Owning a website is common these days. Any company that wants to start a business or any other work has to have a website of their own in order to be successful in business. You just can’t even think of not having a website if you want to promote your business. On the other hand, maybe you want to earn some money through Google affiliate marketing.

For that, you absolutely need a good looking website that people are going to visit often. But how are you supposed to do that? What options do you have?

First of all, develop the website on your own. But if you’re not a tech geek, you won’t probably know how to. Secondly, hire a web designer and invest a lot of money on it.

If you are short on the budget then it’s going to be a problem for you. So, what can you really do? Don’t worry, with Niche Website Templates you can get your site up in no time.

You must be thinking can I really do it? Yes, you really can! Niche Website Templates brings a ton of designer templates that will make your site look glamorous.

On today’s time having a website is not enough, it has to be unique and look attractive for people to visit it. But with this product, you can easily make your website look different than others.

In this review, I’ll be telling all about Niche Site Templates and how this product will change the look of your website.

What is Niche Website Templates?

Once your page starts looking more appealing and starts’ conveying the necessary information in the most efficient manner, your job becomes much easier.

The templates available at Niche Website Templates will definitely help you achieve that goal. By using this, you can be sure to bring about an improvement in your online image. And also increase your sales and money effectively.

This is a new Niche Website Templates that is different from any other sites that you have seen before. All the templates are professional looking and eye-catching at the same time. Just with one look at your website after using the product and people would definitely come back for business.

Make your site with Niche Website Templates now!

This system is mainly concerned with taking your online branding to the next level. As this is a template product; Niche Website Templates is very simple to use along with SEO friendliness and pure code.

A major part of it is done by applying easy to use and modify CSS formatting. The templates are CSS coding so its very light but have a glamorous look. Well, your site could be the biggest light wave sites on the internet!

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Who is the creator of this program?

Iszuddin Ismail from Malaysia is the brains behind this creative venture. He is a designer himself and has been involved with Internet marketing and designing his own websites. He has also created some projects such as DIYMiniSite and OptinDesign. These are all very popular website designing pages used by hundreds and thousands of people all over the world. And now, he has created this webpage to offer a dashing look for those who are looking to improve the design of their mini-sites.

With the bang of the Internet today, the different companies are really trying to use their websites to expand their ventures. This means that you can be the one who stands out in the crowd here.

As the product provides the different elegant look you won’t be the one with a typically designed web page. So, once you buy the product it will give a different and fresh approach. This is exactly the thing that sets Niche Site Templates apart from the other such services.

What are the features of this template?

The Niche Site Templates was created by Ismail to help you take your business to the next level. Without getting into the hassles of working with a web designer, you can yourself create a dependable look for your mini-site which will attract more and more visitors to the page.

With this template, you can style and highlight your content so easily that you will be amazed. The various features that you can make use of, include the following:

  • Create a strong bold logo, with a clear website name.
  • Add a navigation menu at the top as per your preference
  • Design a separate sidebar area, which can be used for testimonials or such similar content. This is optional and if you prefer a page without the sidebar content, you can choose not to add this.
  • Create a ready opt-in box, which is optional depending on the needs of your page
  • Easy CSS green checked and red crossed listing that will transform any boring bulleted list to an eye-catching list
  • CSS highlighted content to emphasize the key points you want the viewer to see.
  • Some CSS Johnson box for highlighting the bonuses or product modules information.
  • For ordering, you can put a matching order button with the often used credit card logos.
  • Separate footer area to add the legal information.

You also get some tremendous features besides these.

Separate layout styles:

They also provide two separate layout styles. With or without sidebars. Well, sometimes marketers just want a simple top-to-bottom layout without any distraction. That’s why the mini site design is also available without the sidebar.

Two different colors:

You get the option of choosing the color you want between the color blue and the more aggressive red. And with the right background, you can make it look even lovable and warming.

Easy styling with CSS:

Some basic styles are already ready for you. You just have to use them when you see it might be a fit for you. It can be really helpful if you have very few knowledge about CSS.

Background graphic:

You also have the option of applying your own background graphic. By changing the background theme and graphic, you can completely change the look of your mini-site and convey what it is all about with just a look.

Photoshop PSD files:

there are also separate Photoshop PSD files available for you. For only making it all easier to design the website that could make your business go up.

Essentially, anything and everything that you might need on a mini site is available in this template with the option of using the feature or not totally in your hands. Do you really need any more? Why don’t you just buy the product and give it a shot!


This is not all. When you order the product from the Niche Site Templates, you also get an array of free bonuses, which will aid you even more in creating the perfect website. These bonuses include:

  • Easy & powerful PHP system: This ensures that you don’t have to deal with the stress of scribbling codes and trying to understand them. You’ll know where everything is and it’s easy to edit.
  • Comprehensive guide e-book: This eBook tells you everything that you need to about the product. It is really helpful and gives you a better understanding of the whole process even if you are a beginner.
  • Video tutorial: Video tutorials to help you get started on making websites in no time. With the help of the detailed step-by-step instructions website designing just can’t be any easier.
  • 21 stunning logo graphics for your header: You can create your own logo for your site! And even if you don’t want to there are many logo graphics to choose from.
  • 5 Background Images for 5 Different Look: You will have 5 background images to give a little extra elegant look to your site. The backgrounds are really some quality content and this will help you enhance it.
  • iSeller Stickers and Order Buttons: You get access to 625 web graphics, that include sticker badges, order buttons, etc. It also has many nice buttons that you can easily add to your site.

Extra surprises of Niche Website Templates!


  • Accompanied by its revealing easy-read structure, it directly addresses your needs even if you are not experienced at all.
  • It is an extremely user-friendly product with its guideline attached to the product.
  • It comes with a money back guarantee. So feel free to ask for a refund if you don’t like it.
  • Has a lot of positive reviews from the customers.


  • Well, the distinctive discount is about to come to its end, it is strongly recommended to decide and buy soon.
  • Regardless of customer’s familiarity with the subject, this book offers a very comprehensive understanding to its readers.


Website designing is not something that you can do pretty easily. And if you are on a budget that could pretty much end up being your worst nightmare. But with the help of Niche Site Templates, you can easily get the website that you want.

Give Niche Website Templates a try and see the difference.

The product has done all the hard work for you. It can be considered like filling in the blanks in the structure that has already been laid out for you. With the 60-day cash back guarantee, you really have nothing to lose with this purchase, but everything to gain. Try it today and see the difference it makes to your web page and to your business.

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  1. People just can’t help, but judge everything by its cover. Especially now in the era of social networks. That’s why finding and appealing design for my website was a crucial point, and I’m glad that we’ve achieved our goal.

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  4. You should use the internet to your advantage, a simple advertisement through this can aid your business to bloom faster than other competitors. What’s amazing is the fact that you’re making people intrigue on the marketing you offer, and it’s up to you to catch their attention through the use of templates and phrases.

  5. If you want to create a good web site that can really portray what it is all about then you need to have the best templates for it. This is why you need this product. When i got it, i was trying to create a new website and needed help a lot to make it show what it contained. The working of the system is simple and effective.

  6. Stephen Wolford

    This is great for those that are not looking for something too artsy, but actually good-looking and effective.

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  9. One thing for a start is that it is very affordable. Once you get this system you will be happy since you are able to do a lot with less energy and money required.

  10. Wanda Freeman

    These are templates that i use for most of my websites. There is one reason why and that is because they are really easy to use. All i have to do is make some few changes and all is well.

  11. Create a ready opt-in box, which is optional depending on the needs of your page. You also have the option of applying your own background graphic. By changing the background theme and graphic, you can completely change the look of your mini-site and convey what is it about with just a look.

  12. Margaret King

    Niche Site Templates are aimed to do just that. By using this, you can be sure to bring about an improvement in your online image, which will effectively mean more sales and more money for you.

  13. Yolanda Bailey

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