“What pushes you to be an actor or an actress?” Maybe that is one of the most thought of questions that goes through one’s head in a lifetime. Well, their answers could be; it’s an imagination or a love, or a wish to show up or it’s just their passion to act.


When one wishes to stick out, they typically want to be in the spotlight, and of course, the stage is the best place to start. For aspirants, being on stage for the first time is quite frightening and yet exciting. Usually, once a person has experienced this, and they were being praised by others, they most often want for more exposures.

Typically, a person of this physique was at all times entertaining or acting for friends and for the family. They have humor and it is in all probability well advanced and focused. However, not all great actors/actress these days are born actors. Some of them are doing this for a living and some would follow their heart because of their bursting passion in acting. They love to be in the spotlight. Because of love, just love for the art can lead a person to act. The people who love the art of acting or theater are generally the ones who care and appreciate it the most.

Possibly they can be well thought-out as the people who will do whatsoever to make the viewers laugh, or cry, and chuckle, or feel serious, annoyed, and gladness. People who love acting make them who they are and they don’t even have to try. Individuals who love acting turn out to be their character in an act.

A person’s passion for acting is never a worthless or an unsatisfying thing and that is why some of them push their selves to do acting as they earn from it as well. They live with passion, making it as their career. Confucius once said, “We are every so often told that if we follow our passion and keep doing what we love as a career, we will not ever have to work a day in our life” …

Technically, chasing your passion as a career should be laid back, natural and create monetary enlightenment where profits flow and contentment overcomes. Certainly, though, demonstrates that few who follow such advice will ever reach their desired destination.

But what if you only have basic knowledge on acting and you don’t have enough time to continue doing what you love because you need to prioritize work? Does that mean it is the end?

Well, I am telling you it is not! Have you ever thought about turning your passion into your career? And wait, there’s more than that! What if I tell you that you can earn without working in the office for so many hours and keep dealing with your hot-tempered boss? You can earn without any boss around and what’s great is that you can be the boss of yourself!

Yes, there’s one great and easy way to unlock your potential in acting? What if I tell you it’s the biggest break that might change not only your career but your entire life?

There are two reasons why you have gotten to this page, and it might be because you’ve possibly heard about No More Waiters but you are pretty still deliberating whether this product can be a benefit to you, or may benefit your business, I am right?

Or maybe you are previously overriding the basic blog about it and you have been trying to know the truthful backings of engaging yourself with the No More Waiters.

Actor Staging Scene Human Acting Theater

In either circumstance, my purpose with this review is to lead, inform you with factual points for several queries and aid you fill in on the specific information so that you can, later on, decide with complete knowledge and understanding of what this product is all about, as to what you are desiring for yourself and your business to progress and by what means this product can provide you with.

In this column, we will focus on the No More Waiters review. Here, I will share with you great ideas about how to improve your acting as well as to discover the world of MLM (multi-level marketing) business and know how to generate money from it. I know there have been lots of reviews about No More Waiters out there, but let me provide some clearer, fuller and compiled factual points from it.

Get no more waiters today, and instead of continuing to work as a waiter year after year you’ll learn what it takes to finally take the leap to actor!

What is “No More Waiters”?

No More Waiters is a book which is intended for people who are into acting (beginners or not) and dealing with an MLM type of business. This book will teach you how to use any new publicizing platforms like Facebook.

What you’ll love more about this product is that it not only gives you the success mindset in your acting career but also provides you ideas about multi-level marketing business.

Acting voice class

Another thing is that it teaches you the most common mistake that wrecks your probabilities for generating money. This product will provide you tips and tricks on growing your acting profession as well as to give you a complete view on acting as a career.

Well literally, this product is for artists who wishes to be a business person at the same time too. This product is not for those who abuse the goodness of acting who wishes to do a sex tape, eager to get famed.

Who’s Behind the Success of No More Waiters?

Behind every successful product is a successful maker. The one I’m talking about is no other than John “Bones” Rodriguez. He was born and grew up in New York City. He is usually seen it several TV commercials, TV shows, plays and in independent films. He is performing all over New York doing enhanced comedy and is certain that other actors should be round-the-clock artists as well.

“Entreperformer” as he calls himself because he’s both an artist and a business person at the same time. Aside from that, he is a great writer. He is actually the writer of the book entitled Captain Kirk’s Guide to Women. This was published by Simon and Schuster in 2008 together with several children’s books.

Make Money Notice

Before he had created this product, he also had experienced so many downfalls in his career. I, myself could say that he’s one living proof that giving up so easily can reach nothing in the future. Despite his defeats in his career, he has been very determined to make his way out of frustration, his broke status, and his embarrassments.

After he produced the No More Waiters, he has been teaching actors to chase down life they wish to have without the manacles of a supervisor, a hectic schedule, or being officially employed for a living.

If you’re quite curious now how he became successful, you might want to try and buy this product.

Now let us proceed to this product’s Pros and Cons…


  • What I like about this product is that it truthfully provides tips and ideas as well as progresses your way of acting.
  • One more thing I like about this product is that it is rich with information which will definitely help you understand more, and gain more knowledge about how acting is done.
  • What I love the most about this product is that apart from helping you improve your skills in acting, it also covers how MLM is done. Imagine? What’s so great is that you don’t work your butt of this hard to earn money that instant.


  • There’s only one flaw I see in this product. It’s not best for professional actors. Why? It’s because when a person has too much experience, they might disagree on what other actors might say or teach.

Verdict to No More Waiters


We see people do their performances, and we tend to say that it’s easy to do, but the truth is… IT IS NOT! Actors still need to be taught the right way to be proficient. But enrolling yourself into a school of art (acting) would be a huge investment of time, money and effort. So why settle with that then if there’s an easy and laidback way to do it, right?

So, let me ask you one more thing… Do you love acting? Do you dream of acting as your career? Do you want to earn money with less exertion of effort and money? This might be the answer! This can change your way of thinking about acting and your career mindset. This may change your life! So why waste time and money for the uncertain ones, right? Why wait? Go ahead and see for yourself the benefits of No More Waiters!

Stop serving as a waiter, and finally start living your passion and your dreams of being a paid actor – click here to get No more waiters today!


  1. A round of applause! Well done, educated me and at the same time I had fun time reading and knowing more about how I can be a entrepreneur without sacrificing my passion. This should be read by everyone to learn more about how to have time with your passion without going broke.

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    What I can say about this book is that it is the right book if you want success. It is written by professionals who clearly understand the need for strategies. You can earn enough by using the tips in this book.

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  10. Dennis Denman

    It is the dream of every up and coming actor to go for an audition and wow everyone there. But the fact remains that auditions are scary and people find it difficult to face the judge faces of the people who are running the auditions.

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