A password is a great tool that helps maintain privacy on confidentiality especially to very important information. However, you agree with me that it becomes annoying at times. Yes, that time that you get to forget the password that you set some months or weeks or even days ago. The world probably comes to a standstill.

Without the password, you can do nothing on your laptop of PC. This is the only major fall back when it comes to usage of a password to secure confidential information.


It is always an expensive adventure to find the best way to get into the laptop. Most of the time, it involves an IT expert who will not charge you mere cents to have work done. You today have not to rely on the so-called IT experts anymore.

With the password resetter software, it is possible for you to have a reset on the password when you forget. Forgetting is something that you cannot do away with. It is always so because our mind is full of very many activities. The password resetter comes to make things easier for you and me.

My Story

Believe me you, I am the poorest person when it comes to remembering a password. The greatest contributor to this is the fact that I always have a different password for any login required. With that, it means that I will barely have the ability to store and remember all these witty passwords.

There was this day that I wanted to log in to a particular system in order to activate my examination card through my laptop. It was just a few hours to my exam and an exam card was part of the key requirements. It troubled me that I could not remember the password to my own laptop. 

Frustrated Me
Frustrated Me

I did not manage to activate the exam card hence forcing me to plead with the lecturer in order to allow me to sit for the exam. It was not a funny experience for your information. Then, later on, a friend of mine introduced me to Password Resetter. He told me how it had saved him and immediately I decided to buy my copy. 

This is one of the wise decision that I have ever made. Today, I never worry about the password anymore. This has helped me diverge and focus my attention on other fields that improve my productivity. In this review, I will be outlining some of the benefits of the software that I have personally experienced.

Benefits of the Password Resetter

1. 24/7 technical support

I have benefitted a lot from this feature. I tell you software with reliable customer support is what people long for today. At times, you may encounter a bug or an issue that you cannot even know how to figure your way out.

Of all the times I have had an issue with Password Resetter, I have always contacted the customer support unit. I love the fact that they do respond irrespective of the time. Even though we are in different time zones I do believe and when you see an active and reliable support unit, it is a blessing.

Customer Support
Customer Support

The customer care team is understanding. They are willing to go beyond the required just to make sure that you are okay. There was a day I remember them having to log into my machine remotely just to try and figure issues that I was facing. Talk of quality service delivery? You will find it here.

2. Supports all Windows versions

When a friend of mine introduced me to this software. My first worry was whether my laptop supports the software. My friend and I run different versions of Windows operating systems and hence was skeptical about this.

However, I came to learn that the software supports all the version of Windows operating system. Trust me, it is was the best relief ever. I have always had struggles and issues with software that are strictly dependent on a particular version of Windows.

I could not imagine getting myself into the same issues once again. So if you are running windows 10, windows 7 or even Vista, Password Resetter got you covered hence no need to worry.

3. Lifetime license

I have worked with software that requires renewal of licenses either monthly or annually. What disturbs me a lot it the amount of money spent on the renewal of these licenses. It is a lot of money for sure. 

Happy Client: Lifetime Licence
Happy Client: Lifetime Licence

I love the fact that with this software, you only buy it once and it is done. There are no hidden costs that you encounter. It is the very reason that I am happily using the system and also recommending it to my friends. It is that time to stay away from that expensive software that is in the market to exploit you.

4. Graphical user interface

The software comes with a graphical user interface which makes the management of password easier. At times people have seen several commands being run on the terminal and that scared the hell out of them. 

Graphical User Interface
Graphical User Interface

Therefore, the developer of the software made it good that you can reset the Windows login password with much ease. Just through the click of buttons with instructions that are well outlined. And the instructions are also given in a step-wise approach that makes it easy for someone to follow.

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5. Money back guarantee

It is an interesting concern. I remember part of the questions that I asked the friend who referred me to the software. I wanted to know if my money is guaranteed back in the event that I don’t like the software at all.

Learning that the software has two months money-back guaranteed. That was mind-blowing. I now knew that in the event I am not comfortable with the software, I will easily walk out and ask for a refund. 

Money Back Guaranteed
Money Back Guaranteed

So this is an opportunity for you to just interact with the software and try to weigh its benefits against the money invested. In the event that you are not okay with it, be sure to expect no question in the refund process.

6. Comes in three different languages

I love the fact that the software supports a total of three languages. That is Spanish, English, and Germany. It is first, an indicator that the software is widely used. Remember that a widely used product is that which is very much trusted.

If you need to refer to a friend who understands Spanish only, then there is no cause for alarm. The product covers it all. Hence being hopeful even that the software will soon be available in more languages. This is just aimed at customizing it for all the people from different walks of 

So let not the language used be a barrier to your usage. Therefore, you better grab that copy and you will have to thank me in the near future. Yes, for saving a reformat of your computer.

7. Available in two editions

The software comes in major editions. The personal edition and the corporate edition. The two editions have been tailor-made to suit the target market. If you are a person who wants to use the software only on your laptop, then you can consider using the personal edition.

On the other hand, corporates have the ability to use the corporate edition to manage computers or PCs. This is meant to suit a wide range of computers and thus not limited to just one usage. 

Password Resetter
Password Resetter

I do believe that through the separation of editions, it comes to benefit all people especially those for personal use. It first helps prevent exploitation. A bad person could have made a single edition and hiked the price thus exploiting that person who needs to use the software just for a single personal computer. 


It is always safe to have a password as a necessity for anyone to log into a computer. We today live in a world characterized by unhealthy competition and malice. Thus, without safeguarding the information held on computers, we are all susceptible to attacks.

It is always a bad feeling when it comes to your knowledge that the information or secrets of your company are in the public domain. Therefore,  you better consider safe passwords all through.

Through the password resetter tool, it is possible for you to do a reset a password in the event that you cannot remember it. You need to know that the only other way to have access to your machine is to format it. Formatting means complete deletion of the data held on the machine. 

I have tried this software and it has been a great value addition to my workflow. Sometimes I do change a password without even knowing and thus it saves me a lot. I do not regret the fact that I bought the product. Looking at the reviews of other customers, I do agree that a lot of people have benefitted from this.

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  1. Dennis McDowell

    Living in a technologically driven world does not mean we all are technical savvy. These days people have multiple identities online and remembering the passwords is a job indeed. Do not worry if you forget the password. This article is all about password resetter making your life easier.

  2. So we have Facebook account, then there are e-mail ids and so much more. It has become hard to remember the passwords. This article made me feel I am not alien in forgetting the passwords. Thanks for sharing. I will be doing the same.

  3. Remembering all those difficult passwords, different for all different accounts was a tough job. But thank god there is a safe solution.
    Great product, well done!

  4. For someone whose business depends on well-protected accounts, I really do appreciate this product. I especially recommend it to business people because we live in a digital world full of cybercrime. All in all, a great way to protect your content.

  5. Passwords at times become so tricky and annoying for sure. If you are not careful, then you can be a victim. I have been there before and I am happy I came across this article that saved my whole life.

  6. For someone who’s pretty much a busy bee like me, I tend to forget passwords for as long as I could remember. Even if my passwords have been pretty repetitive, I just can’t seem to grasp what I’ve typed. Luckily enough, this takes the cake and it makes my job easier and saves me more time!

  7. Jennifer Tyndall

    You know us ladies, passwords are never our thing for sure. I have personally gone through a scene that I never want it to be repeated again. I am looking forward to keep using this amazing tool when need be. It came in handy and i think it is also reliable.

  8. All you need to do to unlock your computer is download the software to a DVD, or memory card/stick on another computer. You then load it on your computer. And Password Resetter does the rest. Whoa, it’s that simple. And should you need any help when using Password Resetter there’s superb 24/7 technical support. All you have to do, is simply contact the help desk to get the assistance you need; even if it’s late at night, or at the weekend.

  9. Brandi D. Drake

    For anyone with devices this is a necessary system. I remember before buying this software i used to go all round looking for someone to fix my passwords. Now i can do it myself and it feels really good.

  10. Perfect solution to locked Windows computers. Rather than wasting time in guessing your password or calling for expensive professional help, you can recover your computer back easily at home.

  11. Legally cracking or unlocking your own Windows password is certainly a legitimate practice! Locates the Windows user accounts, and proceeds to recover (crack) the passwords—all automatically.

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