Liberty Generator Review: Are Big Energy Companies Paying You Yet?

Bioenergy and its beginnings

Liberty Generator

People started using bioenergy ever since we started our first power. Essentially, bioenergy is potential energy stored in biomass. A biological material found in nature. It is potential energy ready to be released.

Biomass is basically any biological material that you can find in nature, from wood to animal poop. It is all potential energy waiting for you to release it.

In the beginning, our ancestors were using wood and wooden byproducts, such as dry leaves, cortex. The scientists have a fancy term for this event; they call it the control of fire. It was a major turning point for our ancestors. Because when they discovered fire, they were finally able to warm themselves, cook food and protect themselves from wild predators.

And even though this was a very long time ago, we still use their methods. The difference is, our methods are more sophisticated. The modern approach to bioenergy revolves around waste, mainly agricultural. Essentially, any dead plants, animals, and their byproducts are biomass.

And from biomass, we get biofuel.

Benefits of bioenergy

Environmental benefits

Bioenergy belongs to the renewable energy family. It is also clean energy. The great thing about it is the production of energy out of the garbage. This means less garbage and more clean energy. It’s a perfect formula if you ask environmentalists. Eventually, bioenergy companies will empty those big and stinky landfills. That means fewer landfills and more clean areas. Those areas can be used for other purposes, like agriculture. Moreover, cities can build parks, playgrounds or schools in those areas.

Economic benefits

This is a very cost-effective way for them to generate energy. Producing bioenergy protects the environment and saves a lot of money. Governments spend a lot of taxpayers money on waste management. Why manage it when we can use garbage as a source of energy? Bioenergy power plants are easy to install and manage. It is also a very secure way of producing clean energy, unlike nuclear energy. More importantly, it is a great way for rural areas and farmers to lower their electricity bills!

How does it help the general population?

How does it help the general population?

People today value safety and security more than anything else. Moreover,  we want our planet to be clean. For that reason, we want to use 100% clean energy. And since clean energy is renewable, that means it will become cheaper and cheaper in the future.

But, we do share one thing with our ancestors, the predators. They were afraid of the beasts, while we are afraid of electric companies. Their predators used claws and teeth, our predators use pencils and briefcases.

Good thing is that the popularity of bioenergy is rising. This means more competition on the open market and lower prices. This will also create more jobs.

More importantly, the bioenergy power plant can be housed anywhere. This means that anyone can have one.

This is the reason why I’m writing this review. If you keep reading it, I will show the easiest and the cheapest way to build your own bioenergy power plant.

Your own biogas generator

Biogas is usually a mixture of gasses derived from biomass. That means that the biogas generator generates biogas. Pretty simple, right?

Plainly speaking, biogas generator uses things like animal waste, leaves, or even leftovers from dinner and converts them into energy gas. It does so through the anaerobic digestion process.

This gas can be used to power basically anything from cars to stoves. More importantly, it can be converted into electricity.

Now imagine that instead of throwing your meal leftovers and leaves in the trash you use them to produce electricity.  You will lower your electric bill by more than 80%. I know it sounds crazy, but bear with me.

It gets even crazier. You can also make money this way.

The origins of Liberty Generator

How to build your own Liberty Generator

We all hate our electric bills. I think no one will deny that. But we stay silent and pay them. And we pay them for as long as we can.

But there are people who are standing on the edge of their personal bankruptcy. Abel Thomas was one of those people.

He is the owner of a family farm in Iowa.  He was one of those people who couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. Because of ever increasing electricity bills, he was no longer able to pay them. Why?

Well, he had a farm to run, and farms require a lot of electricity. That farm was the source of both food and money for his family and his ancestors for over 4 generations.

While visiting his friend in the search for a solution, Abel realized that his friend literally pays no electricity. It was because he had a biogas generator. This was the moment when he started brainstorming on the idea of Liberty Generator.

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What is Liberty Generator?

What is Liberty Generator?

When he installed his own generator, Abel worked his bill literally disappeared. After only a month, his bill decreased by 70%. And it kept declining with each next month. Until one day…Instead of an electricity bill, he

Instead of an electricity bill, he received a check from the electric company. That’s right. They were sending him money because he produced more electricity than he could spend!

But he didn’t stop there. He wanted to spread the word, let everyone know the secret. He started researching on how to design and construct a biogas generator that will fit in everyone’s home.

And after spending hundreds of hours of research, he finally finished his product; Liberty Generator. It is a collection of Abel’s complete research on how do build your own biogas generator.

Allow me to explain to you what this course does.

  1. It is easy, step by step guide on how to build your own biogas generator
  2. By reading the guidelines, you will be able to build it in less than 4 hours
  3. You can buy materials for your homemade generator in any store. You will probably find some material in your backyard.
  4. This homemade generator is designed and tweaked for maximum efficiency. Because it is upgraded,  you will be able to sell electricity
  5. It is 100% safe to use. It is also resistant to any kind of weather. If it rains or snows, your generator will still produce electricity.
  6. The machine uses natural biomass and produces 100% clean energy
  7. You will have an independent source of energy

Why is it called Liberty Generator?

Why is it called Liberty Generator?

This product is about freedom and independence.

Abel started this idea because of economic reasons. Later, he figured out that this was not just about the economy. It was more than that.

His idea promotes the independence of everyone and everything. Having your own powerplant guarantees that you will electricity regardless of any event. No more reliance on government and greedy power monopolies.

Moreover, if by some chance natural disaster damages or destroys grid system, you will be safe.

We all seek safety and security. Especially those who have a family. Keeping them safe is the most important thing in the world. And you can’t buy security and safety at the supermarket.

What will Liberty Generator give you?

  • You will produce enough energy to power every device in your house.
  • Ability to power up your any real estate located far away from grid system
  • This offer includes step by step instructions on how to build your biogas generator. It includes blueprints and photos that will make your job even easier.
  • You will learn tricks on how to tweak and upgrade you biogas generator. With this tricks, you will produce 3-4 times more electricity
  • Advice on where to hide your machine! This is very helpful if disastrous scenario ever occurs. Plus, you don’t want anyone to steal your homemade power plant
  • 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your purchase

As its name states, the best thing about it is liberty. This deal offers something that we have forgotten somewhere along the way, independence.

It is about taking control over your own house. Can you imagine that instead of electricity bill, you get a check from electric company? That just got to be one of the most satisfying moment everyone’s life!


  • Promoting Bioenergy.
  • Promoting 100% clean energy.
  • Independent energy production.
  • Reduction of organic garbage.
  • 100% money guarantee.


  • The product page contains very little information.
  • Product video lasts very long.

Does it work?

Liberty Generator feedbacks

More than 70 000 reviews prove that this works. Then again, most people will argue that this is just fantasy.

The thing is, we don’t want to get out of our comfort zone. We buy and pay for products in supermarkets, right? What do we know about them? Where are those products coming from? How are they produced? I mean, we can guess. What we really do? We trust the brand. That’s all there is to it.

And when we stumble upon product like this? We probably ignore it. Why? Because the media doesn’t advertise this product? It is not a popular brand. Think about it. Which media platform would put up good reviews for this product? They get paid by big companies to advertise their products.

Is possible to grow your own food? We know it is possible because we all do it. Is it possible to produce power out of waste? Just ask the people who do it.

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  • It is so important to start thinking about our future today. And it will help us make money – then why not give it a shot? 😉

  • It might be difficult to believe this but it is exactly what you need. It is the kind of product that brings so much benefit until you are left wondering why you never had it early enough. There is well structured steps that will help you get this energy as much as possible.

  • It might be difficult to believe this but it is exactly what you need. It is the kind of product that brings so much benefit until you are left wondering why you never had it early enough. There is well structured steps that will help you get this energy as much as possible.

  • This energy source is renewable meaning it will forever keep on providing you with power. The instructions given in the guide are very easy to follow.

  • People are considering green solutions because of the increasing rate of pollution and everyday problems that need to be solved using gas-powered generators. The liberty generator is based on a system that can generate gas to power the whole house if you are having enough resources of waste available to run the system.

  • The liberty generator will still continue to function, because it doesn’t rely on power companies, nor is it affected by the weather.

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