Phone Photography Tricks Review: Pro-Level Photos With Your Phone?

Nowadays, you don’t need a super cool camera to become a great photographer or take amazing images. Not only that, but it had become easier to take photos with our phones, which is more convenient because of its hundreds of photo editing programs and camera app. But can you take professional-looking photos using your mobile phone? You may be able to do this with Cart Hartman’s Phone Photography Tricks.

Phone Photography Tricks aims to help you take your mobile phone photography to a whole new level. This course claims that you no longer need many expensive equipment, tool, lens, and SLR to capture moments in high image quality. Instead, you only need your phone, and you’re good to go. Here is a Phone Photography Tricks review to help you decide if this course is indeed effective or not.

Phone Photography Tricks― The Secret To Taking Mind-Blowing Photos

Phone Photography Product package

Phone Photography Tricks is a course designed to help use your mobile phone in producing pictures that are just as good as the ones taken with your SLR camera. It contains tips and step by step basis tutorials that progress from easier styles to more complex ones. With the help of Phone Photography Tricks, even professional photographers won’t be able to spot the difference between photos taken by your phone and those taken by expensive DSLR cameras!

Furthermore, if we are talking about the money that you would have to spend if you decide to buy a camera― it doesn’t really stop on the gadget alone. You will surely need to spend more money on other equipment such as a belt and a camera bag, and a tripod in order to avoid camera shake. However, these cost nothing compared to lenses that you would need to get if you want to be able to capture greater shots. It also doesn’t help how there are so many different lenses for different occasions.

But here’s the thing: even all these things don’t guarantee great image results. If you really want to deliver good pieces, a camera and a lens are just not enough. You need to attend at least some kind of courses to be able to learn the basics of expert photography. However, most photography lessons cost some fortune (and it may even cost you more than your camera!)

Here is the truth

You don’t need a DSLR and an expensive lens to make anything or things stand out in an image. In addition, you surely don’t need to attend special courses to be able to take mind-blowing pictures of any subject. In fact, you already have all the equipment that you are going to need in your pocket―  and that is your smartphone.

Furthermore, you do not need a specific mobile brand for this course. Whether it is an iPhone, HTC, Blackberry, or whatever you appear to have, it doesn’t matter. All these phones have the ability to take amazing shots. Everything you only need to do now is simply learning how to take these pics.

This is exactly what the great one―Phone Photography Tricks― will help you do in a fast and easy way. But before getting any further, how about meeting the content author of this cool program?

Carl Hartman― the Author and Founder

Carl is a professional photographer. Also, he is the guy that promises to make you one overnight. But why should you trust the man?

Carl Hartman has more than 25 years of experience in photography. In addition to his experience, he also has a long and quite fascinating list of accomplishments and completed jobs. Let’s just say that Carl is extremely famous in the professional part of photography lovers.

How did Phone Photography Tricks Start?

In his career, all was going well until not so long ago. Don’t worry; there is no type of tragedy involved, but just a great big confession that once came to Carl. With today’s advancement in technology, a simple newbie can make pictures that are just as good as Carl’s, a man that has over a couple of decades of experience in photography.

The man was furious at first. He remembered the time when he had to save money for months just to buy his first professional camera that was a must-have for photographers at that time. But now everyone― even a beginner― can take cool pictures using cell phones and apps? Even without a camera and years of experience?

Because of this, Carl Hartman became interested in the topic and wanted to review the field a little closer. And after his research, the results were astonishing. He found out the absolute truth that you can turn smartphone cameras into a real DSLR!

Well, technically, you cannot turn your phone into a literal DSLR. What he means is that you will be able to take pictures that are just as amazing as if you have taken them with a $1000+ camera. Isn’t that amazing?

What Tips Can You Learn From The Program?

Phone Photography Tricks and Tips

One of the hesitations that you may have right now is whether this course is worth purchasing or not. In order to help you decide, here are the different things and results that you may be able to do or acquire with Phone Photography Tricks:

  • Create amazing photos by letting your subject include frozen shapes or words even without using a penlight.
  • Capture breathtaking and detailed nature shots.
  • Learn tips on how to take a perfect 360-degree panoramic shot.
  • Make rapid movement shots as something easy for you to capture.
  • Learn to properly position your photo in the frame by following the rule of thirds.
  • Capture captivating images of your subject in one shot.
  • Take an extra cute photo of your babies and pets (a lot of reviews admit that they love this feature).
  • Master food photography and take mouth-watering photos of cookies, desserts, and any other food that you like.

Other Inclusions

Aside from these, Carl Hartman also included a table of contents that allows you to skim through the topics you would like to learn. Furthermore, the course will also explain in detail the following:


There are a lot of image editing tools and applications that can be utilized for smartphone photography. This course will provide an overview of some apps that you can use to produce better images, along with how to use them.

Moreover, there are apps that can be useful in repairing images in zoom. Using the zoom option of your phone camera will sometimes decrease the quality of the image, depending on the phone. Hence, we can use apps to sharpen these images and improve their quality.


Aside from apps, this course will also teach you tips on how to use the most common editing software for photo editing― Photoshop. This software will allow you to enhance your photos, edit the colors, and even remove some unnecessary things in your photograph!

Light Exposure

Lighting makes a big difference in a photo. Hence, one of the camera settings that photographers need to master is how to adjust the light exposure. The course will also teach you steps on how to adjust your image’s light composition so that the results would not be too bright or too dark. This would be very useful for quality photos taken under the midday sun.


Along with the exposure, this course will also tackle the way to use HDR. The HDR or the High-Dynamic Range allows you to take images with a very high level of contrast. Also, it offers more tips on how to use exposure in creating better effects and textures for the composition of your image.

Color Contamination

Color contamination involves the camera angle and how a photo adapts the light and color of some other things that are surrounding your photo subject. The course will teach you tips on how to avoid this or even use it as an advantage to produce better composition results.


A camera’s flash is not only used for photos taken at night. This course will teach you a way on how to use flashes to eliminate shadows, especially during daytime shoots.

Night Mode

Photographs taken at night with the use of a flash may sometimes be too bright. However, your phone often comes with a night mode option, which allows you to adjust the light for photographs taken in the dark. Upgrade your street photography or take more images of anything at night through mastering this mode of your smartphones!

Other Settings

Furthermore, the course will also teach you the other camera settings to remember, such as the brightness, contrasts, sharpness, ISO, and white balance. Through mastering these, you will be able to create professional-looking images no matter what gadget or device you use!

Phone Photography Tricks Review: Is it just a scam?

Phone Photography Tricks Scam or legit

With the program, you will be able to go beyond simple photography and take more shots of anything that will leave your family and friends amazed. And once you start using the tips from Phone Photography Tricks, you will find that there is actually so much more to that. You will be able to take some first-class photos using a simple camera. And, who knows? Maybe this can be a way for you to earn money!

Whether you want to do it for free or to start earning great sums of money―that is all up to you! The reviews prove that a lot of users were all ready to start doing advertising photos after only a week of using the program! So, if you are still in doubt about the course, you may look for some reviews online to see whether the program works or not.

It Has A Money-Return Guarantee!

In addition, Phone Photography offers a money-back guarantee. This guarantee will give you 8 whole weeks to go through the video lessons and try out as much stuff as you can. In case you decide that the program is not quite the thing for you, don’t worry.

All that you have to do is send an email to the author or visit his site to get all of your money back without any questions asked. As simple as that.

Nothing screams “no-scam” more than a money-return guarantee, right? But I’m pretty sure you will not need this guarantee. You may find more information about the program on the sidebar of Hartman’s cookies-free site.

Conclusion: This Course Might Be The One For You

Phone Photography Tricks is a course created by Carl Hatman to transform you into an excellent photographer who does not need a DSLR camera. All that you need to have is your mobile phone and the mastery of all the tricks included in the course. In addition, the course has an 8-week money-return guarantee that allows you to refund your money in case you are dissatisfied with the course.

In our review, there is no reason to hesitate to try out Phone Photography Tricks! You can use your phone camera to produce high-quality photographs without having to attend expensive photography lessons. Also, the program will provide you with an unlimited lifetime consultation. So, what are you waiting for? Try the amazing Phone Photography Tricks now!

Phone Photography Tricks

Learn professional-level Phone Photography Tricks today – simply click this link, and you’ll be taking the best photos of all your friends!


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  • The tutorial will guide you on a step by step basis. This will progress from the simple things to the much harder stuff as you move up. That way, you are able to learn and adapt into the more difficult styles with ease. You will not find this to be hard at all when you have started.

  • The tutorial will guide you on a step by step basis. This will progress from the simple things to the much harder stuff as you move up. That way, you are able to learn and adapt into the more difficult styles with ease. You will not find this to be hard at all when you have started.
    We all love looking at the moments that are so well captured that they jump out at us at first glance. What we love even more than looking at the pictures that are perfect is the desire to take pictures like that.

  • Actually i never thought that i could do so much with my phone. I never imagined taking all these great photos with my phone. This is a very affordable guide and will be very useful when taking pictures with your phone.

  • Taking pictures has been as simple as breathing nowadays. In almost all the things that we do, we take picture as a commemoration of it. The moments which we may never experience again are frozen and preserved through good pictures.
    This tutorial can be pf great help as we capture memories which we surely forever treasure.
    We all love taking photos and this photography tricks can do all the wonders we have been dreaming of 🙂

  • Photoshop is best done when you have scenes that are so well done you can’t tell what was originally in the picture and what was imported.

  • It is very easy to understand & use. Love all the tips! Sometimes you just need to take that 360-degree panoramic shot.

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