We’ve all been there. Wanting to be good at something so bad, that we would have done anything to get there. Absolutely anything. Youtube tutorials didn’t help much. You might have gone on different websites trying to find easy instructional videos that might help. It’s a long tiring journey when trying to be good at something you love doing.

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The good news is, you can now get the help you need. This review is for everyone who has a passion for drawing or other forms of art, but just never seems to get it right.

It’s inception

The site creator, Nolan Clark, is a professional artist who always thought that you could not draw if you were not gifted with the ability. So as expected, he never tried to draw, not even once. Much later in life, he was looking to start a business and could not find anyone suitable to help him design a logo. The next thing he knew, he had not only designed his own logo but also he was on his way to becoming a great artist.

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He was lucky to find an instructor who inspired him and helped him advance to become an expert. But before he could really get a grasp on drawing well; he realized he was not taking the time to understand his drawings. This is what inspired him to create a site that helped him extend this service to other people. The fact that many of us want to draw but we don’t take the time to visualize what we want to put on paper. He created online videos geared to help aspiring artists first understand what they want to draw, before drawing the actual picture.

Couple talking seriously He has also spent a lot of time trying to convince people that it’s not a scam. Most of you might think that it’s not possible to become an expert and yet you’d never drawn anything before in your life.

Is this course suitable for you?

Pencil made easy is a course designed for anyone who loves to draw. Mostly, it’s for beginners with an interest in creating magic with their hands. You can visit the site to read the reviews of other people who have had a chance to buy the course and use it. This is especially if you were starting to think that this is a scamIt gets more interesting. Even if you have never drawn before in your life, this course is perfect for you. Nolan uses a step by step approach taking you through all the stages, holding your hand all the way. Two hours per lesson guarantees that you can become an expert in no time. The instructor uses simple English that is easy to understand. The best part, he starts from the basics.

What you need before starting out

Other drawing courses may require that you buy expensive equipment before starting out. Worry not. For this course, the only items you are required to have are pencils, erasers, and a drawing paper. Unreal, right?

Pencil, Scrap Eraser and Sharpener made of woodYou are required to buy -2H, H, HB, 2B, 4B, 6B or 8B pencils. It’s entirely up to you to decide which one to go with. Erasers and drawing papers are vital too. For the erasers, acquire a kneaded and a soft eraser. Both are vital in the process. All these products are affordable and can be purchased from your local stationery store, or even online. For the videos, you only need a computer with a browser like Firefox or chrome. The videos are also on youtube, and can be watched from there

What you get from the lesson

The instructor doesn’t assume that you know what to do. You are taught about the right equipment to use, among all other drawing basics right from the start. Subsequent lessons are about tonal variations, texture, shading, reflections and negative drawing. On your very first class, you get to come up with an actual drawing. How cool is that? By the end of each lesson, you will have drawn something new. The lessons keep progressing. They are developed from the beginner level up to the advanced level, by the end of the course. For each module, you get to know something different. Not the same old picture most classes offer. This actually makes you look forward to watching the videos.

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The learners are given complete autonomy in deciding their pictorial arrangements. If you have attended other drawing courses, you know that it’s always the same onion garlic arrangement that is taught. This particular course gives you the confidence to use your imagination and create striking images. To top it off; you get to draw along in each class. The lessons are filmed in high definition so that anyone watching can follow along seamlessly. You can take the class from the comfort of your homes. The videos have been created in such a way that they can be watched from a tablet, a pc, a Mac or a mobile phone.

In addition to that, you don’t have to worry about forgetting what you learn from one class. Once you subscribe to the videos, you are assured of lifetime access to the whole course. Now you can watch the videos as much as you want and keep practicing. By the time you are in your sixth class, you will be able to draw realistic portraits. You will start off easy, with the eyes. Gradually, you will progress to the nose, ears, hair, chin, and forehead. At this point, you can now draw a face and make it look real.

Hand Drawing a Woman Face with Pencil

There are 13 lessons altogether for the full course. This is about 26 hours. Imagine that! In a little over 26 hours, you have become an expert in drawing. Sounds so easy, right? So what are you waiting for?

How much you need to subscribe

The whole course goes for $294.However, there is a discount that will have you paying $47 instead. And that’s not all…You get three bonus lessons alongside the other 13 lessons. The bonuses include clothing& knitwear, realistic hands, and hyper-realistic hands.

Benefits that come with the bonus lessons

Most artists have problems drawing clothing and hands. That’s why these bonus classes are so essential. Students also get to ask any questions they have regarding the course or their work. You are given tips on how to make your drawings better, as well as how to correct mistakes on the actual drawing. There are more perks that come with the course. Apart from the bonuses, you will get pdf templates that can be downloaded. These templates help learners transfer their outlines to the drawing paper without having to use grids or dividers. The only thing you need to view the templates is an Adobe pdf viewer. This will not cost you anything. The application can be downloaded free of charge from any store; android, apple, windows

download button on the screenStudents also get to compare their drawings to the instructor’s actual drawing. The instructors’ drawing is part of the downloadable pdf template. To make it more worthwhile, the reference drawings are in such a high quality that the learner can zoom in using a computer to get the finer details. As if that’s not enough, you get 4 power bonus tutorials in drawing birds. The instructor starts off with drawing a seagull and by the end of the 16 hours; he will have you drawing an eagle perfectly. If you love to draw, this is an opportunity you cannot afford to miss.

What you get with the full purchase

When you buy the whole course, it comes with the 13 full modules, 3 bonus and, 4 power bonus lessons and the downloadable pdf template. And all this for just $47! Such a bargain, right? You are asked to send in your reviews after going through the whole course. It helps improve the product. The lessons are recorded in high definition. You can always change the definition depending on your internet connection. You get 42 hours in total, for the modules plus the bonuses and the templates. You are assured of an instant and lifetime access to the videos after your purchase. You don’t have to worry about the course being a scam. The best part about this course is the 60 days guarantee to get your money back. This is in case you feel that you haven’t profited in any way from watching the videos.

How to pay for the course

The best part about payment is that the site won’t have any access to your card information. Clickbank is used to process all payments relating to course purchase. They only transfer the cash to the site owners, after you have actually received your product. This is a very secure method. Therefore, you do not have to worry about your online safety, in regards to your card details.

What else can you get from the site?

Art lessons

Apart from the drawing modules, you also get access to additional art lessons, for $19 only. These are over three hundred lessons. What more could you possibly ask for?

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Nolan, together with his father, came together for this project. The classes are posted online, for the easy accessibility of the users. The lessons range from pencil drawings to watercolor, oil, and acrylics to pen& ink drawing. In short, you get to familiarize yourself with all types of drawings.

Business tips

But that’s not all. Being a professional artist, Nolan gives other artists tips on how they can make their hobbies profitable. This is by learning how to sell their paintings and drawings to other people, to supplement their earnings, or even as a full-time job.

Paintings being sold on streetThe tips are comprehensive and doable. There are 16 modules in total, each with an up to two hours video, a bonus live session with students, checklists and spreadsheets. To top it off, this course is not only created for selling drawings. It’s meant for all creatives. This includes jewelers, potters and other artists. You will learn how to price your items, to conduct market research, choosing proven selling points among other tips to help you become profitable. The full video course goes for $297, but you can get a discount and purchase it for $147.

There is also an eBook version, unlike other Nolan’s courses. This one goes for $497, but after the discount, you get to pay $197. You will get 16 modules and bonus lessons if you decide to buy. That will only take you a little over 21 hours to watch. If you go through the course and still feel unsatisfied, you can get your money back. The guarantee is for 60 days after purchase. You can rest assured that payments for the extra resources are secure. There are various ways through which you can buy the videos and the eBook. You can now pay through American Express, Visa or MasterCard, and PayPal. It all comes down to your most preferred method.


My verdict:

If you are an aspiring artist, a pencil made easy is the site for you. The courses are comprehensive and easy to follow and understand. My review has taken you through the course basics. Now it’s your chance to make a decision. You are not required to have prior knowledge of drawing. The lessons will teach you all you need to know. The other resources on the site are a plus if you want to know all about other forms of art. You also get tips on how to earn money doing what you love, which is absolutely fantastic. Combined with a hands-on approach, bonus lessons, reference templates, and an affordable purchase fee, this just might be the ultimate drawing course. Bottom line, the reviews on the website are excellent. There are many satisfied clients, happy with the product. It can’t get any better than that.

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  1. Maggie Frampton

    Pencil drawings are always one of their own kind. I am one person who loves the art pencil and hence will be delighted to know more about the same. I am hoping that my learning will be more than productive for sure.

  2. In my point of view – pencil drawing is one of the hardest techniques of drawing. But this guide is made so simple that it is a pleasure to follow!

  3. Jerome Trevino

    I bought this before my final exam of drawing. I’ve cleared all other aspects – painting, wall art, portrait and all other types except sketching, but this made it so easy and now it seems like I was dumb to not know this before.

  4. Frank French

    This program has enabled me to take my pencil art to the next level. the instructions are easy to follow and they make learning interesting so you never get bored.

  5. Anna Fields

    I love drawing so much. I am a pencil artists and thus always happy when I come across the resources that do cover in details the art. I am hopeful that things get to work out and for sure stay in lane with the art.

  6. Drawing is an art. And this is not just my hobby, this is more like passion. This program gave my passion a new desire and made it fulfill entirely. It has moved my talent to a new upgraded level. My skills are increased with more beauty. This program is a pro and can help you be a pro.

  7. Cynthia Valenzuela

    This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to gain proficiency in drawing and especially the pencil drawing and sketching. The mentioned field comprises of vast degree of assortment and innova .

  8. Emil Teitelbaum

    With each class, you get a downloadable template which you can print out and use that to transfer to your drawing paper.

  9. Leonard Passmore

    Great resource for beginners. Did not get to overwhelming. Described perfectly the basics of pencil drawing. I recommend this as a must for beginners before attempting to draw for the tips and clues.

  10. Linda Mitchell

    A great resource for beginners. Did not get too overwhelming. Described perfectly the basics of pencil drawing. I recommend this as a must for beginners before attempting to draw for the tips and clues.

  11. Kathleen Shipp

    Pencil drawing skills may come in handy when you want to design stuff such as logos with your personal touch. Chances are you may not find that person for designing it for you when you need it most.

  12. The good thing is that it will not take you forever to learn instead of learning by trial and error. Starting from the first class, you will be shown precisely what tools you need and get a feel for the pencils. Even your first full drawing will be exceptional and gallery-quality.

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