Orgone Energy Motor Review – A Real Energy Solution?

There are many factors that can disturb your monthly budget and electricity bill is one of them. Nowadays, electricity is becoming expensive due to which you have to sacrifice a big part of your monthly budget.


Orgone Energy Motor Scam or Legit

Are you tired of paying high electricity bills? Do you want to reduce your electricity bills? Then you have reached the right page. Today, I will tell you about such an amazing product that would be beneficial for you. This amazing product is the Orgone energy motor. You can save thousands of your money by using this product.

Orgone energy motor can reduce your electricity bills to great extent, and you will be able to save your money. This course is popular these days on the internet. Orgone energy motor helps to generate electricity at home and generates power to all your electrical appliances like television, oven, fans, refrigerators,

toaster, etc. On this page, you will find a complete orgone energy motor review. In this orgone energy motor review, you will get details related to the working of the product, its specifications, and a lot of other factors.

First impression of the product

Purchasing orgone energy motor-Power energy motor

Initially, I was suspicious about this course, but I took a chance and bought it anyway. There was also a money-back guarantee. If the book doesn’t meet your expectations, you can take advantage of the money-back guarantee. The product has positive reviews on the internet. By going through those reviews I came to know how this course has changed the lives of people. People are saving their cash through this device. You can check the review/reviews of this product on different websites.

The best thing I experienced about this product is that I can download it on a computer, smartphone, and on many other device/devices. The other device/devices could be a smart TV and tablet. The electricity produced by this product has no effect on the health of your energy sources.

I will discuss more things that you will get with the package later in this orgone energy motor review. The package consists of 6 videos and a PDF guide that helped me the most in the product construction. In case you are facing a problem while constructing the orgone motor at home, you can take help from customer support. Yes, it is a truth that customer support immediately replies to their members.

How is Orgone Energy motor plant different?

Orgone Energy motor is highly reliable, and you may create it at your home. The major purpose of creating the product is to help you in controlling the electric bills. The construction of home power plant is an effortless process. Everyone may apply it properly by interpreting the easily comprehensible video and PDF.

Check out the Orgone Energy Motor features that we have found with a comprehensive review.

  • A guide with information about developing an energy motor
  • Power modern electrical appliance
  • The product provides you with some bonuses.
  • Orgone Energy Motor informs you about the way of getting the essential part at a very low rate.

During the 1930s, Dr. William Reich developed the concept of Orgone Energy. He used his innovation to make a device that causes positive effects on human health.

“Use efficient motors and control energy usage.”

Is this product really helpful?

I also noticed that the review of this program is positive everywhere so that was another reason I decided to go for this program. Orgone motor is really helpful for me and their service is amazing.

Before this amazing power product, I was so stressed and worried because of having high energy bills because of the high usage of appliances. Just because of this energy generator machine, I started getting low energy bills, which saved my money.

Inside the package:

Orgone Energy Motor Tutorial

This section of the review is totally related to the elements you will get in the orgone energy motor package. So, basically, the company provides us with 6 video tutorials and a PDF guide in a package that helps us to construct orgone energy motor technology.

Each video parts are about 20 minutes long that provides a guide for the construction and working of this power product in detail. The video parts and a guide are long but it is a truth that they are beneficial for building energy motor. You don’t need public transmission lines to fire up your home appliances.


The PDF guide inside the package is really helpful. Basically, it is a complete guide for constructing this power generator machine at home.

The PDF guide consists of 18 pages. It also contains the dimensions of the product that you have to use. By following this guide, you would be able to learn the working and construction of the whole system.

The videos:

Tutorial 1:

In the first tutorial, you will learn to cut into required dimensions in order to make a grid of the motor. In the video, the manufacturer uses galvanized steel sheets.

The first video is really important. It contains a lot of information. If you are ignoring the first tutorial, you will face problems while watching more parts. You should be following every instruction carefully.

Tutorial 2:

In the second video, you will learn how you can secure the bitumen into a skeleton. According to the original blueprints, this is an important step. This video will also show you how to create the orgone box.

It is a box that is used to capture the power energy. It is one of the important parts of the video series, so shouldn’t be skipping it.

Tutorial 3:

In this video, you will learn the method for connecting the box with insulation. It is the insulation that is made carefully by using the insulation material and the metal square that was created in tutorial 1.

While following this tutorial, I made some mistakes. Please, follow this tutorial carefully; otherwise, the device will not work properly.

Tutorial 4:

You will learn the insertion of a special hose as well as how to secure a box by using a separate pin called EPS board. While performing activities explained in this lecture you should keep some elements in mind.

The first and the most important thing you make sure of is that your screws don’t cut the hose. Secondly, make sure all hoses of the device are aligned.

Tutorial 5:

In this tutorial, you will come to know in detail how to connect the iron protection hose to the insulated lid that you constructed in the previous video. This video provides you with instructions in a series of steps for making a cone made of steel.

The function of this steel cone is that it captures all of the orgone energy into the orgone box. The construction of the cone is very simple.

Tutorial 6:

You will learn how to make a circuit that uses the magnetic force of nature for converting orgone energy into electrical energy. You will come to know about the materials that are used to apply to the cone.

So, these are the steps that are involved in this package. As each and every step is necessary, so they must be followed carefully.

Extra bonuses:

Orgone Energy Motor Bonus Products


It is straightforward to order an orgone energy motor. You can easily purchase an orgone energy motor from the official website. Other than the official website, there are many more affiliate websites/websites where you can order your orgone energy motor.

I highly recommend going for the official website because you will find more information about the product there. Once you have placed the order and cleared the payment, you will get the following things as a bonus with orgone energy motor:

  • Van De Graff Generator– By following this guide you can easily build Vann De Graff Generator at your home. It also consists of some of the Nikola Tesla principles.
  • O’Neal Energy Slasher– Slash your power bills with this guidebook.
  • Adam Generator– A complete guide to creating Adam’s power generator.


In conclusion, an orgone energy motor is like a home power plant that helps in generating free energy at home. In this orgone energy motor review, I have shared every single piece of information related to it. I also discussed the service of the company that introduced this invention. By using an orgone energy motor, you can easily use your energy resources without worrying about the power bill.

Before ending this orgone energy review, I would like to introduce the creator of the orgone energy motor. The man behind the orgone energy motor was Dr. Willhelm Reich. Dr. Willhelm Reich was a famous scientist who introduced many great ideas to the world. Purchasing this product is very easy. All you need is to use your email address to sign up on the website. Simply place an order, pay the money and the whole package is yours.

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Orgone Energy Motor


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