How to Learn and Perfect the American Accent

“I wish I could talk like that.” These are the words that are sometimes said by enthusiasts of the American accent who would give anything to have it.

However, you do not have to just keep on wishing it! You can also learn it and become good at it.

Steps to Becoming Good at Speaking the American Accent

  • Stop Being Afraid. Changing one’s accent can sometimes make other people despise you and judge you. But if you want to learn this accent, you need to be brave and decided that you will not care about what other people say about you.

Once you are resolute about this, then it will be easier now to learn on ways of perfecting the American accent.

  • Come up with tactics on how you will learn the new accent. You can decide to have a native teach you, listen to or watch American TV shows and programs and then repeat what you hear.

How to Learn and Perfect the American Accent

After sometime, you will begin to get the hang of it.

  • Practice. Learning a new accent is no easy task especially for an adult. Children usually find it easier to learn a new accent because they rarely overthink about it.

For you to become good at it you need to practice a lot. If you can do it every day it would even be better.

  • Read more on American accent. There are books and e-books online that will teach you on how the letters of the alphabet and words are pronounced in the American accent.

In Conclusion

There is no simple or easy method that you can employ to learn the American accent. Results will also take a long time to show, so be patient.

You will have to put all your effort and commit yourself to knowing it. Therefore, do not spare anything back that will help you to become better.

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  • It’s possible for a person who lived far from a western country, to adapt their accent and language. I can speak like an italian, french, japanese man and people think I live there! So, now I’m trying to learn the american accent and I bet it will be as easy as before especially when your advice is quite informative. Thanks!

  • Changing one’s accent can sometimes make other people despise you and judge you. it really is important.if you don’t learn well enough sometimes it gets nothing but shame.i was trying to learn talking in american accent from long time ago.and with your advice it made more easy for i am doing it well.

  • I was trying to explain to my foreign friend how to speak in an American accent, but this article did it so much better. Thanks!

  • I found it best to just watch a lot of content. Anything from movies to interviews with your favorite American actors or singers. All in all, great post.

  • Being a European, learning the American accent is very difficult. This guide surely helped in the best way possible. Thanks a ton!

  • American accent might have been a difficult thing for you. However, all you need is to know a guide that can help you achieve this within a short time. If you are willing to get the best American accent then I would advise you to use this guide. Thanks to the author of this guide for creating such an informative guide. It is the best.

  • American Accent will eventually change the way you see The American method for communicating in English. Practice hard and you will witness the adjustments in a brief span. It might be helpful in case you’re going to the United States, yet in the event that you as of now smoothly talk another English vernacular, you’ll by and large have the capacity to make yourself comprehended to Americans.

  • The primary feature that separates the American accent from the U.K. accent is called rhotic speech. The American accent (with some exceptions, as we’ll discuss below) is rhotic. That means Americans pronounce the “r” in words such as “hard” (har-d). Non-rhotic speakers drop the “r,” and would pronounce the word “hard” like hah-d.
    There are some exceptions, of course. Some Americans in the New England area of the U.S. such as Boston, Massachusetts use non-rhotic speech.

  • The International Phonetic Alphabet is an extremely useful tool for quickly identifying the true, correct pronunciation of any word in any language.
    So, you’re probably wondering why your English teacher didn’t make you learn it, and why I don’t talk about it much either. Well, the bad news is that it is really challenging and takes time to learn. Even though it is a powerful tool for language learning, I recommend the lazy person’s version. Take notes about how you think new words should be spelled based on how they sound to you. When you write down new words (you are writing down new words in a vocabulary journal, right?!), write down the way they sound, not just the way they are spelled. This will help you to remember how to say them later.

  • Thank you for this guide. Is it american accent a very sweet accent to use? I can say this is a guide that has worked for me so quick. And that is because it contains a lot of materials that have been supporting me when learning.

  • It can help you advance your career in today’s competitive job market. A good American accent will help you reduce prejudice with some Americans and meet their criteria for appropriate speech patterns.

  • Press your tongue against the back of your front teeth so that the tip is just slightly sticking out. Exhale through your teeth to make a soft “Th” sound.

  • To make a good R, open your mouth slightly and relax. Now curl the tip of your tongue back without touching the top of your mouth, and voice!

  • To make a good R, open your mouth slightly and relax. Now curl the tip of your tongue back without touching the top of your mouth, and voice!

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