LearnPhotoEditing.Net Review: Is It Hard To Learn Photo Editing With It?

LearnPhotoEditing.Net Review

Do you like photo editing?

Whether it is simply making someone more pretty or creating a whole new reality – editing gives you all of these opportunities. But nowadays there are so many different guides and books that want to teach you how to edit like a pro that you just feel lost. Lost in this ocean of information. Frankly speaking, you haven’t even decided for sure yet what you want to specialize

Frankly speaking, you haven’t even decided for sure yet what you want to specialize on when it comes to photo editing. Whether you want to be able to bring a picture to the next level of colorfulness or create a creature that has never been seen before. You want to try it all. But don’t know where to start…Don’t worry. we have got you covered.

Don’t worry. we have got you covered.

Let’s meet Patrick.

Yeah, just Patrick. And you will soon be extremely glad that you have met him. He is a professional graphic artist, colorist (video and photo), photo editor and photographer. Patrick has created the website with one specific goal

He is a professional graphic artist, colorist (video and photo), photo editor and photographer. Patrick has created the website with one specific goal in his mind. He wanted people to be able to edit photos without spending tons of money on different equipment.

If you are interested in photography (which we are sure you are, if you’re still reading this), then you know how ridiculously high the pricing on cameras and professional lenses can be.

And the truth is that the difference between the photo that was taken by an expensive camera and the one made by a slightly less cool one – is minimal. But the difference you can see between a photo that has been well edited in

Photoshop and the one that hasn’t – is gigantic.

You simply need to learn how to properly color grade and color correct at first.

LearnPhotoEditing.Net Review

Photomanipulation, retouching, and compositing.

These are the things that will take your photos to a whole new level. In fact, these won’t be just photos any longer. They will turn into digital art!

What does Patrick want to offer?

Usually, one single tutorial can cost you quite a lot of money. And let’s admit that we want to learn much more that is covered in one lesson. Patrick has created a site with dozens of tutorials – LearnPhotoEditing.net. By joining it, you will buy a lifetime membership that gives you access to all the tutorials!

Moreover, since you have this lifetime membership it means that you would also have access to all the lessons added to the website afterward. And that would be absolutely for free!

What programs will you need?

All the tutorials are using photoshop. The recommended version is Photoshop CS5. But you can get a lot done with the CS3 and CS4 versions. You may already have Photoshop Elements. Most of the color grading is done with the tools not available in Elements. But you can surely do a lot with this program as well.

Remember that you can download a free 30-day trial that Adobe offers. That is if you want to try the most recent version.

The thing is that you may surely have the talent. But now you will also have the skills and tools to fully utilize it. And LearnPhotoEditing.net will help you unleash your creativity even more!

By the way, there are no risks. If for some reasons you will find out that LearnPhotoEditing.net doesn’t really work for you-you can get your money back. There is a 60-day 100% money back guarantee.

But judging the reviews you will surely not need this thing. Think for yourself – you are getting access to 36 professional Photoshop tutorials!

LearnPhotoEditing.Net Review

If You’re Ready To Start Learning Photo Editing Now, You Can Click This Link And You’ll Finally Be Able To Edit Photos Whenever You Want!

LearnPhotoEditing.Net Review

Let’s review some of the tutorials you will be getting.

How to create a cartoon character with photomanipulation and retouching

How great is that? You will learn to transform photos of real people into caricatures!

This is a massive tutorial that includes 89 steps. But don’t worry. Patrick explains every tutorial nice and easy so that every person with basic Photoshop knowledge will be able to follow him. Here you don’t need to be a skilled digital painter to create the characters.

It is always a good idea to start with a sketch on a piece of paper. It can be bad and look terrible. But in your head, you will have the idea of what you want to get in the end. The important thing you have to bear in mind is that the proportions of cartoons are so much different from real-life people proportions. It will help you a lot to have a scan of your sketch or a famous character in the background of your canvas.

In this tutorial, you can use the stock images that are provided if you are not quite ready to create something from scratch.

LearnPhotoEditing.Net Review

How to make facial features pop out with retouching

Now, this is a 130-minute video advanced retouching tutorial. Learn to use Photoshop to add depth and character to a face. You will not only be able to enhance the facial features to make the characters pop out in a cartoonish way. You will also be able to add the background that you find will be appropriate for the new characters you have created.

How to make your photos come alive

In this LearnPhotoEditing.net tutorial, you will find out how to bring out the contrasts and details of the pictures. This is a 90-minute video tutorial that focuses on skin tones, shadows, and highlights. The techniques that you will be using are perfect for a single or a family portrait. This is the case where you want the people to still look like themselves but in a bit more ‘alive’ way.

LearnPhotoEditing.Net Review

How to change the lighting in the photo

Find out how to add special effects to your photo to make it stand out. In this 140-minute video tutorial you will learn to add this famous smoky vapor effect. It will main the main character of your photo look like a movie star on some poster. Even if the photo has been taken in a bright environment, you will be able to make the background as dark as you wish.

How to make your portraits look out of this world

In the 50-minute video tutorial, you will master the retouching tools to create unbelievably beautiful portraits. You will find out how to work on the skin. Whether you want to simply enhance the picture or turn it into a portrait from a different dimension.

How to turn a self-portrait into a studio shot portrait

Add a high dynamic range effect to built up a cool look. It is an 88-minute video tutorial. After watching it, you will be able to transform any ordinary portrait into something flashy and punk rock. A real old-school studio portrait.

How to create a surreal looking character with advanced retouching techniques

This is the right one for you if you want to take creative retouching to a whole new level! It is time to turn your average neighbor Bob into a cool eye-popping character.  In this long 3-hour video lesson Patrick will show you step-by-step how to transform the photo. Starting from adding a rim light around the character and ending with advanced color grading to make the scene look creepy.

LearnPhotoEditing.Net Review

How to turn your photos into high impact magazine ads

Now, this is the thing that you can be potentially making money on. You will learn to give the photo a ‘painted look’. This is a 55-minute video tutorial. We will be using different techniques that will help us to exaggerate to contrasts and accentuate the colors.

By the way, because we will be dramatically enhancing the details of the photo – this is a perfect tutorial to be tried on black and white photos. They will look surreal!

How to give your portraits ‘the video game’ look

This one is for creating sleek and artistic looks. Video games are starting to get more and more realistic nowadays. So it will be easy for you to transform any random guy into a character of a game. In case you want to tone down the portrait a bit to make it look more realistic – you can always do that without any problems.

How to create a fantasy environment with photo manipulation

This one is extremely loved when it comes to reading the reviews. You have a photo of a boy with a dull background. And it is only up to you where he will end up standing. Is he in the middle of the jungle? Is he in space? Or is there a gigantic dinosaur looking right at him? It is all up to you. You are the creator.

Digital painting for beginners: how to paint with a mouse

This is the part that is usually the most difficult one that everybody hates. But the time has come to learn to create a character from scratch!

How to create fantasy characters

Isn’t it amazing? Learn the basics of photo manipulation to turn an old man into an alien!

Create fantasy characters in Photoshop

How to create a zombie infested city

The reviews are screaming with delight! You will learn to combine photo manipulation and compositing to create a post-apocalyptic scene.

The list can go on and on. Of course, you will learn to make magazine-quality photos and to enhance the wedding memories, for example. LearnPhotoEditing.net even has Spanish subtitles for most of the tutorials. Let your journey begin!

LearnPhotoEditing.Net Review

LearnPhotoEditing.Net Review

Click To Go To LearnPhotoEditing.Net And Start Learning More About How You Can Edit Photos Easier And Quicker Than Ever Before!

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  • Take your photography skills to the next level with this fantastic program. I have been using it for two weeks two and my friends think that I am a genius. I have even gotten paid for photos that I edited with information from this program. The program has many tips and techniques. They are simple and easy to learn as they are explained very well. I highly recommend you check it out.

  • Learn Photo Editing system. From the name itself, it is a program or tutorial with an e-guide and video clips that teaches a person how to conveniently master the right way to go about picture enhancing. To discover much more about the application and irrespective of whether it will be advantageous for you or not we have finished a non-biased overview about it.

  • Everything for me is better now. This program has taught me enough. Has taught me so many things that i didn’t know about when it comes to photo editing. Good tutorial provided here.

  • Wonderful! This is one of the most amazing systems that i have come across. For it has given me the ability to get the type of photos that i have always wanted. Simple but very creative methods of editing photos.

  • These things will help you have a grasp on what you will be learning and in that way, you will gain interest. This is because all the tutorials have a slow step by step way of showing you how to do it.

  • You do not need to be a professional photographer to make the most of this program. The tutorials are simple and easy to follow by even a beginner. The content of the program is regularly being updated and by purchasing the program, you get lifetime access to all the updates, for free.

  • So many people want to know what it is like to paint photos with shades that transform them into epic levels. You will learn this when you follow Patrick’s skills.

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