Portrait Photography Tips

Taking photos may not be as easy as those Instagram junkies make it look. Taking a portrait photo that can be lauded as perfect will require you to know more than just where the snap button is. You will need to take a look at the other factors that will make the photo better.

I will give you tips that you can consult for the best portrait photos.

  1. Lighting and Lens

When we are taking photographs, we consider how the room or setting is it because the light amount will make the difference between perfection and blurriness. The camera lens is sensitive to light and will make the picture look different if you are not standing in the correct position or having the right lens.

  1. The Camera Angle

Portrait Photography Tips

The camera angle will determine how the picture looks. This means that whenever you are taking a portrait photo, you will have to be careful not to be too high or too low on the angles because the picture distorts quickly and you will end up having an inaccurate impression.

  1. Shutter Speed

The shutter speed is very important when it comes to the taking of pictures. The speed of the camera and its ability to remove blurriness when you move it matters a lot because the image needs to be sharp when you take it.

  1. The Subject’s Eyes

The eyes of a person who is being photographed portrait style will affect the entire picture if they are not emphasized properly and that is why they need to be captured at the right moment. Talk to the subject and let them know how to look at the lens.

  1. Light Exposure

A picture should not be too bright or too much in the shadows unless required so and that is why you will need to make sure that the photo s not too exposed or dark. The distortions happen because people don’t understand exposure and that is what really matter when it comes to the texture.

  1. Colour Contamination

The camera angle and the way that the light is striking the lens coupled with the backgrounds of the photo will cause a thing we photographers like to call Color Contamination in which the photograph adopts the color of surrounding objects. Avoid that and you will be okay.

  1. The Flash

Portrait Photography Tips - The Flash

I use flashes all the time whenever they are necessary to eliminate shadows and such. People view them as unnecessary which is not true because there are days when its sunny outside and the shadows form under the chin and other places. To even these out, you will need to have the flash that will then help you get the photo right.

  1. Talking to the Subject

Whenever I am taking photos, I like to talk to the person on the other side of the lens. That will establish a rapport. People are never afraid of the camera. They are usually afraid of the person holding the camera and when you eliminate that irrational fear of the cameraman, you will get the best photos.

So, be friendly, know what you are doing and check out all the things that you will need for the photo shoot and then presto, you are done.

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  • I just began my journey of photography. Through the several shoots that I have done, I must admit that I love the portraits even more. I, therefore, want to explore this field. I am glad that I have the post here to guide me through. I am happy for this.

  • {photography is a hobby and an art that I enjoy doing. I am always looking forward to an opportunity to add value to what I am doing. This to me is super amazing for sure. Let us keep moving forward with those lenses.

  • I always love photography, but I was scared to try it myself as I am a true perfectionist. The thing is that I’ve learned so much it’s crazy. I hope of becoming a professional someday. Thank you for this article, it’s great!

  • The hands of a farmer, a pianist, a baker. The feet of a ballet dancer, a long distance runner, a place kicker. The belly of a pregnant woman, the bicep of a weight lifter. Hair caressing a pillow, fingers clutched in prayer, a peering eye. The details of the human body make great photographic subjects, either as expressions of ideas or emotions, as graphic shots, or as a way to say something about an individual. Whenever you are photographing someone, try to think of details of their body or dress that would get your message across in an indirect way.

  • Even the best, most expensive camera equipment will produce poor results if your subject isn’t ready, comfortable, relaxed, and feeling their best.

  • Using a wide-angle lens isn’t necessarily bad, but it will distort your subject and make their face look oddly proportioned and misshapen. Not usually something you want.

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