Are you tired of paying your hefty electricity bills? We understand your pain. Who likes to see their hard-earned money going into the pockets of the big energy companies. But what else can one do? There is no other way. Or is there?

Believe it or not, there exists a product claiming to help you build a generator that generates electricity for free 24/7—introducing to you the Moray Generator! If you want to know more about this product, read our Moray Generator review, and we will give you the 411.

Free energy – Solution or a myth?

Data suggests that global electricity production costs have fallen by 43%. Yet, homeowners do not see this fall in production costs reflected on their energy bills. Authorities continue to charge you exorbitant amounts without paying heed to your misery. It makes your blood boil.

But, all is not lost. Moray generator, a digital product launched recently, appears to be a glimmer of hope. The author claims that this energy-generating system can help you achieve energy independence!

What is the Moray Generator?

Moray Generator Energy Boost

In essence, the Moray Generator is an energy-generating system on steroids. Comprising a series of explanatory videos and color photos, the Moray Generator video guide instructs people to build this device.

These videos feature Andrew James demonstrating the step-by-step construction of the generator.  Mind you, Dr. Henry Moray’s free energy theory underpins what James teaches in his course.

With an aim to help you create free energy in your backyard, this step-by-step video guide is all set to make headlines.

Who are Andrew James & Dr. Henry Moray?

Dr. Henry Moray proposed the idea of generating electricity from background radiation. He dedicated his life to liberating people from the chains of giant power monopolies.

His idea was revolutionary. But it was not received well by the power companies who deemed it a serious threat to their monopoly. Like most other revolutionary scientists and inventors, tragedy befell him.

Subdued by the pressure from big energy companies, the patent office did not allow him the patent. If obtained, the patent would have allowed him to market his idea to the general public. What’s even sadder is the fact that ever since making his intentions clear, Moray and his loved ones remained a target of influential people.

Andrew James, a former patent office employee, accessed Dr. Henry Moray’s blueprints. He has used the blueprints to construct a simplified program in the shape of the Moray Generator.

Moray Generator – How does it work?

Moray Generator How it works

The way this device works is unlike any generator out there. Radiant energy powers the generator. Moray theorized this idea back in his time. This energy comes from the environment. It is present in the cosmos, meaning it is everywhere. It is likely the only thing on this planet that’s more in quantity than us humans.

We are all surrounded by background radiation which is also the primary source of radiant energy. The Moray Generator system utilizes this energy through its circuitry to generate electricity. You can use it to power your electrical appliances in your home non-stop.

It is impossible to identify the source of radiant energy. It is for this reason scientists say that it exists everywhere. This reinforces the author’s claim that this device can power your home at any time, anywhere in the world. Wow!

It won’t come as a surprise to us if you have lost your mind already. If not, then read on and pray for your sanity.

Moray Generator – What makes it different?

The fact that this energy generator can produce electricity out of thin air makes it one of its kind. It is portable and can work day and night, irrespective of the site where it’s kept. This is in contrast to items like solar panels and wind turbines that are bound by their location.

Pretty impressive, right? There’s more.

Be it an airplane flying thousands of meters above sea level or a submarine located at the ocean’s depth. The Moray generator works fine no matter where it’s located. This makes it independent of time and place- a perk that no generator driven by the sun or winds provides.

Solar panels get solar energy from the sun to produce solar power. Wind turbines rely on the speed of winds. On a cloudy day, with no sun, solar panels won’t generate solar power. Likewise, on a humid day with low winds, wind turbines won’t power your home.

This indicates that almost all conventional power generators are dependent on weather. The Moray Generator is not. Radiant energy is its only energy source, and it is present everywhere, no matter the weather.

Moray Generator – Salient features

Moray Generator Features of the Moray Generator

Moving on, let’s get to the meat of this review and unveil some defining characteristics of this energy generator.

1. Independent of time and place

When it comes to portability and availability, the Moray Generator beats everything. It does not need the sun or the winds to generate electricity.

You can keep it anywhere in your home, be it your backyard or your basement. It will work even at the center of the earth.

2. Requires less storage space

In contrast to a solar panel or a wind turbine, the Moray Generator can work in small spaces. So, if in the past, you couldn’t install a solar energy system due to your house’s lack of space, you have a substitute now.

3. Saves money

James claims that he has had clients who have saved up to $400/month in energy bills. But, this amount can vary depending on your power usage.

You’re not going to have to pay for the tax credits on your power bill anymore. So, that is a big plus too!

4. Costs less

Going by the figures James quotes, you can build your Moray Generator for a low price. This makes it the cheapest power generating system in the world. On top of that, they are offering a 60-day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee!

5. Uninterrupted power supply

Say no to power shortages! The uninterrupted supply of energy to the Moray Generator enables it to produce energy day in day out. This way, the device will power your house at all times. It is this feature that sets the Moray Generator apart from its competitors.

You can now use your household appliances for as long as you want without having to worry about the energy bill. So, you see how the Moray Generator provides you with a solution that is just too useful to pass up. What a life-saver!

6. Ecological

The Moray Generator does not run on fossil fuels, unlike conventional generators. This makes it carbon neutral- something that was not possible earlier. You are not only conserving the environment but also ensuring that your family stays healthy. Power your home without having to feel guilty about damaging the environment.

7. Less prone to damage

The energy generator has no moving components; hence the chance of it getting damaged is slim.

8. No maintenance costs

As unbelievable as it may sound, the Moray Generator has no maintenance costs. Star in the making? Maybe.

9. Available in soft copy

This can come as a pro as well as a con for people according to their preferences. If you prefer learning in a digital environment, this is good news for you; otherwise, it may come as a bummer. Choose according to your preference.

10. Easy to construct

James suggests that even your kid can construct the Moray Generator. Such is the simplicity of the program. Besides, the types of materials used for construction are also easily procurable.

Let’s get to business

Buying the Moray Generator guide could be a potentially good choice, but only if you can afford it. I would buy the guide for the sake of it. With their money-back guarantee, even if it doesn’t perform as well as I expect, my money is still safe. After all, who minds the prospect of saving up to $400/month in power bills.

On the off chance, you could try looking out for customer reviews and other product reviews of the device. What’s good for me may not be good in your book.

Sadly, there is a lack of reviews/comments since the guide hasn’t been able to stay on the market for more than a couple of months. So, you can’t really tell whether the buyers and the seller are on the same page. Ultimately, it is your decision; choose wisely.

Final word

James has reiterated that the big energy companies are always at his heels. He believes the fear that if people get access to this scheme, they will stop paying for electricity. This can damage the monopolies that continue to thrive without caring one bit for the consumers paying for their service. You can only imagine how powerful this device can be.

The Moray Generator seems to be on its way to change the global energy landscape. When will that happen? Or will that even happen? Only time will tell.


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