For the longest time, I struggled to try to find the perfect birthday gift for a friend of mine who loves traveling. Annabelle, my friend, loves to travel all over the country by train while reading adventure and romance novels. She likes to create a separate, personal universe where she sets the rules and solves all issues.

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In my mind, the perfect gift for Annabelle had to offer her the possibility and freedom to be creative. Not to mention that it had to be related to trains.

Little did I know that the answer to all my struggles was waiting patiently for me on the Internet!

And so my adventure began when I discovered Alastair’s Lee book called ‘Model Railroads for Beginners.’ At first, I thought that it would not suit Annabelle, but I knew how passionate she was about crafting things. She used to make hand-made jewelry and paint post-cards. So, I was sure this activity was something she didn’t experience before.

So, today, I am going to share my review of a book that will ultimately energize you. Not to mention how eager you will be to start a new challenging and exciting hobby!

From the beginning: Who is Alastair Lee?

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Alastair Lee is the creator of the book Model Railroads for Beginners and an expert in model train railroads. His passion for building model train railroads goes back to a couple of years ago. He had a dream and the desire to create something spectacular that would make him pound. And he succeeded!

After years of practice and active involvement in discussions with other model train enthusiasts, it was time to give back.

Alastair believed that this activity would give people all over the world immense satisfaction in creating unique model train railroads. Reading his blog, discovering his passion, I got hooked. Moreover, I was sure that Annabelle would be hooked as well. And I was right, but I will tell you all about it later in my post. Let’s talk about the creator’s work a little more in depth so that you understand better my enthusiasm.

What Is Model Railroads For Beginners?

For the creation of this book, Alastair teamed up with a group of experts and model train enthusiasts. And the result is breathtaking. In his book, you can find a very comprehensive, easy to follow, guide on how to model railroads.

Honestly, it’s an asset as you have the opportunity to learn from scratch all the secrets of model railroads. And while doing so, you have the chance to see different perspectives on this matter and get priceless advice.

It is important to mention that this book has nothing to do with fictional writing. It is 100% written from a personal perspective and actual experiences. And you know what? Having the proper tools and will to create something spectacular, you can never go wrong. But let’s see what exactly this book has to offer.

What has Model Railroads for Beginners to offer?

Capture Model Railroads For Beginners

As the name suggests, this book aims to teach beginners and seasoned modelers how to create breathtaking railroads. So, if you feel a growing passion for this activity but are afraid of failure, this book is for you. The thing is that if other people were able to do it, so can you. Get the right mindset and let your creativity speak the right language.

The book starts by offering you a fun introduction to what model railroads mean and about its building. Moreover, the book offers you in-depth tips and tricks on:

  • How to get started without hustle – the essential step is correct planning
  • Tips on how to avoid the mistakes every beginner experiences
  • How to make sure your trains and track run smoothly and fit the scenery
  • Ideas on how to take care of your engines, rolling stock and layout

What are the secrets of success behind this project?

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Throughout the 100+ pages you will learn more on:

  • How to choose the perfect layout on a proper budget according to your available space
  • Understanding more about the aim of the project (how and if it will be used or just displayed)
  • DCC systems demystified so you can plan for one
  • Easy ways in which you can calculate the number of engines you can run at one time
  • How to identify electrical issues and how to solve them effortlessly by yourself
  • Where to buy the majority of the necessary items for your craft
  • What type of model trains scales the best suit you
  • How to identify which track options are suited to your needs and why
  • Simple and effective ways to clean your track
  • How to wire your layout from start to finish

You do imagine that I had an adventure while reading this book before giving it to my friend. Being an e-book, I didn’t have to worry about ruining it. What can I say; I was curious to see if this activity would suit my family as well.

I need to say that the pictures and diagrams used are very explicit and easy to understand. It just makes me want to start doing these models myself along with my husband and kids. I forgot to mention that they love crafting as well.


model train

If you by any chance thought that I got that enthusiastic for a simple book, well, think again. There are also a few bonuses that will take your adventure to another level.

After you buy the book, you get access to a section on the author’s blog where you will find:

  • Free bonus #1 – 47 Money saving tips, tricks, and gems on model railroad. Learn how to use second-hand items that will shine like a diamond. After this, you will never throw anything away!
  • Free bonus #2 – Weathering step by step for stunning results. Here you will learn to make a clear difference between a great layout and a breathtaking layout. In this case, it is all about the weathering. So, if you are looking for a bit of realism over your entire design, don’t miss this bonus.
  • Free bonus #3 – Scratch built bridges made easy. This feature will be of great help if you are thinking in building mountains, tunnels, lakes, and bridges. To make an impression, you need to follow the simple tips, and you will get them just right.
  • Free bonus #4 – Water features step by step. This one got me the most excited. This section will show you how to build waterfalls just right. So it’s time to let your imagination fly.
  • Free bonus #5 – Easy ways to create stunning tunnels.
  • Free bonus #6 – Free updates for life!

What reviews did I found?

There are a lot of people that are fascinated by model trains, would love to build them but don’t know how. Or are just afraid to mess things up, invest money and only be disappointed with the result. Luckily, a lot of them used the Model Railroads for Beginners and were surprised about their ‘undiscovered abilities.’

I found on the internet testimonials from people saying they were able to build model trains with success from the beginning. Moreover, they stated that this program is the easiest to follow on the market.  Also, they love the fact that it is an e-book and that they can go anywhere with it without feeling any discomfort or weight. It seems that for some people these things matter.

So, despite being a challenging project to fulfill, with the right mindset and will, you can achieve things you never thought you could.

model train city



  • Easy to understand instructions
  • User-friendly
  • Very affordable
  • 60-day money-back guarantee policy if you are not happy with your purchase.
  • An electronic program, easy to carry around on your phone, tablet, etc.


  • Hard to access for those with a weak Internet connection.
  • You need to follow the instructions to get the results.

Final thoughts

Annabelle was excited about her gift and read the book a couple of times. Although she was hesitant, she found the strength to pull herself together and make a plan. Moreover, now she plans to build railroads of different sizes and complexities and have an exposition open.  I think she is courageous.

Seeing her happiness and excitement, along with the positive experiences from other people motivated me to try it myself.

All in all, I do recommend you to buy the Model Railroads for Beginners as you will benefit from a very well explained program. Moreover, you don’t need to be an engineer to understand the concepts. Everything is written amicably, and it is impossible not to understand.

This book opens the door to new possibilities, and it is an excellent journey into the model railroading world.

If you are sick of wasting time and are ready to do something else than this program is the answer for you. Also, if for any particular reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can ask for a refund. No question asked. But to tell you the truth, I doubt you will.

So, get this product with confidence for a friend or relative or yourself, and you will experience great benefits.

Good luck!

Get started with this incredibly fun hobby – Click here to find out more about Model Railroads For Beginners, and create your own collection!

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