Music and Good Health: The Secret Revealed

Who doesn’t love music? We all do. Who wouldn’t? Everybody has a genre they love, yet what most people do not contemplate is how they get affected by the songs they listen to.

How Does Music Affect Us?

Music has got to be the best entertainment for more than eighty percent of the people on earth. We all have songs that we love and enjoy listening to. Music heals our soul, gives us hope in the darkest of times and soothes us when in sorrow.

It is amazing just how far it embeds itself into our emotions, twists itself into our feelings and becomes part of our whole being itself. This therefore shows how it is such a vast part of our lives.

Music and Good Health

Because music can affect us in such huge ways, it means that it has the ability to impact our health too. For some when they think about this they wonder exactly how this can happen. It’s quite easy. Let me explain how.

The Healthy Benefits of Music

Music connects with people and you should take this advantage to help you grow in a healthy way.

Music helps to reduce stress. Soft music calms us and makes us relax thus reducing anxiety. For this to work even better, you need to choose the songs that you like.

The Healthy Benefits of Music

Create a playlist of your favorite songs but make sure you pick those that have a good message. The lyrics of a song also matter too. So, listen to those with encouraging words that make you feel at ease.

Pain feels less intense when you listen to music. If you have just got your heart broken or someone you loved has left you or died, music can help you in filling that painful void. And it’s not only emotional pain that music relieves you from; it can also help during times of physical pain, for example, during childbirth.

It helps you to achieve better results during exercise. Always listen to music whenever you decide to go exercising. As you listen to the songs, your mind gets distracted a bit from the strain of the exercises and this enables you to do them for longer and in better ways. You therefore end up improve your body’s general health.

Improvement of memory. If you think this is crazy, then you don’t know what you are missing. The brain can store more information when it is more willing to let it in. Studying as you listen to a song may make you able to remember the information more. However, note that this is best if you are listening to soft songs playing on a low volume.

If you thought that music was just for partying and getting loud, then think again. Try letting yourself get inspired by music using the above ideas and you will be thankful later of the results.

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  • I have known since my childhood that classic music is good for you. But never knew the actual reasons why. Thanks for the interesting information!

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  • Every morning I have to put some relaxing music just to help me create the day’s mood. Music is the go to therapy whenever I want to relax. I will have to share this with my wife so that she can also adapt to listening to music when when she exercising.

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  • Music therapy starts with the idea that, as therapists, we’re collaborating with a person who’s looking to help themselves to feel more complete or optimistic—or to discover parts of themselves they aren’t aware of—using music.

  • Music can help patients remember tunes or songs and get in touch with their history. This is because the part of the brain which processes music is located next to memory.

  • New music challenges the brain in a way that old music doesn’t. It might not feel pleasurable at first, but that unfamiliarity forces the brain to struggle to understand the new sound.

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