Would You Like To Read Minds- Mentalism

Did you see the movie ‘Now You See Me, Now You Don’t’? That is a glorified example of a mentalist but there is so much that you people don’t know about Mentalism and the way that it works. These people cannot literally read minds but then again, I am not so sure about that because I have seen mentalists in action.

They combine the art of reading expressions, hypnosis and suggestions with a little bit of illusion to confuse the mind into thinking that it is impenetrable. Just when you think he doesn’t know what you are thinking, he is right up there with you.

Because Mentalism is a serious science, the people who can do it do not mix it with the theatrical properties of magicians and their tricks because when they do that, they lose credibility as a serious cabal of elite mind readers.

Where Did It Come From

Would You Like To Read Minds- Mentalism

In the old age of enlightenment, man sought to study the way the mind works and see if the supernatural abilities claimed by individuals were real. In doing so, they stumbled upon remarkable individuals who were perfectly human but had the ability to know things just by looking at you.

That is how the science of body language, hypnosis and subliminal suggestions came into play. These combined together could make someone able to make you see things that are not really there, make you divulge things about yourself that are secret and pretty much get you to read your head for him.

Let’s Read Some Minds

Sherlock Holmes, though not a real person but sometimes feels like he is, was able to discern a lot of things that made him seem like he could read minds. In fact we all know that he just noticed things and these gave him an edge especially if you lied.

  1. Be Observant

 Would You Like To Read Minds- Mentalism

By doing this, you can pick up information from photographs, the markings on a wall, the face of a persona and generally, all interesting things. These will make you have information beforehand that will help you know about a person before he realizes it.

  1. Notice The Physical Changes

When people squirm, display fear or lie, their bodies can tell you what they are doing. You may notice slight trembling, the pupils dilating and sweat on their faces. These will make the person shift their gazes and act oddly but sometimes it may not be obvious and you may have to be really keen.

  1. Learn Some Hypnosis

This can be a big tool in making a man’s mind suggestible and you can get people to do things they normally wouldn’t do under normal circumstances, you know, like confess to the murder of an innocent puppy or something.

  1. Learn Some Body Language

Whenever people do things, they have different tics and mannerism that can alert you to something important. Learn how to pick up on these.

  1. Listen and Plant Ideas

When people talk, they like to lie and when you want to make them crumble, you can plant an idea that shocks them into admitting things or making mistakes that you can pick up on and use it to unravel their minds.


In Conclusion– Mentalism is cool especially if you hone the skill well and thrown in some personal quirks that make it seem even more real. That way, you can be able to tell what people think. It is all about the observation and understanding of human minds. You can make it like the Leonardo DiCaprio Movie ‘Inception’ or something close to that.

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  • Personally, I struggle relating with people that I do not know. So in order to overcome that, I have always wanted to read the minds of those I speak to. With that, I am able to talk about the things that you will be interested about. Thanks for showing me how to do this.

  • That is superb! More like splendor… Thought that mind reading was just a super power but it is just a skill, hard to learn and harder to master. This guide led me to a good level, but i am not a good learner for my husband made better out of it.

  • This article has helped me a lot. I am passionate about energies and mind reading, so now that I know how to do it, I can guess a person’s thoughts from the first time I see her.

  • You do not need to use a different system if you would like to read minds. According to how fast this guide works then i think it will take a very short time. Step by step you will know how to go on with this.

  • I have been using these skills during presentations with my clients. I can feel in time if they are interested in the collaboration or not. When I see they are not buying the idea I am thinking of things to change, right there, on the spot.

  • This has been great for me. It is a dream come true that has been as a result of this amazing guide. You will be surprised to find out the kind of tips that are contained in this system. The author has real understanding of what mentalism is. What i mean is that you will get the kind of skills you need to read mind. I am able to do it better than before.

  • It is amazing how much information you can get from observing body language, for example. Thanks for the great and useful tips!

  • This guide is fantastic it helps you build strong relationships with other people by pushing the right buttons. Now I feel more comfortable in any situation. Get it, and you will not regret!

  • Our body is a metaphor of our mind. The position of head and neck, the movements of the shoulders and arms, the inclination of our lips, the position of our feet, the hand gestures, but above all … the direction of our eyes can detect a lot of information on our thoughts and our moods . In the following sections we will focus on their eye movements and how to interpret them to guess what you’re thinking who is before us.What do you say, there .. let’s take a look on some of these ! How to read minds through interpretation of eyes

  • One of the most impressive tricks that a mentalists can perform if they want to truly blow away their audience is to attempt to read their very thoughts. If you can successfully get your audience to believe that you actually possess the power of mind reading then they will almost be wondering if you really are in fact… magic.

  • I wouldn’t mind to term this as the best mentalism program there is. What i mean is that if you really want to know how to read people’s mind then there is no a better way to do it.

  • The difference between these two mentalism techniques is that trickery relies upon deception. Whereas when a mentalist uses suggestion they are influencing a persons ‘outputs’ by suggesting an ‘input.’

  • Mentalists don’t actually read minds, but instead create illusions so it appears that they’ve read a person’s mind. However, through learning how to read body language and subconscious communication, it’s possible to read a persons thoughts.

  • Most of today’s best magicians like David Blaine, Criss Angel, and Dynamo use a combination of mentalism and magic into their acts.

  • Body language is read at a distance and is read using feelings, perception, and experience. However, the true meaning of telepathy is the transmission of information from one person to other using sensory channels which are yet unknown to man.

  • She was an extremely kind lady to get up and offer the woman some solace. While we think we might fancy the steak, really it’s just because it’s there at the top.

  • The truth is that is doesn’t take that many skills to read minds. All you need is the drive to learn and the willingness to lean on your intuition when it tells you what someone is probably thinking or feeling at the moment.

  • Every mentalist you have ever seen is a magician masquerading as a mind reader. Whereas magic can be very surprising, even shocking, mentalism’s advantage is that it leaves people thinking long after the event.

  • The first thing that I learnt was memory improvement techniques called “mnemonics” that enabled me to memorise a shuffled pack of cards in just a few minutes after going through it only ONCE.

  • Learn a few of the best tricks. Go to Sunday dinner with the family and read the minds of your Mom and sisters. Read some minds in the office. Go to the bar and win some drinks.

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