Play Worship Guitar is an innovative new online guide to playing worship guitar in just 30 days. What follows is a detailed review of the ins and outs of this product.

Who it’s for

This product is for anyone who has –

  • Ever attempted to learn a worship song without success
  • Ever wished that they could be playing worship guitar but believed that they could not do it
  • Played worship guitar and wants to quickly and effectively improve their skills.

Man Singing

Does that sound like you? Have you ever asked yourself, in frustration, what chord to play? Maybe you wished you knew how to hold chords better. In my case, before getting this product I wanted to know how to strum the guitar and maintain a good rhythm.

Still unconvinced? I’ll cover why playing worship guitar can be a very rewarding experience later in this review, but for now let’s assume you fall somewhere on the “already know” and “want to learn” spectrum, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this review.

Whatever be your motivation for wanting to learn worship guitar, this program has you covered. It has an impressive array of skills included, made by Aaron Anastasi.

“Who’s that?” you may ask. Well, Aaron is a worship leader and musician from Southern California. With 20 years of experience leading worship songs, Aaron has had his share of students ask him for advice learning worship guitar.

It was this keen interest shown in the skill that inspired him to produce this product. This way, the simple techniques that go into building his amazing skill can be learned by anyone.

A unique approach to learning Worship Guitar

A really impressive aspect of this product to me was the truly step-by-step approach to learning a musical skill employed in this product.

Personally, I had virtually no musical experience, with a guitar or otherwise. The only thing that drove me to buy this product was that it was equally suitable for novices as well as experts, unlike most musical scams. And I have not regretted it for a moment since.

Aaron’s guidance is a work of art. Simple, concise, and to the point, these guides give you only the information you need to get started straight away. And the part I liked best was that I needed no musical experience to dive right into this course and begin picking up worship guitar from day one.

You see, unlike most musical guides on the market, this one is self-sufficient. It covers the steps for picking up a skill (in this case, worship guitar), from start to finish, without leaving out essential steps.

Man Playing Guitar

Learning a musical instrument can often be a frustrating experience. This is often due to one of three reasons-

  1. You are often assumed to already have a basic understanding of music. Most music guides and even training programs begin with this fundamental assumption, making it very frustrating for aspiring newbies. The alternative, going to a grassroots coaching class, often ends up with you surrounded by 10-year olds, not learning anything of value.
  2. You believe that you lack musical sense and therefore have given up on learning an instrument. I fell into this category – while I was really in awe of the worship guitar players at my church, I had convinced myself, since childhood, that I had no musical talent. In most cases, however, the truth is starkly different – when people .believe they are not cut out for music, it usually stems from one or more bad experiences where they were unable to “grasp” a skill quickly enough, or understand and implement it effectively enough. This book .taught me that in reality, such cases are caused more often by a defective educational process, than some innate incapacity to learn music.
    Or in other words: everybody can learn music with the right, complete, step-by-step educational process.

This was a radical thought to me as I had always been a believer in innate talent when it came to questions of musical skills. Now, I am not denying that world famous, era-defining musical geniuses did not have an innate, genetic edge – in all likelihood, they probably did. Instead, what I am arguing is that the bulk of their results were the outcome of following and practicing an effective process – and these results can be replicated by anyone following the right process.

  1. You have tried various other music learning programs and failed. This is most often due to the fact that such training programs are almost always incomplete. While they may contain some interesting and useful information, especially for people who are already pros, such guides are practically useless for amateurs looking for a step-by-step process that is proven to work.

Why the competition sucks

Finding the right process to learn music is the step at which most people run into a stumbling block. Sure, there are so many processes (read: programs) to choose from. But how can I know which is an effective program and which one is a scam? Is there any way to make sure that I am not wasting my hard earned money?

In response to these questions, I would typically guide people not to take the word of a single reviewer, not even mine. Instead, they should independently analyze the reviews, testimonials, and experiences of various people who have used the product, until they have established reasonable confidence in the efficacy of the product.


Applying this test to most other products in the markets, you will realize that at best, they work only for some people. This is due to a bunch of inherent flaws in the teaching methodologies applied in most such courses.

Music is often perceived as an art rather than a science. This statement, has, however, been misused often to justify the absence of a systematic method of learning music. This logic is fundamentally played as though the music may be subjective at its core, mastery in its basic elements can be achieved completely by anyone following a systematic and effective music learning method.

However, the competition keeps this hidden from you, so that they can sell you half-baked product and then blame your natural talent when you fail to grasp the skills involved.

In the present case, however, there are hundreds of reviews that shower glowing admiration upon Aaron’s program. People who believed they had absolutely zero musical talent (including me) went on to successfully learn worship guitar in the promised thirty days.

Moreover, while this is a start-from-scratch program, the skills gained are by no means basic. Indeed, I was asked multiple time where I developed my impressive guitar skills within a few days of joining the worship music team at my local church. One father even wanted to enroll his son in whichever music school I attended!

Worship Team

But I am getting ahead of myself here. Let me detail my experiences with this product in a more logical, chronological order.

Start off playing Worship Guitar today by clicking this link and you’ll learn everything you need to know, in a step-by-step format on how to play those worship songs you’ve been wanting to play!

My experiences

When I initially decided to buy this product, I was cautious about getting my hopes up. True, it would be wonderful to be able to play worship guitar, but every previous attempt I had made at learning it, or any other musical skill in my life, had ended in a dismal failure.

I was hoping that this product could finally change that.

And indeed it did. Closely following the 30-day guide, my guitar skills progress exactly as predicted by the program. Turns out innate talent wasn’t a problem after all.

Within a week I was able to string together basic tunes and please my little nephew. It is important however to not stop at this stage – having got a rudimentary grasp on worship guitar, many people consider their education complete or at least “sufficient”. Do not do this!

To truly enjoy playing worship guitar, you must master not just the basics, but even the more advanced steps. You must be able to dive into the subtleties, understand it inside out and perform effortlessly and without thinking.

When I describe my playing experience in the above manner, most people dismiss it as wishful thinking. Such effortlessness is experienced only by real pros if that. But they would be wrong.

Having stuck to this program, in 30 days I was able to deliver effortless and incredible music at the altar.

A program Like no other

This result startled me a lot. Right from childhood, I had made literally hundreds of attempts at leaning music. Without exception, they had all ended up in dismal failure.

Therefore the person that I surprised most with the results that I achieved using this program was none other than myself.

And what was even more incredible, I didn’t have to even struggle through any of the steps!

Yamaha Guitar

Admittedly, it was no cakewalk. Mastering some of the more advanced techniques often took patience and time. But the guidance given by Aaron in this product is so complete and thorough, that at no point did I feel excessively frustrated.

And in comparison with the rest of my musical life, this probably equates to the proverbial stroll in the park.

As I went through this program, I grew more and more convinced that the failure of musical learning is almost always caused by incomplete knowledge on part of the trainer. Some crucial steps are invariably poorly understood by the coach himself, and therefore he skims over those parts. This leaves your success to dumb luck, at best.

Aaron is refreshingly different in this regard. He has taken years to perfect the art of worship guitar, and therefore you know that any advice coming from him has years of training behind it.

In this guide, you will find one of the few products that are created by someone with a truly all-around grasp of the skills that go into playing worship guitar.

Finally, you will have information that is not incomplete, information that doesn’t leave your success to dumb luck. You will find a systematic process that can be followed by anyone to become a skilled guitarist.

And you will realize why learning music itself isn’t a very difficult skill – what is lacking in most cases is adequate and precise guidance.

Such guidance is found in abundance in this program, making it truly one of a kind.

Other reviews

My experiences with this product are by no means unique. A lot of other reviews bear testimony to the efficacy of this program.

A friend of mine was able to learn worship guitar well enough to play for one of the biggest churches in the city in just three weeks! Talk about impressive achievements.

Guitarist Performing

Similarly, another friend managed to woo a musician whom he fancied a lot by picking up a worship guitar. They went out on their first date last week.

But apart from all these events, what I found even more impressive was that this program had not just delivered outstanding results for a few individuals and failed for the rest. Instead, it had consistently delivered results to anyone who went through the program.

This to me is a far greater reason to buy this product than all the amazing reviews combined – it works for everyone, and if you try it, it will work for you.

It’s that simple.


The next time you sit and listen to the choir playing worship songs, don’t just stop at admiring the beauty and meaning of the songs. Take it a step further, and decide to participate.

Why? Let me conclude by detailing how much of a rewarding experience it has been for me playing worship guitar, and why you should try it too.

Playing worship guitar was first and foremost an intensely spiritual experience for me. Listening to worship songs used to give me the chills, but actually playing them takes it to a whole new level. I feel far more connected to what I am singing, and fell lost in the music and the power of God.

Man Praying

I often find myself with Goosebumps after a particularly deep song has concluded.

Second, the sense of community fostered by playing worship guitar is something that you must see to believe. I grew close ties with all the rest of the musical team, and we understood and explored different songs and hymns with great excitement all the time.

This not only made my musical skill grow rapidly, but it also got me involved in a social circle of fun, interesting and like-minded people.

But it didn’t stop there. Playing worship guitar also helped me foster a sense of community in a much larger sense – namely, with the churchgoers who came and regularly witnessed my performance.

Over the months that I have played worship guitar, I have developed several invaluable bonds with a number of such churchgoers. I would not trade these connections for anything else.

It makes me excited to think that I could be inspiring or life changing to at least one person every time I am performing. And it is this that keeps me coming back, day after day.

Finally, playing worship guitar had a very positive impact on myself. Call it a closer connection to god or a sense of self-discipline inculcated from training for the guitar, I found myself much calmer and more composed than before, being able to deal with serious situations with a calm equanimity that was previously alien to me.

Worship Singing

Call it a dramatic change for someone who has shunned music most of his adult life. But once I realized the positive impact that playing worship guitar had on my life, I became determined to keep growing and developing this skill.

And if this product could be so rewarding to a person like me, It could probably be of immense use to anybody. To those on the fence about whether they even want to learn worship guitar, my advice is this – buy this product, and give it a shot. I am almost certain that once you acquire the skill to play worship guitar, you will realize how rewarding it is and never go back.

Join to grow your worship group, and start playing worship guitar better than you’ve ever played before!


  1. I really wanted to surprise my parents with a Christian song that they love. What I wanted was to sing it on their anniversary. Being a devout Christian couple, they would have loved it if their son sang for them. However I didnt know any good songs to play on my guitar. Luckily i found this amazing course to teach me and the night of their anniverary dinner, I gave the best gift to my parents. Thank you so much.

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    This product includes an introductory series that will show you all the parts of the guitar and within no time most people will be able to play some songs. Even if you have been playing for an extended period, try this out for clarification on notes, you struggle to understand.
    I found that this product will work magic for people who have never held the instrument.It was effective for me and the customer reviews were full of applause.

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  18. refund immediately
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