Pianoforall Review: The Best Way To Quickly Learn To Play Piano Well?

Writing reviews, especially for such delicate things as learning how to play an instrument, is sort of complicated because you want to address the right type of audience and get your real message out there.

I am writing this review because my son’s experience with Pianoforall was incredible, and I now believe in this method and its different benefits.

It has been a great addition to our family learning resources, and we are very happy to have it for life.

In just a few weeks, my son was:

  • Playing complete song
  • Fluently playing with both hands
  • Playing songs by ear

Then, as time passed, he was even able to teach himself how to play the flute.

I don’t think he is a gifted child, he is a regular kid, but the things he learned with Pianoforall are adaptable and universal. It was incredible. But, before you buy the program, it’s important to carefully follow this review, and some other Pianoforall reviews to allow you to make an informed choice.

Pianoforall review – Introduction to music

Pianoforall Introduction To Music

My wife and I wanted to introduce our boy to music from the early stages. We all have read the research behind the benefits to the children who play classical music, and we thought it would be great for our children.

We took him to 2 different teachers. He spent two years with each one. The first one was for piano, and our son was very happy at the beginning. The second one was for trumpet (he chose it), and he was happy as well.

As time went by with each, we found common issues that, in the end, made us decide to get our children out of their piano lessons:

  • The honeymoon phase (beginning) would last short
  • They will conduct successful recitals at the beginning
  • My son would play well 1-3 songs
  • Then a plateau would come
  • Music teachers can be over the top strict
  • It was always the child’s fault
  • Our son would get frustrated
  • He would end up unhappy again.
  • Piano classes are expensive, to say the very least.

Even though we have taught our children to deal with frustration, it seemed a lot for a 10-year-old, so we decided to remove him from music and find another way.

Looking for alternatives

My wife and I spent a lot of time in research for online piano lessons. We tried to find an alternative for our son to learn to play the music that could get him to a certain level where, then, he could join a more advanced class.

Online, offline, asking friends, asking other teachers. We looked everywhere, and we found some interesting methods.

However, we detected that our boy was also engaged a lot with his tablet, so we thought, maybe, an electronic piano course would be best.

Trying some alternatives

We bought some apps and more tech piano courses online. Our boy seemed to like them a lot. We sat with him and helped him practice, but something was missing.

He would follow the programs and everything, but we found out that they were, in the end, just a piece of software giving instructions.

While that is completely okay, we knew that we wanted the human touch that could provide more structure without losing its head from time to time, as teachers do. I mean, we are all human.


A friend of ours, whose children play the piano, told us about Pianoforall. She plays the piano as well, and, apparently, she taught herself through Pianoforall.

It seemed a little too good to be true for us, but we witnessed how she would help her children in their learning process and how she was also very good at playing.

We went online and found some reviews and testimonials from ex-students of Robin Hall, the creator of the method. These ex-students seemed to be happy and grateful towards Robin and the method. So, we decided to buy it and also be students to Robin.

How does it work?

Pianoforall How Does It Work

Basically, Robin put together a series of videos and nine e-Books, and other resources that connect as you progress.

The skills are learned in the middle of a certain genre or time in music, and thus the skills have a “goal” that becomes the song.

One thing that amazed me was that after some years of my boy not playing the piano, he had lost a lot of agility with his left hand. Mind you. He didn’t really reach a lot of mobility in the past. Through the first stages of pop, he was able to get to his left hand going. It was almost natural.

Yes, it came with some frustration. Learning new things is always challenging somehow. But we always managed to get him past that frustration because we were able to sit down and accompany him.

Playing some music

By the end of the second week, I started hearing some songs in the living room. As we progressed, we saw that our child:

  • Was playing full songs
  • He was using his left hand with more skill
  • Could read music faster
  • Was more confident
  • Was happier

As he progressed in the method and advanced to the classical music stages, where he struggled the most, he had already experienced many other victories that he was not ready to tap out. He was also ready to deal with frustration and keep moving on.

Life after Pianoforall

Another thing I really appreciate about Robin’s Pianoforall method is that it is not a constant flow of offers, or you need to keep buying and buying to move to the next level.

Once you buy the method, you have everything:

  • Instant access
  • Video lesson
  • eBooks
  • Structure
  • Progression
  • Structure
  • Connection
  • Goals

Once you “are done,” so to speak, you can move on and keep learning new things.

Now, my boy was able to join the local youth orchestra. And he has a great teacher, who happens to be very strict. Plus, now he can handle a teacher of that level because he is at that level.

It turned out that he likes music more than we thought, so we are supporting him.

Life with Pianoforall

An important thing for us in the extracurricular department was allowing our children to keep up with school and have a normal life. This method is not demanding. They don’t ask for 8 hours of daily practice, but rather constant, attentive, daily practice.

Also, as our child got better, he could play by ear some of his favorite video clips and movie music, which is one of his other passions. So when he overcame the fear of failing, he allowed himself to play, explore, and have fun. And it was only achieved with this method.

PianoForAll Review – Piano Lessons

Pianoforall Piano Lesson

Yes, it was Piano for All. A program for all the piano enthusiasts out there. Hence, this is the perfect system for anyone who wishes to learn how to play this instrument from scratch. After using this piano for all products, you will play any of your favorite songs and more. You will be the center of attention of your fans and anyone who listens to you play.

But, what really is a piano? The piano is an acoustic, stringed musical instrument invented in Italy by Bartolomeo Cristofori around the year 1700 (the exact year is uncertain), in which the strings are struck by wooden hammers that are coated with a softer material.

Master piano players use flowery language to describe the feelings and benefits they experience from piano playing. In fact, one said that

“Life is like a piano; the white keys represent happiness and the black show sadness. And that as you go through life’s journey, remember that the black keys also create music.”

(Author unknown).  Yet another felt that “All is as if the world did cease to exist. The city’s monuments go unseen, its past unheard, and its culture slowly fading in the dismal sea.” (Nathan Maher).

In a nutshell, playing the piano is refreshing and quite engaging. And while at the piano, you attempt to form little melodies, that help sync your life and give you an inner peace that is very well. Equally important, after you end a piano session, the songs or tunes keep coming to mind themselves, making you feel more pleased.   In fact, the inner music soul gets roused in you. And makes you feel like you’ve undergone a rebirth.

Effectively, the feelings described sums it all. See, since I started using this program, my piano skills improved drastically. I can proudly say that this program works for people who are serious about piano playing practice.

In a word, the piano for all programs is in the form of an e-book. But that’s not all since it also comes with guiding videos and audio files. These video and audio lessons are embedded in the e-books themselves and are good.

Together, all these will help you become a piano master, to an intermediate level, in no time. In this Piano for All review, I want to tell you why I decided to buy the guide and why you should too. The program is not a scam, and it has been proven to work. And, what’s more, it comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. So, your investment is risk-free as long as you practice as guided.

Outline of the Program

First, as previously stated, the lessons are arranged in chronological order. So, you will start learning from the simplest to the most complex techniques. Eventually, this ensures that you won’t find any setbacks as you progress. And whatever you learn at any stage will last forever.

Basically, the piano course is divided into nine simple steps and a bonus book. These steps are:

  • Party time piano rhythms
  • Rock and roll and blues
  • Chord
  • Advanced chords made easy
  • Ballad style
  • Jazz piano made easy
  • Advanced blues and fake stride
  • Taming the classics
  • Speed learning

So, as you learn these steps, you will be able to play pop, blues, and even classical pieces—all of these without burning out or pressuring yourself. In addition, you will be able to maneuver from a simple style of playing the piano to complex ones. Remember, everything will happen as you play along.

Meet Robin Hall – Author of Piano for all

Robin Hall, the program’s author, comes from an unusual background. Apparently, he used to be a cartoonist who also taught piano on the side. Then, Robin began teaching online in 2006 and has become a full-time instructor. He plays the keyboard and the grand piano, which is ideal if you want a curriculum that combines features of classical piano playing while teaching you how to play audio tunes on a keyboard.

Robin Hall offers a plethora of useful hints and tricks to give in several e-books. This advice will help you learn more quickly. And you’ll discover a plethora of handy strategies for memorizing important ideas like chords and progressions. We admire his approach to piano programs since he doesn’t waste time on scholastic ideas that make you sound better.

What is contained in the package?

The package comes with the following learning course material

  • Video illustrations and examples on how to play the instrument
  • Numerous e-books and pdfs for learning to play piano
  • Audio guidance

Rock n Roll- The Learning Process

Pianoforall The Learning Process

The creator believes in the concept of using simpler information to teach you how to play the piano. For the most part, a piano teacher is more concerned with covering a curriculum they should teach. However, most individual learners need to start from the beginning, at their own pace.

The program teaches you to play the piano in simple, chronological steps. First, you are taught simple harmonies and chords. These are the ones that most songs use. Hence, you eliminate the chance of not understanding previous steps. So, you will always get prepared before you progress to the next one. Robin Hall is the creator of Piano for All.

Progressively, Robin ensures that you understand the finer details of how to play the piano. Also, the e-book is supplemented with video clips and audio clips. They are most useful if you want to double-check something. This ensures that no stone is left unturned when learning everything about piano playing.

Little by little, the piano program ensures you advance from a beginner to an intermediate level. This is the simplest, most straightforward way out there. Also, everything is practice-based. So, after the explanations, you will get to practice and improve your skills with the material contained in the video lessons. This is fundamental in making sure the user does not get bored. In the end, it’s pure excitement and play, as you enjoy the step-by-step lessons and video series seamlessly.

Is this for me?

From what I lived with my child, I would say that this method is more for people who:

  • Are just starting
  • Have little to no skills
  • Are into popular cultural music
  • See music as fun, not as a job
  • Are more comfortable on their own

If you are more professional or advanced, of course, you can benefit from this program, but maybe you are ready to go and play in the big leagues.

The curriculum

Each e-book covers a distinct area of piano playing and builds on the previous ones, allowing you to put the abilities you’ve learned into practice. These books will teach you different styles of piano music. With the exception of Book nine, which you can read at any time, you should read the e-books in the order they come.

Book one: party time – rhythm style piano

The first book gives an overview of both the program and the keyboard using keyboard diagrams. It begins by emphasizing the main idea of Pianoforall that it is critical to establish a foundation of learning chords and rhythms. Then, it progresses to help you improve, sight-reading, and melody composition skills. In addition, you will also be trained on how to play by ear.

Book two: blues & rock n roll

The second part of this book teaches you about stride piano —both fake and real. This book builds on your expertise by teaching you blues rhythms to combine with your existing chords. It highlights the primary concept that you should practice left-hand rhythms far more than right-hand rhythms until you subconsciously play them.

Book three: chord magic

The chord magic teaches you the piano chords of every key, as well as their inversions. Fortunately, it also includes an “all chords memory trick” to make the information dump simpler to absorb. More still, it teaches you numerous practice progressions to help you get the swing of the new material.

Book four: advanced chords made easy

This book teaches piano players how to play chords using songbook chord symbols, beginning with a “magic formula” for bluffing a few more difficult chords. Hence, cluster chords and diminished chords come next, with practice progressions.

Book five: ballad style

The book encourages improvisation with left-hand chord patterns and the accommodating pentatonic scale. This book is all about improvising, including left-hand patterns, ideas for melody, and chord progressions. You also get piano sheet music for different beautiful ballads.

Book six: all that jazz & blues

This part of the course is dense with information, but you’ll walk away with tips and tricks of solid blues and jazz foundation. It begins by teaching you how to make a “bluesy” sound with the blues chords, blues scale, and other techniques before moving on to jazz.

Book seven: advanced blues & fake stride

Book seven expands on book two by incorporating your advanced chord knowledge and entertaining new right-hand chord riffs into the blues rhythms you learned in book two. You will also learn about blues techniques like slides, tremolo, and turnarounds. You will get to practice the song that every new piano player wants to learn.

Book eight: taming the classics

Because this part relies heavily on sheet music, you start with a review of musical notation and a quick lecture on new symbols, key signatures, sight-reading, and musical terminology. Additionally, it includes a helpful set of online piano practice tips and tricks.

Book nine: speed learning

The title of this book, which is all about triads, scales, and arpeggios, dubbed the “vegetables” of piano practice, was well chosen by Hall. However, as stated in the book, adding these aspects into your daily practice routine is important to enhance your performance.

Extra benefits

One thing that we really appreciated was that the method is based on popular culture from different times. So, our son was exposed to the music my parents exposed me to, the music I grew up with, and some music he listens to.

Since he can actually play those songs, then he understands the beauty of them better. This has strengthened our bond, and also with his grandpa.

What makes it different?

It would seem that Robin and his team went through a lot of hardship to learn piano or practice a lot. Every part is highly dissected, well analyzed, and clearly explained. The way you are guided through every step speaks of a deep understanding of the different piano processes, which is amazing.

Also, the fact that it is electronic, but it is guided by an actual person recorded, provides the comfort of one being able to learn basically from anywhere, with the safety it provides to see another person doing it in front of you.

As the payer, not the customer, I was happy to have instant access to all the material. The price is so affordable right after we bought it, and his money-back policy adds more magic.

Why try the piano for all e-books?

Pianoforall Try This

Well, for one, I did it because it was a personal recommendation. Second, this is a proven method for boosting your finger strength. These guys have walked the line of self-learning and now are bringing it to you and your family.

They have done the research, created great material, and deliver a functional structure that takes you on a smooth progression.

I believe that these ingredients make a great course. That is what made us buy the piano for all.

Pianoforall Review – Final thoughts

When it comes to trying new things, it is important to get into that, even if only temporarily, but also having structure, a goal, an aim. This method provides all of that and more. I was very happy to see the technical advance of my boy and how he was gaining more confidence and security.

We found a great match in my family and a product that I would recommend to adults without thinking. In fact, I think is the actual target of this program. I mean, how much time, self-confidence, and money are you going to keep spending without a goal?

Try it now! Give it a month, and see for yourself how your skills keep improving.

Get Started Playing Piano Well, Learning Faster Than Ever, And Impressing Everyone From Your Family To Your Friends With Your New Piano Skills


Get Started Playing Piano Well, Learning Faster Than Ever, And Impressing Everyone From Your Family To Your Friends With Your New Piano Skills – Get Pianoforall Here!

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