then make a decision.

They are very easy to understand and follow, there’s really not so much space of doubt, and that’s amazing. Remember, we are talking about

  • 1 software
  • Bookkeeping

My point being, although there is a mystery around these 2 things, once you understand them they are easy to follow and no mistakes take place, which provided me with huge peace of mind, and then I could stop driving myself crazy.

QuickBooks University in a nutshell

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Mat’s guide is a series of video tutorials, with different duration, that take you through how to make different tasks. It’s not concept based, or function based, but task based. This is important because:

  • Your learning is immediately useful
  • You can apply this knowledge to other businesses
  • You learn and follow in the software

So then, whenever a challenge comes up, you can relate it to a task and know what to do, and if you’d have a doubt, you can always go back and check the videos, or use your 1 month QnA.

Then, because it’s task-based, there is no need to be CPA or have university knowledge of accounting to follow the tasks and get the results you need from each tax.

For example, in the first free video, “Correctly record your sales in QuickBooks”, then you learn how to CORRECTLY do this. The way you record your sales makes a huge difference when it comes to relating that concept with others. So, it’s not about just number input, but how to do it in a way that it will relate to your other movements so you can have a better return of results.

I mention the free videos because basically the whole system is like that, so it is important that you sign up to watch them and get an idea if this system is something that would be useful for you or not. So, then you can make an informed decision.

I spent some time on other QuickBooks tutorials online, and even though they were useful, they would go too deep into accountability itself and, as useful as that is, I wanted to learn how to use QuickBooks.

It became so frustrating to not find a decent online tutorial that didn’t waste much of my time or wasn’t unreasonably expensive. I mean, as an entrepreneur I’m all about supporting others, but there so many overpriced offers online, and since I was desperate I almost fell. Thank God, I didn’t.

Getting started

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Now, after you buy the guide, you’ll get an email where you can find the videos and start learning immediately. The learning process is not a thing to suffer, all the opposite. Since we are dealing with software, and if you follow instructions, there is nothing that can go wrong. I found that encouraging.

Also, because the tasks are so well explained and the videos guide you through them easily. You will start learning how to do everything, quickly. It’s all about practice, so don’t worry, after 2-3 times you have done the processes with your own accounts, you will master them.

This makes the learning process smooth and, for me, actually fulfilling.

I figured that, since I was going to make an investment, I might as well invest well, so I bought the Business License.

It is great to have access to such an amount of professional experiences such as Mat’s in such a clear and well-explained way, through videos.

One of my favorite things to learn was the automation of processes. I’m telling you, this not only works like magic, but also helps you save TONS of time so you don’t have to go process by process, and you can focus on more important things.

Setting up the automation might take time, but once it’s done, you never have to do it again, and the time you spent setting it up, you’ll get back a thousand times, it’s unbelievable.

These machines and thee software were made to work for us, not the other way around, and they do, they do and with Mat’s guide is much easier than you ever imagined.

A practical tutorial, practical results

woman and smart phone in hand

As entrepreneurs, and in life in general, we invest time and money to improve our lives and income. We invest because we want thing go smoother and safer, we want to spend time with our friends and families, and for some like me, by ourselves, without having to be constantly thinking about our money or business.

It might come as frustrating that you first invested in QuickBooks, maybe know how to handle the most basic functions but are not fully aware of all the potential you can enjoy with this piece of software.

Taking it a step further, getting to know all the details, and learning how to fully use it, will bring back not only ROI but peace of mind and security.

  • Invest time in other things
  • Learn more about your business
  • Make more money
  • Control your cash flow

All of this will give you something that most of us want: Take conscious control of the financial aspects of our business.

All of this is easily achievable with the QuickBooks university. Through all the tasks, tips, tricks, and advanced functions outlined in the guide, you can connect all the dots, have a clearer picture of the behavior of your cash flow, and take action.

With the ability to automate processes, you can basically stop doing repetitive tasks by setting up the automation, and entering one or two pieces of information you will save HOURS, every day.

Change and improvement will only come with a little bit more of effort, but it’s not that much.

Final thoughts

Businessman looking concerned

As soon as you buy the program, start learning, take full advantage of your 1-to-1 QnA month when you purchase the Business license, and if you study say… 2 videos a day, you will be ready to go in 2 weeks, then it’s all about practice.

As you keep repeating the processes, experimenting with variants, you will get the grasp on how things work, and what things you can tweak so they can work better with your actual reality.

With this, you will have a set of skills that you will be able to adapt your needs so then you get even more valuable information, and a piece of software that is doing exactly what you are asking for and more, saving you time and money, and even helping you to produce more.

With Mat’s experience as a CPA for more than 15 years, plus QuickBooks, and all the knowledge concentrated in these series of videos, you can’t go wrong.

Mainly, because as I mentioned before, we are dealing with software and accountability, so there is very little space for errors.

The aim of the reviews is to be helpful, and I hope this was helpful to you. I do hope that you can make the most of your investment in QuickBooks and learn how to take advantage of its full potential with QuickBooks university.

Happy bookkeeping!

Join the Quickbooks University by clicking here, and you’ll become a master at quickbooks in just a couple of weeks or even just a couple of days!


  1. Leroy Rankin

    Gather around children. This is good information. The whole review made it easier to get into the software once I got it. I am learning a lot of useful information from this.

  2. This is dope, I can be now worry free with my book keeping. As a small time entrepreneur I want to be hands on with my finances and this gem here is a great help to make me understand my cash flow better than reading them manually. It would be a great honor to recommend this to everyone!

  3. I really wanted to learn Quickbooks. So many jobs online have asked for candidates that know how to use Quickbooks. I was very happy when I found this amazing program that taught me everything I needed to know about Quickbooks. Grateful and sharing it with others like me that want to learn Quickbooks.

  4. Nadine Suarez

    I doubted the thing could be much better than different tutorial videos that you can find on the Internet on their own. But I was wrong. Great job!

  5. It took me some time but eventually, I got the hang of it. Going through this program was very refreshing, and I really picked up a lot of pace once I got into it. It definitely deserves a lot more credit than it is given to it because I can see a lot of people benefiting from it.

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    What i think makes this system a good one is that it is very comprehensive. It is well-detailed and as a result providing the right information and in the right way. This is why i keep on using it because it helps me in that way.

  9. Many of the things that i have been able to change and do in my study it is all because of this system. I like it and how it works.

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  11. David Dowdy

    The Quickbooks guide details on what you should do, how to do it and when to do it. All you need to do is be attentive, keen and very clear on what to do and how to do it.

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