Learning at the Speed of a Genius

Learning can be grueling and the methods that you use may not be effective. There also comes a time when you will need to have the concept grasped in a short time. At that point, you are going to need methods that can help you speed learn.

Speed learning occurs when someone can learn at a fast pace while grasping the content without really lagging behind. Most people have their own ways that they learn but they are not that different from others and here, you will get the so called hacks that will get you there.

How We Do It               

Repetition and the Timeline

Let’s say that you studied for like four hours straight. In that period, you had time to check the phone for any new mail and all those other distractions that constantly hound us. You will have covered so much during those four hours.

However, what you retain could be very little which means that no matter how hard you study, you will be doing little in those hours. This means that there has to be the need to get the content. The key to doing that effectively would be to repeat what you have learnt until the memory is stored.

The Chunk Theory

When you want to learn in a short time and get what you are learning, there is the need to make sure that you are not doing marathons. Marathons are when you read widely over the hours of study and cover so much but retain so little.

The Chunk Theory

Chunk theory states that when you break down the content of what you are reading and concentrate on grasping those little chunks, you will enable the effectiveness of learning to be highest. So, when you learn, do it in short sprints that will focus on the grasping of content piece by piece.

In the chunk theory, you perfect each chunk and then make them into a chain of chunks that you are proficient at.

Rewards and Goals Technique

When I was in high school, I would focus on the topics that I had broken down and then when I had finished each, I would take tests and quizzes then when I passed the goals that I had set, I would have one day set apart for binge watching all my favourite shows in 24 hours. That was like the best time of my life.

Because I anticipated rewards that my mother wouldn’t give, I had a system that I stuck to.

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  • Most people have their own ways that they learn but they are not that different from others.i wanted to study so hard but always i got failed.i searched for a solution.and then i saw this review.it helped me to build up a fast and genius learning speed.

  • I have always been a curious person. Interested in everything that surrounds me.
    Thanks for the short article full of great ideas!

  • These methods are great both for the adults, and for children! Trust me, we have tried them out together with my grandson 🙂

  • I am one of the many people who admire the way the genius people do there things. It is awesome. I know that through this post and tools attached, I will be close to their thinking. I love this for sure.

  • Great advice! But you should always remember that only learning something you really do like can actually bring you satisfaction and happiness.

  • Learning is something so amazing. I love it because we keep on gaining knowledge in various fields. Now learning at the rate of a genius must be so cool for sure. I am looking forward to a good time of learning.

  • Becoming a genius means that you have to make sure that you learn at the speed of the genius people. I now have this tool that will help me catch up with much ease for sure.

  • If you’re serious about taking your earning abilities to the next level, do yourself a favor and keep on reading. This is very informative.

  • The trick is never to feel too comfortable, because when you do – the learning process stops. Who’s in for a marathon?

  • You’ve thrown a lot of interesting theories and ways in which I can improve my mind, and I thank you for that. You have to work on your skills, every day, in order to become a genius in anything, and with the help of these things you can speed up that process.

  • Learning is a very difficult thing and it can be a tough ask for many because sometimes you are not able to grasp onto something and that results into a mess of that whole learning. Grasping onto ideas is necessary and let me tell you that you can learn that through this guide. Kudos to this one.

  • When people have a better understanding, more skills and abilities, they are less likely to be violent and do something stupid because they have more to lose.

  • A sure path to being a super learner is to use meta-learning. Build learning maps to help you understand the sections of your topic faster than ordinary people.

  • To reach the desired level of mastery as soon as possible, you must customize your curriculum to fit your personal goal.

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