Magnetic Laundry System Review: Non-Toxic Way To Clean Laundry?

The chemist says that most of the world is invisible to our eyes. Some things are better unseen. Still, it is crucial for us to know what is around us, even if we don’t see things.

Unfortunately, we aren’t going to talk about the good stuff like vitamins and minerals. Instead, we are going to talk about the stuff that is slowly eating away your health, chemicals, and what you can do to minimize your exposure to these substances.

Intoxicated laundry

Magnetic Laundry System

According to a study conducted at the University of Washington, over 90% of detergents you use to wash laundry is toxic. Now I know this isn’t the best way to start a review, but it’s the truth. For years and years now we have been exposed to chemicals that caused damage to our bodies. It is also highly probable that your detergent is carcinogenic and toxic too.

That sweet lavender smell you enjoy so much is probably noxious too. And the level of toxicity is outrageous! These are the chemicals used during the detergent production process:

  • some of the same stuff we use to make pesticides we use to make detergents
  • these chemicals can mimic hormone activity (such as estrogen) and lure your body into thinking that it is beneficial
  • these substances in disguise trick your body, enter your bloodstream and start causing damage without your body reacting to it
  • The Journal of Pesticide Control presented numerous evidence that supports the accusation of these chemicals. They cause damage to your heart and muscle tissue

Ignoring the problem

Magnetic Laundry System

Much of our behavior can be explained by one world; ignoring. We tend to ignore the problems that are right before our eyes. Why? Hard to tell. Maybe it is a more natural way. But ignoring the problem won’t make it go away. Instead, we need to take some real action. For how long have you used these toxic detergents?

I used them for quite a while until I stumbled upon the Magnetic Laundry System. It opened my eyes to the world that is real and dangerous, the world of toxicity and hazard.

Should you ignore the problem? Do you believe that it won’t happen to you? You shouldn’t! And the more and more people wake up we will all be healthier and safer.

Adopting new ways


Thankfully, technology is on our side. To be fair, technology isn’t on anyone’s side. Some people use technology for others; some use it for profit. A simple process of washing clothes shouldn’t be toxic. Water Liberty (the authors of Magnetic Laundry System) know that, and they made a product that eliminates toxicity out of the washing process.

They created the Magnetic Laundry System, the laundry system based on magnets. This new way of washing clothes saves your health and budget. What is the science behind this system? Well, water and magnets, that is the science behind this system. According to Water Liberty, water is the one doing the cleaning, and the magnets help along.

What is the Magnetic Laundry System?

Magnetic Laundry System is a new way of washing clothes using magnets and magnetic field. The idea is based on the proposition that water is doing the washing, not the detergent. This new way of washing clothes is both healthy and environmentally friendly. Moreover, you will never have to buy or use laundry detergent.

You purchase the magnets that have 50 years warranty; 50 years! The purpose of this program is to:

  • do the laundry and protect your health at the same time
  • save money (you won’t buy detergents because you won’t need one anymore!)
  • reduce the negative impact on the environment (detergents are toxic for you and the environment)
  • you will conserve water by using this washing system (you won’t need a rinse cycle

How does it all work?

Magnetic Laundry System  how does it all work

If you purchase this product, you will receive the magnets. You just stick the two magnets in your washing machine and the magnets will wash your clothes. Remember, using laundry detergent is just one way of getting clothes clean. However, using the power of magnetism is another.

Magnets use and enhance the water, cleaning your clothes even better than detergent. The magnets used for this system (the magnets you’ll receive if you buy the product) are hundreds of times stronger than your average fridge magnet. This way you enhance the water’s existing power with magnets, not detergent. How? Well, these magnets will change the surface tension of the water.

That way the water molecules will spread out, more slippery, thus becoming better at cleaning out your clothes. It is effortless, yet hard to grasp the method of cleaning clothes.

After the cleaning, your clothes will be spotless, clean of dirt and chemicals. You buy it once; it lasts a lifetime. It is indeed a fantastic system. Also, it is important to say that the clothes won’t smell chemicals. Water Liberty, the author of this product, suggest using oils to flavor your clothes.

The benefits of this system

Magnetic Laundry System

Although I already mentioned them, here is a list of all the benefits you’ll experience if you use this system:

  • this system enhances water molecules and uses only water to wash your clothes
  • it saves a lot of money on a long-term basis
  • the magnets have a 50-year guarantee!
  • you will spend less electricity and water
  • the system is very user-friendly, having clean and easy to follow instructions
  • the system is environment-friendly, not requiring the use of detergents

Should you buy it?

I suggest you buy it and try it. Why wouldn’t you? You can save money, keep your health and be environmental at the same time. Some reviews even mention that people’s allergies disappeared. It appears that the chemicals triggered the allergic reactions, but once they switched to the Magnetic.

Laundry System, their allergies disappeared. In general, people claim that they feel better and lighter, rashes or itchy skin goes away. All this because you get rid of the detergent that is usually full of chemicals that damage your body.

Is it a scam?

Magnetic Laundry System

Well, it is true that there are a lot of “green” or “natural” cleaners out there. Unfortunately, some of them are just regular cleaners with a good marketing scheme. But this here, the Magnetic Laundry System: this is science.

You will ditch the money detergent, save the money and potentially save the planet by using this system. It is, in fact, a more conscious way of washing clothes. We need to take advantage of new techniques, not stick the old ones.

If you are unsure about the system, do the research, read other reviews about the product, etc. I would also like to mention that there is currently a discount on this product. Moreover, if you decide to buy it for someone else, as a gift, you will get further discount on the magnets.
People tend to buy the product just to satisfy their doubt, and once they see that the system does work, they are amazed at the system and buy more magnets for their friends and relatives.

Three options

Magnetic Laundry System three options

You can buy the Single Kit, Double Kit Special, or the Full Package Special.

  1. Special Kit: you buy the 1 Magnetic Laundry system 66% on discount, receive 50 years magnets warranty, 60-day money back guarantee and satisfaction for using this method
  2. Double Kit Special: this option has two systems, but better discount
  3. Full Package Special: you will receive three laundry systems and, as a gift, you will also get one bottle of concentrated enzymes. This concentration will make sure that every bit of fabric is clean during the washing process.

You can check more about these offers if you click on the link at the end of the post. Whatever you chose will pay for itself. Just remember that you are protecting yourself, your wallet and the environment if you use this way of washing clothes.


  • Eco-friendly
  • Safe and healthy
  • Saves money on a long-term basis
  • Money-back guarantee
  • User-friendly


  • Found no cons for this one


Magnetic Laundry System conclusion

If I didn’t stumble upon this product, I wouldn’t know that you can wash the clothes with magnets using physics and applying it in real life. The system has a lot of positive reviews written about it, and a lot of people’ testimonials.

The research for this system was conducted in the independent lab testing by one of the largest testing companies in the world, Shuster Laboratories (though they now changed their name to UL Consumer Products).

The report from the research suggests that this system does, in fact, clean clothes. Furthermore, it doesn’t harm the fabric and the color of the clothes. Over 40 000 people already use this system, and it is only a matter of time this becomes mainstream.

Remember, a long-term investment, environmental, and the most rational way of washing clothes. Moreover, you can at least try it; satisfy your curiosity and try the product. You have the 60-day money back guarantee, which states that you can refund your money 60 days upon purchase. From a customers perspective, it is a win-win situation.

So go and try the system, and soon you’ll be sharing this idea with your friends and family.

Wear non-toxic clothes, and start wearing a more eco-friendly and green lifestyle – click here to check out Magnetic Laundry System today!

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