My Boat Plans Review: Can You Finally Build The Boat You’ve Dreamt Of?


Boats are the well-known mode of transport in better parts of the world. People who live in islands are among the most frequent users. In fact, to them, it is the main means of transport. The need for water transport creates a demand for boats thus propelling the boat making industry to greater heights.

Not very many people have jumped into this industry of making boats. The main problem being the fact that the process is too involving. It is a tiring job but has good rewards at the end. I do believe that with a guide and some knowledge around this industry, very many people with passion can take up the task.

My Boat Plans
Boat Rowing

My Boat Plans is a great tool for those who are aspiring to be boat makers and also those already in the industry. It gives you an opportunity to sharpen the skills at hand and deliver quality work. You do understand that quality comes with a hefty pay at the end. So focus on the delivery of good work.

My Story

I love boat riding for sure. I grew up in an area where we could hardly see boats or even use water transport. But every time I got a chance to visit my grandfather upcountry, I would enjoy some rides in his boat.

There has always been a desire to probably have an understanding of how boats are made and work. My grandfather being a boat maker, I desired that we the knowledge gained, I could help him in the work he does.

My Boat Plans My story
Boat Building

I have, therefore, been on the forefront looking for some good materials and resources online. The aim being knowledge and also help my grandfather perfect his art and skills. In my day to day web research, I stumbled across My Boats Plans. Going through the reviews and feedback from the customers, I decided to buy the resource.

I have learned a lot from the resource and this is also being used by my grandfather back in upcountry. It has been a great honor for me to just get familiar with the different plans that are available.

Seeing my grandfather implement some of the plans has been my joy. I am a beginner in the industry of boat making but from what I have benefitted, I decided to pen down this review. I hope through it, I will encourage someone to consider giving a try.

So, What is Inside My Boat Plans?

1. Video Tutorials

Believe me you, video tutorials are part of the package you receive when you buy this awesome resource. I am a person who loves videos as compared to text guides. I do believe that through the videos and pictorial guides, it is easy to remember and even implement any given plan.

Watching Video Tutorials
Watching Video Tutorials

The resource comes with over 40 videos from the master boat builders. What a wonderful experience it is just watching the experts in the industries implement the plans. I remember my grandfather and I being able to follow one of the tutorials on the plan. It gave us a feeling of working together with the expert himself.

The videos are of high quality and you will surely enjoy watching them. It is the best part of the entire plan that I have kept on revisiting to date.

2. 518 Boat plans

It is amazing being subjected to a total of 518 boat plans. I do feel that it is a wide pool and you will even be spoilt for choices. My Boat plans, you are able to implement various plans recorded.

The master boat builder tried to exhaust as many plans as possible. Through creativity and hard work, he managed to package all the plans under one collection for you and me. I do believe that through these plans, we will be able to trigger our creativity and built even on top of the plans once depleted.

Noting Down The Plans
Noting Down The Plans

But for sure, having to exhaust all these 518 boat plans is a no joke. I am sure it will take us more than three years to say we have done a majority of the plans. Time not to complain when everything is in place. Be it a beginner like me or an expert in the field, the resource is worth your time.

3. Money back guarantee

I love that fact that the resource comes with a two months money back guarantee. Most of the people always feel that they may not benefit from the product above. So you have been given an opportunity to try out the product for 60 days.

Money Back Guaranteed
Money Back Guaranteed

This is a great opportunity to be able to know and prove if the plans are best for you. In the event that you are not willing to take up the resource, then you will be refunded your money without questions. So make good use of the trial period given to you since you will be able to access all the aspects of the plans.

4. Members forum

Members’ forum is a platform that enables people who have purchased the plans to interact. I am a person who believes in teamwork. I also trust that when we are left to interact, we can be able to share our ideas and build each other.

My Boat Plans
Members Forum

So do not be scared that you are the only person with the plan and you may have some struggles. The forum will give you an opportunity to share those struggles and even trips around the boat building activity.

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5. Free lifetime updates

When you make a purchase of the product, be sure that you will be receiving updates for the rest of your life. Getting upgrades at no extra cost, that is what I mean. What an amazing opportunity presented to you and me. The requirements for you is to make an initial payment and leave the rest to the creators of the content.

You will agree with me that most software available today in the market requires you to pay for the upgrades once they are out. That makes the operational cost higher than ever expected. Say no to paid updates only with My Boat Plans.

6. Available in Softcopy

By the fact that the guide and plans come in softcopy, I do believe it is a good thing. We are in the digital era thus relate so well with digital products. When you buy the product, you will have access to the download options.

You will, therefore, have your plans installed in your computer a few minutes after the purchase as you wait for the shipment of the DVD to your destination. There is a lot of time-saving in doing that. Delays are completely dealt with.

7. Interoperability

The plans which are available in the form of a program are compatible with both Windows and Mac. So there is no worry that you running a different operating system as a hindrance to its usage. I do believe that a majority of computers and laptops today run either on Mac or Windows operating system. This means that close to 90% of computers support this plan.

8. Bonus building guides 

Martin Reid who is the master boat builder and creator of this amazing tool gives bonus guides to every purchase of My Boat Plans. Getting the bonus guides alone requires a good amount of money.

It is, therefore, an advantage to us when we decided to buy My Boat Plans. It this era, surely, who does such an incredible task? Martin got all of us covered indeed. I am personally grateful for these awesome additional plans.

3D Boat design software is one of the bonuses that I am in love with. It has given me an opportunity to design the plans that I have in mind. Believe me you, I do this with much ease. Trust me, you will enjoy this awesome software. You have the ability to do great stuff and even tweak some designs for your products.

3D Bonus Software
3D Bonus Software


  • 518 Plans to choose from.
  • Lifetime free updates
  • Available in softcopy
  • Money-back guarantee


  • Does not work on Ubuntu


I personally can’t get enough of the product. Something which begun as a trial has resulted in me learning a lot. From imagination and mere ideas to now ability to materialize some is the best feeling ever.

My grandfather today is a very happy man. He delights in doing his work and loves the fact that he has received a boost into his pool of creativity. It has even rejuvenated his passion and zeal to be the best in this field.

One of the greatest enemies of success is failing to try. When we fail to get out of our comfort zone, there is basically little that is achievable. Remember that joy and happiness are found the ability to fulfill your dreams, desires, and passion.

Martin has presented unto you and me a stepping stone towards our dream careers and professions. We better, therefore, grab this opportunity with both hands. Make that bold step and for sure you will thank me later. Let me go back to reading reviews and testimonials from my fellow champions.

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