Learn Piano In 30 Days Review: Play A New Instrument In 1 Month?

I yearn to play an instrument, specifically, a piano. I remember how I watch a friend of mine play the piano in front of a crowd, the melody makes the whole theater stop and listen. It makes you shiver every single time the notes blend together as if a wave came crashing down on you.

When the music stopped, the crowd rises from their seat and began to applaud. That was a beautiful sight to see, it has given me inspiration. There, my love for the instrument began, I bought everything I might need. Purchasing a piano, music sheets, and a tutorial book.

Steinway Piano at Carnegie Hall, NYC

I felt a sense of pride as I sat down and started to learn but, I could not understand anything. I have read books, watched video tutorials but nothing helped. It did not improve my skills. Heck! I did not have any skills in playing the piano.

Of course, I did not give up on my quest to being a professional in playing the piano. With the help of “Learn Piano in 30 Days”, I was able to attain my biggest dream!

About “Learn Piano in 30 Days”

From the title itself, it is possible to grasp the piano playing within thirty days. But you need perseverance and an attitude of a hawk. A hawk does not give up in taming his prey, and in this situation, the prey is the piano. Not the instrument, but the skills for it.

There are three types of membership you can choose: Beginner, Intermediate, and Professional Stage. From the word itself, you need to evaluate your skills in playing the piano. Do you understand the music sheets? Have a knowledge of the bars and its’ notes? Can you play only by listening? And many more.

reading music sheets

Once you made a decision, your tutorial can begin immediately. A beginner will learn the basics of the piano, the body parts, and notes. You will also learn how to read a music sheet and many more. There will be times where you will have a video you can copy, and you will improve tremendously.

In the professional stage, you will learn the most complicated songs. Classical songs are known to be difficult because the rhythm is different from most music today. Nonetheless, the program keeps its word and you can learn within thirty days.

What is amazing of the program is its’ affordability. Hiring a private tutor is expensive and you really need to have the same schedule as the professional. Meanwhile, when you buy this, you decide when to practice.

As you improve, the program will challenge you more and more. It will challenge your skills by making you learn new songs and techniques. These lessons are done by a professional musician so as to make the client interested throughout the session.

Now, before we go on to the reason why you need the program. Please keep in mind that just because you purchase the product, does not mean you will learn immediately. No, it takes commitment to gain knowledge in this field. Like any other subjects in school, you need to allow time in order to master a particular topic.

Learn Piano In 30 Days

Learn Piano In 30 Days, And You’ll Be Amazed At How Quickly Your Piano Lessons Start Paying Off!

Learn Piano In 30 Days

What Do You Get?

Step by Step Guide To Piano Lessons
Playing the piano is quite complicated, so only the most patient people can master the instrument. But with the help of the program, you will learn how to play any songs within a month. You do not need to sacrifice more than eight hours a day, half an hour to an hour is enough to train yourself.

Famous Song Tutorials
The creators provide endless songs for you to learn about. With the vast music industry, you will never run out of songs to play. The most famous music in the industry will automatically be in the program, and you can learn it fast. Since the ones who make the tutorials are professional musicians, they are reliable and concise.

Piano Lessons For Beginners Forum
If you are having a hard time adjusting to the program, a forum is provided for you. The forum consists of the developers and people who purchase the program. You can make a new post on anything related to piano lessons. You will also receive updates on the new features of the creator’s plan. The opportunity to say your thoughts in the forum is strongly approved.

Software’s, Tools And Other Resources
Besides the program, itself. You are provided with software’s and resources to make you learn faster. These types of software’s push you into acquiring knowledge in the span of a month. The software’s will be your guide as you play the piano, you can follow its’ rhythm and the bars to press while it is activated.

Music Sheets And Audio Files
As you grasp how the piano works, you will more likely understand the music sheets as the days go on. Someday, you will just glance at the music sheet, and know what bar to click, immediately. Audio files contain information about everything piano related. This is perfect for people who are on the go.

a beginner in playing the piano

Benefits and Demerits of “Learn Piano in 30 Days”

The program seeks to inform anyone, old or young, men or women, the way to learn to play the piano in the span of a month. Now, you are familiar with the program itself but how is it different from other products? Here are the pros and cons of “Learn Piano in 30 Days”.


1. Video Lessons
According to studies, a person learns more when they could witness how a task is done, and that is what the program did. The developers have a compilation of lessons for you to watch, from the pitch of each bar to the most complicated notes. The site will also update your new videos every single week. It contains more than a hundred lessons, so you will never run out of things to learn about.

2. Song Tutorials
Do you have a particular song you want to learn? Do not worry, the creators have also made it possible for you, to have access to any songs you want. But what if you cannot find it on the site? Well, you can email them and within a week, you will receive the song you want.

3. Genre
The tutorials range from Jazz, Rhythm and Blues, Rock, Pop, Country, Gospel, and Classical music. All of these at your fingertips! It also covers up English songs to Mandarin and other musicians across the world. Do you not know where to start? Well, the support can handle it for you.

4. Customer Support
If you have any problem in the software’s or program, you can message the developers for assistance. Even if it is only about the perfect song for a beginner, they will answer right away. Even if it is three am in the morning, you are guaranteed with the best support you will experience.

5. Tools and Software
The program provides the needs of tools and software for you to have an easier time. This means, the software can play for you every step of the way, and you will be able to follow it step by step. It can go on a loop until you can keep up with the software.

a person who doesn't know how to play

6. Music Sheets
To make or play music, you need to have the music sheets. This is what most professional musicians read but I am sure, a beginner will have a hard time. The program aids beginners on how to read the music sheet by doing the easiest one first.

7. Refundable
If you felt that the program was non-satisfactory, it did not provide the results you desire. Then, you can give it back and you will receive your money, whole. You do not even need a reason why you want it back. This is what most customers believe, the providers are true to their word.

8. Mode of Payment
The payment method is diverse, you can purchase through several options; bank, credit card, PayPal, and many more.


So far, there is no negative feedback from the program. No one (to my knowledge) has used the refund system. It has provided every features a beginner and even a professional needs. Maybe, the only issue is if the developers make it a physical product (published book and CD supported formats).

Learn Piano In 30 Days


It takes years to master playing the piano but clients of the program have proven it wrong. It Is possible if you use “Learn Piano in 30 Days”, positive reviews from people in Australia to China and every part of the world keeps coming.

A review from Lyke said, “After I purchase the program, I got into it immediately! Within a month, I was able to play 4 classic songs from Ludwig Van Beethoven”. Other reviews indicated their astonishment on the program, it was easier to follow than other piano sheets or videos accessible through the internet.

I am sure you will also love “Learn Piano in 30 Days”, it is never too late to grasp and be talented on the instrument. What are you waiting for? Buy until supplies last.

Learn Piano In 30 Days

Click This Link To Join The Learn Piano In 30 Days Course, And In One Month You’ll Know How To Play An Entirely New Instrument From Scratch!

4.9/5 - (8 votes)


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  • I always wanted to learn piano but had no luck with a good tutor. Every one I tried made me rush into learning the songs when all I wanted to learn was basic first. Thanks for bringing this amazing piano lesson to my view. I can’t wait to start!

  • I do love pianos so much. However, I have never spared time to look at the guides that will help me get there. So when I saw this post, I was happy for I am making baby steps towards the top. This is amazing and thanks.

  • I have started this program as a beginner. I was searching such program by which I can learn to play piano as soon as possible. Especial thanks to Learn Piano In 30 Days.

  • Never thought I could play piano just like a professional musician. I have been thinking of playing piano for him on our anniversary and this 30 days program was great for my piano learning. waiting to surprise him now 🙂

  • Learn Piano in 30 Days is an online piano course designed to help beginning to intermediate piano students learn how to play the piano in less than 30 days.
    The company’s slogan describes the product as, “Easy and Incredible Piano Lessons at Your Finger Tips”, and certainly, the course does its best to live up to this description.

  • It is much better than paying a trainer for several weeks. With this system i do not have to waste time going for classes. It enables me to train any time i want and it is more effective.

  • My piano knowledge went down the drain within two years and I totally forgot how to put my fingertips on it. It was not until a while ago when I saw an ad which said: “Learn Piano in 30 days free”.

  • Very legit system. It is the most legit system you can ever come across. All the methods that are offered here are well-explained making it easy to follow and understand. It is better than getting a coach.

  • We liked the pace of the lessons and the information provided, although the video quality isn’t as sharp as other piano lessons we reviewed. Provides printable sheet music for a large library of songs covering all genres from jazz to pop.

  • Some deal with a piano overview, like the parts of the piano. Other lessons, you will learn about sheet music and how to read it. And toward the end, you learn about songwriting, how to buy a piano, and how to play with others.

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