Password Setting Of Your Email Accounts

Gadgets stump a lot of people and this creates some problems when it comes to the delicate issue such as the resetting of a password when you have forgotten it. The following is just a small guide that will help you get the process right and be able to get the access to your account back again.

Resetting the password is not that hard and you will find it quite easy to do if you know where to begin.

  1. Method 1 for Gmail Users

You will need a computer because the application that you have on your phone cannot be able to access the functions that you will need. These functions are the ones that will help you get the password back. So click on the settings button that looks like a cog.

Got to the accounts and import button and click on that. This tab will enable you to access the change password link that will then give you the dialogue boxes. That is where you will be required to put in the current password.

After that, you will then put in your new password. This will be a requirement before you can proceed. You will have to key it in twice to confirm that you have got it. You will then click on change password and presto, you are done.

  1. Method 2 for Yahoo Users

Password Setting Of Your Email Accounts

For yahoo, you will need to click on the account settings button that will then open up the options that are available to you so that you can make the changes. This will bring up the change password button that you will click on.

You will need to type it in twice here too to change it. That will give you the confirmation that you need to have so that you are sure the password has indeed changed and that you know the new one properly. You will then click on the continue button to ensure that you have saved the new password.

You can adjust your settings for the email account in other related apps.

  1. Method 3 for Outlook (Hotmail) Users

For this one, you will be required to login into the account with the Microsoft or Hotmail password which has now been changed to be named If you can’t access that account, you will press on your account name that is usually on the upper right corner of the screen.

Password Setting Of Your Email Accounts

Select the account setting button and then this will bring up the change password option. As you may have noticed, they are not different much and here it is almost the same because all you have to do is get the code from them and enter it first before they can allow you to make any changes.

This will deter any snoopers or thieves.                     

The changing of the passwords is not hard. All you need is a little guide much like this one and you are good to go.

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  • I am not always a good person when it comes to setting passwords for my emails. Most of them I get the error of the password is too short or weak. I have however learned a few important tips that will help me set passwords that are secure. My emails are essential hence the great need for this.

  • I’ve always had problems when it comes to thinking of a password. It usually is easy to guess since it’s about personal things which is prone to getting hacked. On the other hand, my passwords might not meet the requirements as well. With this, it’s an easy solution to come up with one.

  • This has been a solution to my many problems. I have a number of email accounts that require security and i was wondering how i could set a strong password. And then i came across this system. You cannot imagine how good it is. I have never seen such a guide. Nevertheless, it is affordable, it assures you of safety of your accounts and there is every reason for you to get one.

  • If you think someone else has stolen or gained access to your email password, you should change your password with your email provider, then change your password in Outlook.
    If your email provider has sent you a password reset link, you should use that link to reset your password with your email provider, then change your password in Outlook.
    If you forgot your email account password, you should change your password with your email provider, then change your password in Outlook.
    If you know the password for your email provider but Outlook is repeatedly asking you to update your password, you should check to see if your email account requires an app password, then update your password in Outlook.

  • When i came across this system i had a serious issue with my email account. I was really in need of something. I did not have to go looking for some IT guys to help me since i could do it on my own.

  • When changing your password, you should choose a new, strong password that is not used with any other online account, and that contains a minimum of 8 characters comprised of letters, numbers, and symbols.

  • Make sure it’s complicated, with a mix of numbers, letters, capital letters, and special characters. If you’re worried about forgetting it, use a password manager.

  • To make your password even more difficult for others to guess, you should avoid including personal information in your password that you often share with others.

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