Making beats for a song is not that hard if you know where to begin and that is why I am going to show you how you will start and how you will finish. The beats are like a building. You will know how to build a foundation and how you can then mesh in everything to make the all round beats you hear.

You can do it with the right tools that will include a basic metronome and other instruments that will help you get everything just right. So, let’s begin with the first steps and work our way up the music ladder.

Basic Beat Building

This is the first thing that you will use. It will be a metronome and or a click track which means that it will be used to pace the beats and keep the tempo in check. Once you have gotten the hang of that, you will then pace it to make sure that it is moving at a speed you are comfortable with.

The Drum Beat Building

The drums come in second and they too can be paced to move with the metronome or click track. The drums are basically the frame upon which you build the rest of the track. That way, you will be able to have a definitive sound that will not lose touch or get ahead of itself.

The drum sound can be downloaded in a pack from the internet and then you can continue working on them to create a special sound. A good example would be the Led Zeppelin Drum Sample.

Bass Drum

This one forms a large part of the beats and how they will sound when you are done with them. That is why you will have to use them to create the synthesized sound that will be used to get the melody and percussion into clear play. The bass is the one that people follow when dancing.

Try the Sounds and Melodies

These are the ones that will be used to accentuate the lyrics. The sounds are so many and the only way you can find the perfect sound is by trying as many of them as possible unit you find the sound that meshes well with the drums and the basic beats.

Be Creative

Listen to all the great beat makers and learn how they do what they do and then use it for your own song without sounding the same. Use your own voice, distort it, build tension and then let the beat drop at the right moment.


  1. Thank you for sharing this information, we have been struggling so much to get this together. This has working great so far!

  2. Cathern D. Corley

    An article for all the aspiring songwriters and musicians, has very easy to understand steps. A good thing to read before trying on writing or making some music, has important tips on how to make the music more accurate with the lyrics and tips on how to make sure that the music is catchy and making it easy on the ears, making it more effective. Kudos to the writer!

  3. Vernon T. Enos

    It might seem easy, but once you actually start making your own music you realize the hard work behind the simple and catchy beat. You need the right kind of equipment and tonnes of patience, and practice, practice, practice…

  4. I bought this system for my boyfriend and he is totally in love with it. Haha, a bit jealous myself. Kidding, thank you for this article!

  5. Composing a song is not easy, you can use all the help you can get. And this program was extremely helpful, exactly the kind of support I wanted.

  6. Jason Salgado

    Short and sweet but very useful post. It helped me get the general idea of how song beats are created and in what direction I should go. Thank you very much for this post and I hope you will continue writing useful posts in the future.

  7. Nora Higuchi

    Don’t make your beat too complicated or it will conflict with or even overpower the vocal performance. Simple does not mean unsophisticated; these beats have a lot of thought behind them, and in reality, their technical aspects may be very complicated and difficult to replicate.

  8. Jerome Trevino

    Most modern music is loop based, meaning you make a bunch of music loops and they repeat in different sequences.

  9. Come up with a bunch of short musical patterns – a chord progression, melody ideas, bass line, drum beat, etc – that sound good together

  10. Candice M.

    You cannot place all the sounds and instruments in that same center position or they will clash with the vocals – make some space!

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